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Breaking the 21 Unspoken Guy/Girl Code Rules. Do You Follow These Rules?

Friendships thrive on unspoken rules or unwritten “codes” that shape the dynamics and expectations within these close relationships. These codes often revolve around trust and loyalty, forming the foundation upon which friends rely for support and confidentiality. Both men and women tend to adhere to these unwritten guidelines, creating a framework that facilitates deep connections, mutual growth, and the lasting nature of meaningful friendships.

Hand Shake

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One user shared, “Guy code: when greeting someone and you’re not sure if they’re a hugger, always shake their hand first… it allows them to throw up the other arm for a hug if they’re down for it.”

When Moving

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A second user added, “If your friends help you move, you are expected to a) be packed already… And b) provide pizza and beer.”

Weight Lifting

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This poster said, “As a guy that lifts weights and has brought some of his other male (and two female friends) into the fold – you never, EVER, slander another person’s weight on any lift.”


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A user recalled, “The person who buys the shots makes the toast. Too often, I’ve seen someone buy a round of shots, and someone else jumps in with a toast If you want to make a toast, buy a round!”

Complimenting Others

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A top-liked comment said, “If you’re a stranger, particularly a guy, only compliment the things you wouldn’t get slapped for touching. Hair/clothing – great. Facial feature/tattoo – maybe. Boobs/butt – keep your mouth shut.”

Bathroom Use

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This person stated, “Dude if there’s like 8 open urinals, DON’T TAKE THE ONE NEXT TO ME. It’s every other urinal.”

At The Bar

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One commenter added, “If you offer someone a beer or other alcoholic beverage and they turn it down, I never push it. Sometimes I don’t want to drink, and I hate being pressured. Never pressure a drink on someone.”

Buying A Meal

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This user posted, “If someone offers to pay, you should ask them if they are sure. If they are, then it is rude to reject further what is supposed to be kindness on their part.”

Light Roasting

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One person said, “Lightly picking on each other is a sign of endearment, but you should always be trying to build each other up.”

Put Downs

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This commenter posted, “Don’t put someone else down just to make yourself look/feel better. It’s very immature and shows insecurity.”

Center Of Attention

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A top-liked comment said, “Everyone wants to feel important and the center of attention sometimes. It’s ok to make your friends and loved ones feel special by talking them up whether they’re around or not.”

Hands Off

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A poster commented, “Don’t bang someone your friend is deeply invested in. Even if it doesn’t go anywhere, it’ll create resentment in the friendship.”

A Helping Hand

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Someone added, “Girl code: if something is fixable within five minutes (make-up, something stuck in teeth, small things on appearance), you tell her and help her if needed. If it isn’t fixable on the spot, you keep your mouth shut and, ESPECIALLY, don’t point it out to others.”

A Hair Tie

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This person said, “If you hear a girl say she needs a hair tie, if you have an extra, hand it over—also, not a bad idea to carry bobby pins for similar purposes.”

Have Their Back

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This commenter stated, “Always have your boy’s back in an altercation/fight/argument. I’m not saying 100% of the time. Sometimes people do dumb sh****t and deserve the consequences. But if the need arises, you should have their back. Even if it just means stepping up beside them to look intimidating.”

Side To Side

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A poster added, “On the more lighthearted side, in my experience, when you hug another girl, you always try to slot the boobs by going slightly to the side so that you don’t just mash your chests together and hurt someone.”

Only One

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One user said, “You can have the last beer. You can have the last slice of pizza. You can’t have both.”

Public Crying

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This person commented, “⁠If you see another girl crying in the bathroom of the bar/club/venue you’re at, you ask what’s wrong and try to help.”

Extra Padding

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A commenter shared, “⁠If you have a tampon or pad to spare and someone needs it, even someone you hate, offer it to them. Nothing worse than needing and not having!”

Out Of A Jam

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A top-liked comment said, “⁠If a girl looks distressed or uncomfortable with a guy hitting on her at the bar/club/venue you’re at, she will now be a new crew member! If you see it happening, try to catch her eye because she’ll be looking around. Once you make eye contact, it’s easy to figure out if she needs an out, swoop in, and do the whole “Hey, girl! Where the crap have you been? We’re all waiting over at the table for you!” And then you hook your elbow through hers and walk her back to your table of friends.”

Caught Em

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Finally, someone added, “⁠If you KNOW that a friend’s boyfriend/fiance/husband is doing shady, skeezy sh****t, you tell that friend right away.”

Source: Reddit

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