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Navigating the 15 Joys (and Frustrations!) of Co-Habitation

Living with someone can be a complex blend of both fulfilling and demanding experiences. When you share a living space with another person, it entails not only sharing physical quarters but also responsibilities, routines, and individual preferences. This coexistence can occasionally give rise to conflicts and frustrations that may test one’s patience and sanity. It is not uncommon for people to find themselves driven to the brink of madness by certain aspects of their significant other’s behavior or habits.

Walking Into Wet Puddle in the Bathroom

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One person shared, “In my case, my boyfriend drips water on the floor when he washes his hands and reaches for a towel and gets my socks wet.”

“I’ll Do The Dishes Later”

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This person said, “Not only does he not do his dishes, but he also hits me with the “don’t worry about them, I’ll do them later.” Three days later, they’re still there taunting me!”

Leaves The TV On

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A user shared, “He falls asleep watching TV at night but never turns the TV off. Every night after midnight, I have to go downstairs and turn everything off so we don’t just leave the TV and lights on the entire night!”

Absent Minded

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A reader said, “He asks me where things are before he even attempts to look for them. “Where are my keys?” In the bowl, where they always are. “Where’s the milk?” In the door. That’s where it’s always gone. “Did you move my phone?” Nope, it’s in your pocket. Just look for things! They’re right in front of your face!”

Too Neat

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This user said, “He’s much neater and cleaner than I am. I have to step up my game to make sure I don’t drive him crazy with my mess.”

Leaves Lights On

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One user said, “He leaves all the lights on all the time and always forgets to close the cabinet doors.”

Leaving Socks Everywhere!

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A user mentioned, “He puts his socks everywhere. Drives me insane. How hard it is to put them in the laundry basket!”

Beard Clippings Left Behind

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This reader stated, “The 10,000 small pieces of his beard all over the sink, behind the faucet, in every little nook and cranny that is somehow invisible to the male eye!”

Paces Around

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A user complained, “When he talks on the phone, he paces. Whatever, but he paces around the living room where I’m watching TV or playing video games. Like, dude, we have another whole floor for you to pace around on upstairs!”

Alone Time

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This user shared, “I get very, very little alone time. He works early mornings, and I work 8-5. So by the time I get home, he is home too. He is off on Saturdays and works Sundays, and is a homebody. Most of his friends are online, and he has no interest in wasting money going out all the time. I only get maybe 3 hours a week home alone on Sunday, which is not enough.”

Can’t Find Anything

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One poster said, “After living together for 7 years, 5 of them married, my husband asks, “Where do we keep the Windex?”  Seriously….. you’ve NEVER looked under our kitchen sink?”

Cooking Habits

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One had this to share, “When making food, he doesn’t clean up as he goes along. Even when we finish eating, there will be at least a couple of hours before he begins clearing up the aftermath.”

Can’t Bring up Any Issues

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One confided, “Right now, it’s that I can’t bring up seemingly small “issues” without being treated like I’m incredibly nit-picky.”


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This user said, “If I forget to do something and he decides to do it for me, he will bring it up obnoxiously with an “I’ll close this cabinet” or “I emptied the drain catcher.”

Keeps Everything!

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A user added, “My boyfriend doesn’t throw away empty things. He has two containers of juice with two inches of juice in them that he isn’t going to drink, and I’m not going to drink because they’ve been sitting there for six months, and they just sit on the bottom shelf in the fridge, mocking me.”

Find The Hamper

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A reader said, “Before bed, he takes his socks and shirt off and puts them in the hamper. Then walks AWAY from the hamper and shimmies out of his pants, and leaves them there on the floor.”

Listening Skills

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A user shared this story, “He doesn’t listen to me, then things go wrong, and it affects me more than him. It pisses me off. Eg. He had a few points left on his license I said stop speeding. And he didn’t. He lost his license, so I had to get up 4 hrs earlier each day to drive him to and from work for a year. He gets his license back, and I say be smart, follow the road rules, and he blows up, saying he is a good driver.”


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One user said, “The farts. I know it’s natural, but sometimes the smell is overwhelming.”


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One shared, “Playing his music constantly. I’m a quiet person and just like some peace and quiet sometimes.”

More Bodily Noises

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Finally, “The snoring. And the gagging sounds he makes while brushing his teeth.”

Source: Reddit

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