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Real People Share Things About Themselves That The Opposite Gender May Not Know Or Understand

“Men are from Mars, and women are from Venus.” It’s a saying to compare the differences and intricacies of both men and women, and there are many! Certain aspects about the opposite sex remain elusive and often misunderstood even well into adulthood. Both genders may have limited knowledge of the unique physical and physiological experiences the other undergoes, such as menstruation or the intricacies of male reproductive health. 

Not How That Works

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One user shared, “A friend of mine in high school thought the string on a tampon was like a rip cord. Girls get it started, pull the cord, and the tampon shoots into them and expands like an inflatable raft….”

Responsive Intimacy Drive

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A second user added, “If your partner rarely initiates intimacy, it may not be that she has a low drive; she may have a different kind of drive. It’s common for women to have responsive desire instead of spontaneous desire. Responsive desire is when someone doesn’t really have intimacy feelings until they put themselves into an intimate situation physically .”


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A third user said, “Women’s peaches clean themselves constantly. Every now and then, you will see discharge in my panties. If it looks slightly yellow to you, it’s not pee. It’s never pee. And if it’s whiter, it’s because I’ve got darker undies on. That’s not necessarily an indication that I have been raring to go for ages.”

There’s Only One

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This user commented, “I had been with my girlfriend for about 2 years when she was surprised that I only had one scr****m. She thought each testy had its own little scrote.”

Not Everlasting

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A Redditor shared, “Ladies – an erection is not everlasting. If you want smex, don’t tease a man for three hours and then wonder why we go soft. 

Like A Sprinkler

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A poster added, “When men pee, sometimes the hole gets stuck together, so the pee goes everywhere. It’s a common occurrence, especially if a man has … you know… in the past 24 hours.”

They’re Not For Flying

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This user mentioned, “My husband actually thought that the wings on pads were there to be stuck to the insides of my legs. They are to stick to your underwear, gentlemen.

It’s Totally Normal

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One user added, “It’s very common for women to poop during childbirth. As well as the baby in utero, anything that comes out of us while giving birth is usually pretty normal. Don’t shame your woman over it!”

Birth Control

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A top-liked comment said, “When a woman takes the pill, it can be for hormonal regulation, not just because she doesn’t want to be pregnant. Also, it needs to be taken every day and around the same time. So don’t think it’s weird when a woman has an alarm to remind her to take the pill.”

A Chill

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One Redditor recalled, “I’ve always called them the pee-pee shivers, but it’s a little shake that men do mid-pee. It’s similar to a quick shiver when someone is cold. They are real no matter what my girlfriend says.”

Left & Right

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This user mentioned, “For most girls, one boob is bigger than the other. One may even hang lower than the other, which would cause a visual size difference. It’s perfectly normal and not weird at all! My lefty’s my besty.”

A Little Dance

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A poster said, “If you just let your testicles hang down, they will sometimes pulsate as they try to regulate their temperature.  Works better when it’s slightly cold.”

Trying To Hide It

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A Redditor added, “Random woodies can spring up anytime/anywhere regardless of the situation. The challenge all males face is hiding it.”

Shower VS. Grower

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One poster commented, “More people need to know the difference between a shower and a grower. A shower is someone on the larger side flaccid, and a grower is someone that is larger when erect, I assume, but I can’t confirm. Most men are growers.” 

A Painful Experience

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A commenter mentioned, “My girlfriend was surprised to learn it is the testies that causes us so much pain when hit.”

Not That Simple

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This Redditor said, “Peeing for guys isn’t as easy as aiming and shooting. The splash radius is like an electron probability cloud. Air resistance breaks up the stream into a fine invisible mist. Which is why we get pee on the seat so often.”

Good Morning

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One user shared, “Morning wood is real. It starts around puberty and doesn’t go away for a long time. It’s not necessarily because we want it though, it’s more often due to a restful sleep.”

Just Air

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This poster said, “Peaches, DO NOT fart. It’s the air that gets trapped up there for various reasons. It’s not a fart!”


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Finally, a user said, “Many spermicidal and flavored condoms are more likely to cause a U.T.I. in females due to the chemicals used. It can throw off the pH balance of the vagina.

Source: Reddit

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