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Zodiac Signs Ranked The Funniest Of All

There is no denying that some people are born with a good sense of humor that makes any social gathering a blast.

Astrology can give us some clues as to which signs know how to show us a good time. On the day you were born, the sun passed through a specific constellation that determines the characteristics of your core identity. This is what we commonly know as our zodiac sign, but the insights it provides go far beyond our personality!

Knowing more about your zodiac sign can help you gain a deeper understanding of your unique outlook on life, as well as your sense of humor.

By taking a closer look at the characteristics and personality traits of each of these signs, we can discover which ones have a more stoic and serious demeanor and which ones can quickly make an entire room laugh.

Read on to find out what the funniest zodiac signs are.


Gemini is probably the funniest sign you will ever find. Ruled by the planet of communication, these air signs are natural entertainers who know exactly how to charm others with their unique type of humor. 

These individuals are most comfortable engaging those around them with the captivating way they share their life experiences. Gemini natives are quick to make friends and acquaintances thanks to their ease with words and natural sense of humor.

These great storytellers are more outgoing, articulate, and curious than most social signs, which allows them to make close friends thanks to their quick wit and funny stories.

Known as prosocial signs, these individuals have learned to connect with others through a good laugh, no matter the context or location.


The hallmark personality trait of this fire sign is its optimistic approach to life. With Jupiter as their planetary ruler, they always see the silver lining in all their circumstances and have a good laugh even in the darkest of times.

Sagittarians have the unique and rare ability to add a comedic effect to all their experiences, which is why they are so popular in all social circles.

In addition, their famous lack of filter leads them into embarrassing and hilarious situations that turn into epic anecdotes that make everyone laugh. 

But while their overly cheerful spirit may seem a bit immature to other more stoic characters, Sagittarius humor is actually a coping mechanism that keeps them from touching a more vulnerable side of their personality.

Rather than expose their vulnerability, Sagittarians prefer to avoid painful or complex emotions and situations with a witheringly hilarious comment.


Leo natives are natural performers who know how to tell a good joke at the right time and place. Ruled by the creative Sun, these individuals love to be the center of attention and what better way than through hilarious long-winded stories and good-natured jokes?

This person’s ability to captivate large groups of people with their humor is impressive. The natural showmanship of a Leo encourages them to engage in physical comedy that makes their funny anecdotes unforgettable.

No wonder amazing comedians like Bo Burhan and James Corden were born under this sign!

What’s more, their confidence and courageous nature allow them to take risks and push boundaries in the pursuit of a good laugh, as long as they don’t hurt anyone’s feelings! Leo doesn’t like to upset others just to be popular. Their generous hearts just want to have fun with others, not at their expense.


The massive creative streak of these gregarious folks can get rid of the awkwardness of a quiet room on the first try. They can quickly entertain an entire party with a hilarious story, or make other people laugh at their own expense, which makes others relate to their stories.

These great comedians are very intellectual and analytical. Therefore, they add a generous fictionalizing of real-life events to create a more compelling narrative to their stories and can tell supper funny anecdotes with a straight face.

If you want to forget about your problems and seek a lighter perspective on your circumstances, don’t hesitate to seek out the company of Aquarius. They will help you get out of your own negative mindset with a good dose of creative humor.


Are you surprised to find Capricorn at the bottom of the list? While Earth signs are not exactly the soul and life of the party, the analytical sense of humor of Capricorns is my personal favorite.

Known as the king and queen of self-deprecating humor, Capricorns know exactly how to laugh at their own misfortunes in a way that makes you want to burst out laughing.

Capricorns also have a dark humor that can be a bit of an acquired taste for some. But once you understand where they’re coming from, you’ll take it over frat-boy-level fart jokes any day!

Fire and Air Signs are Objectively the Funniest

Being funny may be a matter of attitude. However, our unique personality and approach to life can also determine how strong our sense of humor is.

As we have already discussed, the Fire and Air signs are objectively the funniest of the zodiac. Leo and Sagittarius are natural entertainers because of their strong self-confidence and positive outlook on life. They can quickly lift the spirits of even the gloomiest person in the room.

At the same time, air signs like Gemini and Aquarius are social butterflies who find it easy to connect with others through humor. They know how to tell stories in such a witty and funny way that they can’t help but capture the hearts of everyone they meet.

But don’t think that Earth signs are left out! Capricorn has a dark and cynical sense of humor that may not be accepted by the mainstream, but will make even the most righteous people chuckle.

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