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What People Really Think: How Old Is Too Old To Be A Father?

Determining what is “too old to be a father” is a complex and subjective matter involving many factors. Biologically, male fertility tends to decline with age, increasing the risk of genetic mishaps and health complications that could affect the child. Older paternal age has been associated with a higher likelihood of developmental disorders and certain medical conditions. However, age is just one aspect of parenting readiness. Emotional, financial, and physical well-being also play significant roles in providing a nurturing environment for a child. 

Kids Keep You Young

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One user shared, “I became a dad at 38 and have a great relationship with my kid. I was starting to think I would be too old, but in reality, she’s keeping me young. No regrets. Glad I waited until it was the right time with the right person.”

Never Too Old

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A second user said, “I’m having my 3rd at 39. Almost never too old or too late. Age is just a number, I understand the older I get, the more it could lead to complications, but those that fear they won’t be able to do it at an older age have never tried.”

Don’t Let Age Dictate Actions

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A third user added, “I was on the fence about wanting kids for years, but I married the right woman, and it felt right. Now life is good, so don’t let age dictate actions.”

First At 40

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This commenter posted, “I had my first at 40. It’s been a great time, in my opinion. Also, at 40, I have my s**** together, have some savings & security, and was sure I was with the right partner.

Had Two In His 60’s

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Someone mentioned, “My father-in-law had a kid at 64 and another at 65. I make fun of him, but honestly, he’s a great father, his kids love him, and I think it’s helped him stay active and in shape.”

As Long As You’re A Good Parent

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A poster shared, “As long as you’re a good parent and love your kids, nothing else matters. Many people are raised by older grandparents, or you can adopt when you’re older. Doesn’t really matter. Everyone’s in a unique situation.”

Your Life Affects Your Kids Life Too

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A top-liked comment said, “My husband’s parents had him in their mid/late 40s. However, they did not take care of themselves physically, mentally, and financially. Now he is 25 and an only child with parents who cannot take care of themselves, and he has had to take on that burden (emotionally and financially) when he is just starting his own life. It is devastating and really hard. So yes, please have kids when you’re ready, but please keep in mind that the way you take care of yourself and your life affects your kids too.”

Major Disservice To The Child

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One user added, “My dad wanted another kid at 74. He passed away at 72, but I’m sure he would have found someone to oblige. I believe having a kid that late in life would be a major disservice to that child.”

Hard To Imagine

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A commenter said, “All of my grandparents died between 67 and 80, so it’s hard to imagine being able to provide longevity for your child at that age.”

Not A Good Situation

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Someone recalled, “My grandmother and her second husband were forced to adopt the daughter of his (grandma’s second husband) oldest daughter’s daughter because she and her baby daddy were addicts, and both were sent to prison on drug charges. They were in their mid-sixties when they adopted her, and the daughter was two. She grew up basically unsupervised and had/has severe mental and emotional health issues. She became an addict had a young age and had her first child at 16, but at this point, my grandparents were in their late 70’s early 80’s, now trying to raise a 16-year-old and a newborn. It was not a good situation.”

Age Is A State Of Fitness

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This person added, “I had my last child at 42 and definitely not too old to keep up with her. Age is a state of mind….and fitness, lol.”

Glad It Wasn’t In My 20’s

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A user said, “I had my first at 36, my second at 38. I’m almost 39. I’m glad I didn’t have one in my 20s. I wasn’t ready then.”

Can’t Imagine Life Any Other Way

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This person divulged, “When I was 24, my girlfriend got pregnant. She was 22 at the time. I immediately wanted her to terminate the pregnancy, but there was some hesitation on her part. We talked about what life would be like, and I told her if we kept the baby, I wanted to move home to be closer to our families. We were both a few hours away from them at school. I said I would drop out of school to work full-time to support us, but I wanted her to continue and finish her degree. She went and had and terminated unbeknownst to me. It tore us apart. I had my first with my now wife at 36 and my second at 40, it’s difficult, but I can’t imagine life any other way now.”

It’s Doable

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A commenter said, “I’m in my early 40s and just now planning on starting a family with my late 30s wife, so it’s not too late. Conceiving gets a bit more challenging later on, but it’s still doable. It seems many couples are waiting until much later in life to become parents as well.”

Over Having Kids

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Finally, a user said, “I think after 40/45, it may be getting a little late, but it depends on your situation. My dad was 42 when I was born, and he already seemed too ‘over’ having children by then (I was 100% an accident). He never seemed interested. That said, it’s not an issue if you’re 45 and are up for it and do all the dad things you should. Just be prepared to deal with ‘teenager issues’ when you’re 60+.”

Source: Reddit

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