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What Are Small Weird Habits Your Partners Do That Drive You Crazy?

We’ve all been there, we start getting comfortable with our partner, and as we spend more time together, we start to realize there are a lot of habits we didn’t notice in the beginning of the relationship. 

They may start to do something weird that makes you ask, “where’d that come from?” Sometimes it can be so bad that you may even begin to question the relationship and wonder if you could live with the habit for the rest of your days. 

Recently on r/AskReddit, a user asked the question, “What’s a small/weird habit your partner does that drives you irrationally insane?”

Always Asking for Help While Interrupting 

One user said, “Asking me to do something or to help every time I’m about just on something I plan on doing. Go back to what I’m doing…oh and one more thing. Until I just give up on what I’m trying to work on.”

Setting Constant Alarms

Redditors liked the comment, “17 phone alarms every 3 mins that never wake her up.”

Not Flushing the Toilet

Another Redditor said, “Not flushing the toilet if they blow their nose with toilet paper”


Leaving Things Everywhere

A third commented, “Leaves her shoes everywhere, by the front door, in the kitchen, in the living room, we have shoes scattered everywhere and it drives me mad.”

Sleeping Noises

Still another person chimed in, “Husband makes a weird kissing-like sound in his sleep and it drives me absolutely bananas”

Chapstick Application

One Redditor’s wife’s chapstick habits annoy him, “My wife puts chapstick on more than the red parts of her lips, I feel like you should stop applying the chapstick when you would need to change the angle.” 

Eating Pizza the Wrong Way

A user said, “Eat the pizza the wrong way, in more ways than one and his for me is not answering directly when he asks me what I want for food and then sitting there for half an hour after we decided we he’s hungry.” 

Finally, a person responded to the comment above by saying, “I have a friend who eats pizza starting with the crust then works its nonbinary self to the endpoint.” 

Although I had no idea there was a wrong way to eat pizza, I could see how this may annoy others. 

We all have that one habit we do not realize we are doing, and oftentimes won’t admit to it even when someone points it out! Do you know your habit? Or what is a habit that your partner has that annoys you to no end? Or What is a habit that may actually end your relationship? 

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