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Men & Women Discuss The Things That Confuse Them About The Opposite Gender

Men and women often find themselves perplexed by certain aspects of the opposite gender. For men, a common source of confusion lies in understanding women’s emotional intricacies, and on the other hand, women may find themselves puzzled by the emotional aloofness that some men exhibit. 

Not Much For Conversation

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One poster said, “Why do you try to talk to me when I’m three rooms away, on a different floor, and behind a closed door?”

All Set

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A second poster added, “Why do they say they don’t want anything from, let’s say, the gas station, and then they get mad or ask if you brought them something back.”

How Do They Fit?

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A third user shared, “How a sock 1/3 the size of my sock manages to fit on her foot. I swear she’s bought children’s socks by mistake, but somehow she manages to fit that on her foot, while my socks are literally the size of my feet before I put them on.”

Male Bonding

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This Redditor posted, “Men’s friendships. I know almost every detail of my friends’ lives, and men don’t know the date of their best friend’s wedding that they’re in.”

Hidden Dislike

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One user commented, “How someone could spend so much time hanging and talking with people they don’t like. My wife will spend the whole day with a girl and come home “Omg, I hate spending time with her.” 


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A top-liked comment said, “How every time I ask a woman to help me search for something I’ve tried finding on my own for a considerable amount of time, they always manage to find it within the first couple minutes.”


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This Redditor asked, “Why are women so indecisive about getting food? My wife asks me what I want to eat, and I’m not a picky eater. She is. I say whatever you want; I’m good with it. She gets annoyed and tells me I never make a decision. I choose a place, and she says no. WHAT THE FFFFFFFFFF? So infuriating!”

Relationship Cycles

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A user commented, ‘Why do women and men get into a cycle of being attracted to toxic people with tons of red flags, go through a terrible relationship, and then get right back into a relationship with someone with the exact same traits? They know subconsciously that things will fall off a cliff, but they want to go along for the ride anyways.”

Turn Off

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This poster said, How they can literally think about nothing.  Like how? How does one just turn their brain off?!”

Beauty Routine

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One commenter asked, “The only thing I don’t understand is nails. I don’t understand the long, acrylic stuff… they look awfully cumbersome to do anything with, and they’re just gross to look at.”

Not A Mind Reader

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A user recalled, “Only had a little experience dating women before I fully realized I’m gay, but…I could never get the hang of when “ok” means “ok” and when it means “not ok” (same for fine, yes, good, sure, etc.). I just found it very hard, and it led to many conflicts which could have been avoided if the communication had been clearer. I can’t read minds. Never had this issue again after I started dating men.”

Lack Of Communication

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A Redditor questioned, “Why they won’t use clear language and ask things directly? Just be direct. Lack of communication is always a huge issue in relationships.”


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One user asked, “Why do they share EVERYTHING with their closest friends? I don’t understand what appears to be a complete lack of boundaries.”


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A poster added, “Why do guys hit their friends in the balls if they’re as sensitive as they are? That would be like slapping my friend’s boobs. I don’t get it!”


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This commenter said, “Women’s relationship with social media and how much outside validation influences them. A bit of an edge example, but I had an ex that would flip out if I liked another girl’s pics, yet she’d constantly upload selfies to get likes. Sh****t made no sense to me at the time.

The Feast & Desert

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A top-liked comment said, “Why does my partner not realize he’s the entire feast and desert of adorable, handsome sweetness that I see him as??? Genuinely confusing. He is amazing but thinks he isn’t.”

Secret Sharing


A Redditor asked, “Why do women share such intimate and personal details with their friends? When I first hooked up with my girlfriend, I told my friends we had finally hooked up. That was about it. She described my genitalia in detail to her friends.”


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One user posted, “I see women being far crueler to each other than men are to them. You, ladies, need to be nicer to each other.”

Mental Health

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A top-liked comment said, “Why do men suck at talking about our mental health issues and can never reach out for help?  Women are much, much better at that.”

Mood Swings

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Finally, a Redditor shared, “Mood swings. Seriously I get hit with tears over something that doesn’t matter and shouldn’t be a big deal a lot. I try to be as empathetic as possible, but it seems bizarre.”

Source: Reddit

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