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People Share Top 15 Signs That Actually Scream You’re In a Healthy Relationship

Being in a healthy relationship is a truly fulfilling experience. It’s a bond characterized by mutual respect, trust, and open communication. In a healthy relationship, both partners feel valued, heard, and supported. Conflict is seen as an opportunity for growth, and disagreements are resolved through constructive dialogue and compromise.


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One poster shared, “Having conversations that lead to change and understanding, not arguments based on ego and pain.”

Not Talking Smack

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A second poster added, “Not smack-talking your spouse or complaining about them all the time. I base many of my outside relationships with people on how they speak about their significant other.”

Healthfully Disagreeing

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A third user said, “Being able to disagree on a matter without disrespecting/demeaning each other’s opinion.”

Winning Together

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This user said, “People in healthy relationships don’t try to “win” against their loved ones. It’s not about individual wins. It’s about winning together.”

Being Thankful

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A top-liked comment said, “Saying thank you and sharing the hardships without blaming one another and working as a team to fix the downs in life while putting pettiness aside and finding ways to touch one another throughout the day to show affection, even non-sexually. Genuinely just being happy to be in the same room even when not talking to one another and/or doing your own thing.”

Foundational Blocks

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This person said, “Mutual kindness, gratitude, and forgiveness. I feel like aside from trust. These are three foundational blocks that must be added along with trust, obviously.”

Healthy Boundaries

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One user added, “Strong and respected boundaries. I recently heard someone say, “The only people who would be upset about you setting boundaries are those that benefit from you having none.”

Individual Identities Together

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A poster commented, “Being able to spend time apart without hard feelings. Having an identity while in a relationship is the best way to grow with someone.”


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This commenter recalled, “Smiling in private when you think of your partner. I often think about how much I love my girlfriend and smile no matter where I am. She makes me so happy.”

Wanting The Best For Eachother

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A user said, “When you are both with the other person because you want to be and you are a team and truly want the best for each other.”

Honest Communication

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A top-liked comment said, “Communicating honestly and respectfully with the intent to give support and receive support. When you feel supported, communication is easy.”

Excludes Social Media

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One person added, “Not posting about it all over social media. I always thought the sign of a healthy relationship was no sign of it on Facebook or anywhere else.”

Ability To Disagree

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Someone shared, “Being able to disagree on something and talk it out without it descending into a fight, reminding each other that it’s you and me vs. the problem, not you vs me vs the problem.”

Shared Chores

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This person mentioned, “Not arguing over who does what chore. My boyfriend and I just do things as they need to be done. He tends to do the dishes more because he knows I don’t like them, but I’ll still do them.  I tend to sweep more. But there isn’t a “well, you didn’t do your assigned chore, so I’m not doing mine” type of deal. We just do them.”


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Finally, this user added, “Well, I know in my own relationship, we love every minute we get to spend together. Sometimes I sit next to my husband while he plays video games, and I prefer that over any “exciting adventure.”  We just want to be next to each other.  Also, we never argue. Even if we disagree, we just continue to talk until we come to an understanding or a middle ground.”

Source: Reddit

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