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He Invited His Friend On a Romantic French Getaway Without Telling His Girlfriend First. Not Good.

Vacations with significant others can be very helpful in relationships because they bring people closer together, allow for some adventure, and allow for spending some one on one time together.

These types of vacations are often important to people in a relationship, and they are planned with caring and love in the middle. But, one woman was completely surprised when she found out her boyfriend had invited his friend to their romantic getaway. What happened next is pretty surprising.

The original poster (OP) started by saying that she and her boyfriend had planned a “romantic getaway” (his words, not hers) to France. They wanted to spend some quality time together since both have been super busy with work. 

The Invite

The woman was excited about the trip and couldn’t wait to spend some quality time with her boyfriend. However, things quickly took a turn for the worse. She went on to say that her BF told her that he had invited one of his friends because the friend had stated how he always wanted to see France, and he wanted to be kind by asking him.

After OP’s boyfriend had let her know that he invited his friend, she said it was a big shock to her and then relayed her concerns about the trip to him. She told her boyfriend that she didn’t want his friend to come and that he said it was supposed to be a romantic getaway for the two of them. Her boyfriend responded that his friend wouldn’t bother them, and he had already said he’d do his own thing, but still, OP then reiterated that she still does not feel comfortable with that plan. 

Her boyfriend then replied that it was too late to uninvite his friend as he had already purchased the ticket for his flight and that her boyfriend was planning on changing their hotel room accommodations to a two-bed hotel room instead of having the friend sleep on the sofa in their room. She said that the two argued about it a bit more, and he then told her that since he is paying for most of the trip, he feels entitled to have the ability to invite his friend.


The woman then reiterated that her boyfriend made these additional plans to their original plans without asking or telling her until it was completed. 

OP says that she feels like she might be overreacting, but she feels very betrayed by her boyfriend and told him she would not accompany him on the trip. He told her she was being ridiculous and dramatic and that she should just come because the trip was already paid for. He also said she’s being manipulative and cruel by making him choose between her and his friend.   

The Internet Weighs In

One Redditor said, “NTA. He can enjoy a romantic getaway with his friend— it sounds like that’s what he wants anyways. He doesn’t respect you. Keep that in mind going forward.”

A second Redditor said, “OP, the fact that he’s justifying his disrespect towards you with an “I’m entitled to do what I want, not respecting you because I paid more” is a huge red flag.”

Another third commented, “NTA. She should keep walking. He’s told her who he is, and she should believe it the first time.”

A user also said, “Yep- he doesn’t respect her autonomy. If I were her, I’d go, sleep on the couch and take all the time to be by myself. It’s unbelievable that he’d assume ‘sharing a room with his bestie’ is compatible with ‘romantic getaway with a partner’- dude is an AH.”

Another Redditor shared, “NTA. It’s a deeply weird thing for him to do and then act like you are the one with a problem.”

Finally, one Redditor said, “The fact that she didn’t even hear about it until the friend had already made travel arrangements just shows how shi**y her BF can be. He didn’t tell her until it was too late because he knew she’d have said no.”

Redditors were quick to defend the girlfriend and let her know that her boyfriend did not handle this vacation scenario correctly! What are your thoughts? Would you ever invite a friend on a romantic getaway with your significant other? 

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