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From Heartbreak to Healing: Women Reveal Valuable Lessons from Failed Partnerships

Failed relationships often impart invaluable lessons to women, shaping their perspectives and helping with guiding future relationships. Through the challenges and heartaches, women learn the importance of self-worth and setting healthy boundaries. They discover that effective communication, expressing their needs and listening to their partner, is pivotal for nurturing a strong connection. Failed relationships also underscore the significance of compatibility, shared values, and mutual respect. Women often realize that personal growth and individual fulfillment are essential, as a healthy relationship should complement rather than define one’s identity. 

No Text Back

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One commenter said, “I’m not gonna be texting a guy to remind him that I exist ever again. If he’s not reaching out to me, it’s not because he’s a bad texter or busy or whatever – it’s because he doesn’t want to.”

No Rules

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A second commenter added, “You can end a relationship whenever you want, and there is no rule saying you need to bend over backward or lose an arm to make it work.”

“Good” Man

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A third commenter posted, “Don’t let your own sense of “he’s a good man” discard every single action of his proving he’s not over and over. I feel like sometimes we dig ourselves into a hole and make ourselves fall in love just with too high of perception of someone else.”


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This user shared, “Always trust your instincts. if something doesn’t feel right, there’s definitely a reason behind it. Those little red flags you feel you can’t explain or justify will snowball into something much bigger further down the track.”

Not Like Others

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A poster divulged, “Do not trust sensitive nerdy “not-like-other-boys” types: they have massive issues, and they will expect you to be their mommy/therapist/financial provider.”


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Someone added, “Discuss everything before you get together. Finances, goals, dietary habits, religious practices, families, etc. Everything. Treat it like you’re going into surgery. Make an informed decision.”

Silent Nights

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One person shared, “Silent treatment and sulking are signs of a highly immature man (even if he’s in his 40s!). Need to be addressed the first time they happen, or they will become relationship killers.”

Mental Health

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A top-liked comment said, “Don’t try to manage or be responsible for someone else’s untreated mental illness. If they are seriously mentally unwell and won’t see a doctor and/or therapist, just end things. It’ll end anyway, and it’s better to save myself the heartache and trauma. Houses make good fixer-upper projects, not people.”


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This person stated, “Assess every conflict between you as something you want to overcome as a team. You are on the same side, solving a problem together. Not fighting each other.”


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A user mentioned, “If you are becoming the crazy one, leave. It’s not a healthy relationship, no matter how much you “work on yourself.”

Mother Dearest

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This commenter posted, “Pay attention to how he talks about and treats his mother. And his exes. There are some important hints there.”

Sudden Feelings

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One poster lamented, “If you’re seeing a guy and he suddenly gets mean, angry, annoyed with you all the time, and doesn’t ever want to see you, he’s not going to return to the way he was. You will be accepting crumbs for the rest of the relationship. Just cut your losses.”

Verbal Abuse

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Someone shared, “There is no such thing as “he just lashes out because he can’t express himself properly” or “Oh, he just occasionally calls me awful names in arguments.” Verbal abuse is a symptom of fundamental disrespect of you as a person. Don’t be with someone not seeking help for their anger issues and improving in real-time.”


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A top-liked comment said, “Don’t fall in love with someone’s potential. What they show you is what you get.”

Let Them Go

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Finally, someone added, “If they try to leave, consciously or unconsciously, let them. My boyfriend applied and was in the final round of interviewing for a job on the opposite coast before telling me it was even something he was looking at. I clung tighter to him, “Where you go, I’ll go.” Big mistake. If he’s not calculating his life with you, it’s not worth it. Let him go.”

Source: Reddit

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