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20 Poor Explanations On Why People Cheated On Their Partners

The decision to cheat on a partner is deeply individual, with various factors at play for each person involved. While cheating is seldom justifiable or acceptable, it frequently arises from a dearth of emotional fulfillment or intimacy within the relationship.

Instant Gratification

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One poster shared, “I cheated when I was younger, and the answer is simple. Instant gratification. I knew it was wrong, but it didn’t matter. My mindset was, why wait to get what you want later? I can get it now AND later. I felt terrible about it, and I would never do it again.”

Lack Of Intimacy

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A second poster said, “Married for 14 years, and I have cheated 4 times. I have two kids, and my wife isn’t a bad person, but she is pretty much not interested in s****x. A few months ago, on a business trip, I had a totally unanticipated romp with an acquaintance I only see about once a year.”

What He’s Not Getting

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A third poster added, “It was amazing, and everything that is not what I get at home. The smile and feeling of being needed lasted well after the fling ended. My wife actually asked straight out if I had an affair, and I admitted it to her. Surprisingly, it had the effect of increasing her s****x drive, but only for a week. Now we are back to the same old place.”

All You Think About

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This user said, “I didn’t want to cheat on my wife, but going without s****x makes me want to nail every woman I meet. It is like money. When you don’t have any, it is all you think about.”

High Drive

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A Redditor divulged, “All of the women knew I was married, and I’m not interested in getting a divorce. I have thought about counseling, but not really sure if it would help. It wouldn’t reduce my s****x drive, and it probably isn’t going to convince my wife to have more s****x.”

A Way Out

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A user commented, “I cheated on a boyfriend because I was miserable in our relationship and didn’t know how to escape it. Or maybe I was afraid of dealing with the pain of getting out of it. Cheating gave me a reason.”


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A top-liked comment said, “I was in a very turbulent relationship with a guy I knew was cheating on me. I cheated on him in retaliation because I was too weak to leave the relationship but too proud to let it go on with no reaction.”

Wanted To See

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This poster recalled, “My ex told me that I couldn’t handle and manage multiple relationships and was incapable of cheating. So I wanted to test it. She was wrong.”

Attention Seeking

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One Redditor recalled, “I’m not currently cheating, but I used to..a lot. Honestly, I don’t have an explanation other than being young and having “daddy issues,” I guess. I was attention-hungry and loved every bit of positive feedback a guy would give me that my live-in boyfriend at the time did not.”

Vitally Important

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A user added, “⁠My wife, for some reason, no longer finds s***x important. She would rather watch a show or do the dishes than get overly intimate. ⁠I, on the other hand, enjoy it immensely. It’s vitally important to me in regard to feeling close to her.”

Fulfill Needs 

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This commenter stated, “⁠The person I’m with is in a similar situation and has no desire to leave her current relationship. She just has a need that is not being met at home. So we fulfill that need for each other and nothing else.”

Weaponizing S****x

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One Redditor shared, “My girlfriend uses s****x (or lack thereof) as a weapon. I use cheating as my weapon.”

The Thrill

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This poster said, “I’m not physically cheating, I guess you could say because I LOVE the “puppy love” feeling you get when you date new people. I couldn’t care less about the physicality of s****x. For me, it’s all about the emotional rush of making a connection with someone — holding hands, learning about them, kissing them.”

Found “It” Elsewhere

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A commenter recalled, “My wife dared me/told me to find “it” elsewhere. So I did. I guess it’s a sh****tty thing to do, but neither of us is happy but won’t say anything to each other about it.”


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One user shared, “I’ve been in a long-distance relationship for about two years. We don’t seem to be moving towards living with or even near each other. So I began cheating because it’s easy, convenient, and fills a void. My cheating is only about the s****x.”

Having Needs

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A Redditor stated, “I NEED that filler person to fill in the gaps where he’s gone on month-long business trips.”

Pay Back

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One commenter said, “I found out my girlfriend had s****x with an old friend while I was away for 4 months, so I decided to scr*w every girl I could on my way back home.”


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A user posted, “She got pregnant and said it was mine, but our lack of s****x would say otherwise. I cheated on her out of spite. It turned out I am not the father of “our” child.”

Some Excitement

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This Redditor said, “My boyfriend is so boring, and he never wants to do anything besides stay home and watch tv or play video games. I love him to death, and he is so supportive of me. I thought if I started going out with friends, it would fulfill my need for excitement, but it turns out cheating is the thrill I’ve been looking for.”

Creating Connections

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Finally, a Redditor shared, “I’m caught between being in love with the person I’m with currently and wanting the feeling of being wanted. They rarely want s****x or any type of physical intimacy, but the mental and emotional connection we share is unreal. I use s****x with other people to fulfill my physical needs. I don’t get attached to people I cheat with.”

Source: Reddit

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