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Instantly Unattractive: Traits Men See In Women That They Find To Be An Instant Turn-Off

Personal preferences vary greatly when it comes to attractiveness. What one person finds appealing, another may not. Certain personality traits can create a mismatch in compatibility between individuals. Factors such as dishonesty, rudeness, a lack of empathy, or a negative attitude may be turn-offs for some men.

Bad Hygiene

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One user shared, “Bad hygiene. Smelly clothing, basically anything would make someone have an unpleasant scent to them.”

What They Really Mean

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A second user added, “If I see or hear them say things like, “Unpleasant and proud of it” or “If you don’t like me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best” except worst and best mean the same.”

Walking Red Flag

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A third user commented, “For some unknown reason, this is so common, and I can not understand why. “I am a walking red flag/I have many personalities/I am complicated, so good luck,” and the list goes on, and they use that as a catchphrase to promote themselves, like this is nothing to be proud of.”

A Boss

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A Redditor said, “People who self-identify as “boss b****hes” are usually just bossy b****hes.”

Treatment Of Others

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This user commented, “If she treats customer service workers like sh****t, she is sh****t, ’cause manners are free, and if you can’t even be polite to someone serving you food, etc., it really says a lot about your character.”

Cruel To Animals

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One Redditor posted, “I’d add in another one – be nice to animals. Not saying you have to pet them and run around with a bowl everywhere, just don’t be cruel.”

Not Curious

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A user mentioned, “Women that have no curiosity whether it be about science, art, music, culture, or food. No sense of wonder? I’m just not compatible with women having no sense of curiosity.”

Handle Them

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This user said, “If she says anything close to “I need a man who can handle me.” No, I don’t want to handle you. You should be an adult by now, not a child who can’t be responsible for themselves without being an immature person.”

Being Rude

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A poster commented, “Rudeness. If nothing else, at least be a nice person. It costs nothing. At a minimum, be nice to others and have compassion.” 

Deal Breaker

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One user said, “If her bio reads “Make me laugh” or “Don’t be boring,” I’m gone. This is the opposite of what you’re trying to say and is a huge deal-breaker for many men.”

Littering And….

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A top-liked comment said, “Just completely ignoring something you said and continuing to talk about themselves. Being rude to servers at restaurants or really any sort of customer service profession. Littering.”

Blame Game

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This Redditor shared, “Women who can’t admit when they’ve done something wrong and/or place blame on everyone else around them.”

Immediate Turn-Off

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A user shared, “Emotionally/mentally: A bad, entitled, and self-absorbed attitude. Physically: Unnecessary cosmetic work, the worst being fake breasts, especially when they’re grossly exaggerated/disproportionate. Immediate turn-off.”


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A Redditor commented, “Disregard for others who may be socially or financially disadvantaged. I cannot stand when someone makes comments or fun of disadvantaged people.”

Prized Personality

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This user posted, “Thinking of herself as a prize that needs to be won instead of just a person seeking a connection with others.”


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A user commented, “Immaturity. Sure, it’s fine when she has a sense of childlike playfulness or excitement, but I’ve seen way too many girls that basically refused to grow up and got stuck in their bratty teenage years.”

Over Sharing

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This poster added, “Women who are “with you” but refuse to stop obviously casting the line out via social media posts, etc. TikTok addiction is a dealbreaker. I’d like to date an adult, thanks.”

Being True

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A user shared, “A woman that is constantly late, which wastes my time. I want people to be true to their word.”


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This Redditor said, “She could look like Kate Beckinsale and have a 180 I.Q. and the wittiest sense of humor, but the second she lights up a cigarette, I’m not interested.”

Have Pride

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Finally, a user said, “I don’t need to know how to do (insert stereotypical male skill). My man does that for me.” Have a little pride and sense of self-awareness.”

Redditors were quick to point out traits and behaviors that they find to be a turn-off and create challenges in relationships. Many posts revolved around personality traits that Redditors felt were immature, selfish, and downright cruel. It appears that for many men, compatibility and personal connections are what they are truly looking for when it comes to finding a potential partner.

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