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How Mutual Love With Your Partner Will Make Your Life Better and Brighter

How often do we take the time to reflect on the positive changes they have brought about in our lives? That’s what we’re here to do today. We want to know: How has your partner changed your life for the better? From small everyday things to life-changing decisions, we want to hear all about the ways in which your significant other has made a positive impact on your life. So let’s take a moment to appreciate the wonderful people in our lives and the joy they bring us.

Improved Mental Health

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To start, One Redditor said, “He showed me that I’m worthy of love and that not everyone is disgusted by my body.”

A second Redditor added, “He left because of my unaddressed childhood trauma, which helped me realize them and take them seriously. another one I learned how to say no and walk away from. thanks, guys!”

A More Positive Outlook on Life

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A popular comment was, “He gave me hope for my future. Prior to meeting him, I had plans to off myself because I didn’t have a future, let alone even wanted one. We recently started forming plans for moving in together, starting a family, buying a house, etc. He has given me the motivation to keep going.”

Greater Sense of Confidence and Self-Esteem

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A user commented, “I feel seen and appreciated.”

A second user added, “My husband gives me confidence in myself.”

Better Physical Health and Wellness

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A most-liked comment was, “I can take myself quite seriously sometimes. He’s shown me how to laugh at myself.”

Improved Communication Skills

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A popular comment said, “He’s forced me to grow as a person to be more patient, more mindful of my words and actions, to take a hard look at myself and learn to be a better communicator and partner. Although not all growth feels good, I am a better person for it.”

Settled Down

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One user wrote, “I met him in my mid-20s, and we were party animals, but even then, I know I wanted to get old with him because he would make me laugh forever. I never wanted to get married or have kids – until I met him.”

A second user added, “He settled me down. I was the crazy party girl who got drunk every weekend. Now I can’t even tell you the last time I was drunk. Oh wait, yes, I can- our wedding ”

Increased Motivation and Productivity

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A Redditor replied, “He’s helped me figure out what I want in my career and work towards it.”

A second Redditor added, “He helped me get sober. He encouraged me to take up running! He’s supported me emotionally through all my hardships. We celebrate our 15th anniversary this year.”


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A user stated, “He’s given me a sense of security, and he listens to my opinions and asks for them.”

Greater Stability

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A popular comment read, “He taught me that it’s possible to feel secure and safe in a relationship. I also finally really understood the phrase “if he wanted to, he would” because of him.”

Enhanced Social Life and Relationships

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One Redditor replied, “He is pleasant company, and I enjoy spending time with him. :)”

A second Redditor commented, “I’m more out there socially than I was years ago. When he’s around, I feel so comfortable in my own skin, and he always lets me know how amazing he thinks I am and is super supportive.“

Physical and Emotional Support

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One user said, “By always being there for me, no matter what. I can’t imagine living without this feeling anymore.”

Greater Sense of Purpose and Direction In Life

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A user replied, “He’s probably one of the most disciplined people I’ve ever met. He’s five years younger than me, and I often feel like he’s the older one in our relationship. He just really has his **** together. He makes me want to be more disciplined in my own life.”

Increased Cultural, Intellectual, and Social Awareness

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One Redditor commented, “He has introduced me to people I would not have otherwise met, he has brought me books I would not have otherwise read, he has taken me places I would not have otherwise traveled. My life is infinitely better because of him.”

Personal Sacrifices 

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A person added, “He took over 100 percent of the housework when I went to grad school. He’s made a personal sacrifice for the sake of furthering my career.”

A second person replied, “He understands the mental load and actually takes on his fair share. I know that when he’s home, the dishes will be done, and I don’t have to worry about it. I’m also from the southern US, and he makes me two big pitchers of sweet tea every weekend before he has to go back to school for the week.”

New Hobbies

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One Redditor wrote, “My ex introduced me to my new two favorite video games, lol.”

Source: Reddit

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