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Heart Wrenching Reasons People Ended Their Last Relationship

The intricate tapestry of human relationships often weaves together moments of joy, companionship, and shared experiences. Yet, within this delicate framework, the unfortunate reality of breakups can cast a shadow over the sunniest of unions. The causes of a breakup are as diverse as the individuals involved, stemming from a complex interplay of emotions, circumstances, and interpersonal dynamics.

Came To A Realization He Was Gay

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To start, a user shared, “Got divorced because he realized he was gay. He tells people, “We had too much in common; for instance, we both enjoy the same gender.” It’s a very amicable situation, and I’m thankful he gets to be his truest self, though.”

Therapy Wasn’t Working

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A second user added, “Wife and I were attending couples therapy. The therapist said she was being literally abusive to me. My then-wife demanded a new therapist. The second therapist said she was being abusive to me. My then-wife filed for divorce. While my life right after was hell, it’s come back around, and I’m doing better than ever.”

She Cheating

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This user commented, “She cheated. We had our home and plannings and were preparing to marry in about three months when we separated.”


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A highly-liked comment was, “Her not having enough time for grad school and a relationship. She did make the right choice, though.”

Energy Drainer

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One person wrote, “I had just been diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic cancer. I didn’t have the energy to maintain all the attention I had been giving her while getting Chemo and avoiding Covid. My final straw. She yelled at me on the phone while I was in intensive care with pulmonary embolisms—just that light bulb moment, and I was done.”

Mental Health Issues

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A top-liked comment said, “She had some mental health issues and just decided that’s what she wanted to do one day. Pretty sudden break; I was totally caught off guard.”

Wanted To Be Spoiled

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One user commented, “Despite the fact we were both poor college students, she wanted someone “rich,” like a doctor. So, after she dumped me, last I heard, she was engaged to a pre-med student.”

Became Violent

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This person commented, “I got into an argument with my ex, who was about 8 years older than me. I was 19, and we were screaming at each other. I remember she grabbed this vase I had just bought her some flowers in and chunked it at my head and barely missed.”

Sex Work

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A popular comment was, “She started to make porn behind my back. She wasn’t out of work and had a decent-paying job out of college. A friend sent me a link to a site she was featured on. Broke my heart immediately. Still not over it.”

Got Shady With Her Cellphone

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One poster said, “My previous relationship ended because my ex started getting shady with their cell phone. I don’t look at people’s cell phones, but when she started hiding her screen around me and ignored 100 text messages going off, I knew something was up.”

Physical Abuse

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This user replied, “My ex stabbed me. She also ripped my eyebrow piercing out a separate time. She also had me jumped by a group of her drug-addict friends.”

Cheating & Substance Abuse

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A person stated, “Cheating and alcoholism on her side, combined with me feeling defeated and unable to communicate effectively with her.”

Addiction Relapse

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This user added, “He relapsed on heroin. I came home one day, and everything I bought to furnish the apartment disappeared. He sold everything that had value to buy more heroin.”

Just Weren’t Right

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An insightful comment was, “It took some time, but we both realized we weren’t giving each other what we needed.”

Became Suspicious

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This poster recalled, “We got into an argument one night, and I slept on the couch. Our apartment walls were paper thin, and I heard her having phone smex with the guy she was cheating on me with. I had my suspicions, but this proved it.”

Sociopathic Behavior

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Finally, a commenter said, “She accused me of not spending time with her, never buying her anything, never doing anything for her, and sleeping with her sister. The truth was I was working forty hours a week to feed and clothe her while she refused to work. She would sit at home playing video games and talk trash about her family, who were some of the nicest people ever. And the sister thing happened in her dreams, so definitely my fault. She’s a sociopath who refuses therapy because she drinks tea and plays with tarot cards.” Source: Reddit

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