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20 Enjoyable Date Ideas For People Who Can’t Get Over Their Shyness

For introverts, dating can prove to be a daunting endeavor. The most fulfilling dates are those that foster meaningful conversations and shared moments. From delightful coffee shop discussions to serene walks in the park, introverts thrive in environments that offer tranquility, enabling deep introspection and intimacy. Embracing quiet moments, they seek genuine connections over bustling social events, finding true happiness in these cherished, soulful interactions.

Just Hang Out

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One Redditor said, “One-on-one, walking around town, just talking and hanging out somewhere. I prefer walking around because changing scenery makes my brain move from topic to topic easier, thus reducing stagnant conversation.”

The Zoo

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A Redditor shared, “I have always thought going to the zoo would be the perfect date! Zoos are pretty much giant parks with the perk of cool landscaping and, obviously, the animals. I would go on a Sunday in the fall when it’s a bit chilly to avoid the crowds.”

Sit & Watch The Cars Go By

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This user shared, “I always wanted to be taken somewhere I’d never been/wouldn’t think to go. Back in high school, this guy took me to an office building that was very climbable, and we just sat on the roof, talked, and watched the cars drive by below. That one was really cool.”

Late Night Eats

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A user recalled, “A  co-worker of mine’s date stood her up, and she posted something about it on Facebook. I was still up, so I messaged her, went and picked her up, hit up a late-night taco place, then went and chained smoked cigs on the top of our place of work. It was great.”

Secret Parks

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This Redditor shared, “I went on a date, and the guy said, “Bear with me, it might seem kinda weird as we drive in, but I think you’ll like it.” Sure enough, he turned into an office park with 2 medium-sized buildings. I’m thinking, “….uh wait a sec, is he a psycho….?” He turns right past the one building, and there’s a beautiful tiny park with a little lake and everything. He said he knew someone who worked there, and it was a popular spot for wedding pix and everything. This introvert had fun!”


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A top-liked comment said, “My wife said her perfect introvert date was a picnic by a quiet lake. We’ve actually done this several times, and it’s usually been quite nice.”


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A user commented, “Wander around a bookstore, go for coffee or a small meal, or hang out in a park.”

Ikea Dates

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This Redditor added, “I once had a date at Ikea pretty late at night when it wasn’t so busy. It was pretty awesome. It took forever to get through, they have a cafeteria with great food at a reasonable price, and I learned a lot about what she looks for in a bed.”

Constant Stimulus

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A user stated, “Something where there’s something to do besides focusing on each other all the time because things can get awkward really fast, but where you can still decide to if you find you really fancy them.”


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This Redditor shared, “My Tinder date cooked for me. After we got to know each other better, he told asked me to come over to his place for food. It was perfect, and now we are engaged.”


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A Redditor boldly said, “Find a low-key bar and drink until you become an extrovert.”

Netflix & Chill

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A user commented, The real “ Netflix and chill,” just sit down together and watch a nice movie.”

Game Together

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This user offered, “Find a current-gen or old-school game you mutually enjoy. Co-op games make a lot of things more fun.”

Lay On The Floor

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A Redditor said, “If we can just sit on the floor with our eyes closed and eat saltine crackers without talking to each other, that would be the perfect introvert date!”

Walk In The Park

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A top-liked comment said, “Get some easy-to-carry food together, grab a blanket, and go on a picnic. Then after, go for a walk.”


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This Redditor added, “Take a boat out and go fishing and/or swimming. Find a good camping spot and just relax.”

Build A Fort

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A Redditor proudly said, “I will be building a fort, listening to music/watching movies with the girl I’m after. It seems it’ll be pretty great and give quite the nostalgic feel! I hope she’ll be as excited for it as I am!”


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A user added, “Rather than go on big, extravagant dates, my girlfriend and I go hiking. Even if we don’t talk much, it’s nice just to sit and listen to nature.”


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This user said, “Let’s get to know each other better. Then we can forego the whole entrance and awkward first date and just skip to the part where we cuddle.”

Go To An Aquarium

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Finally, a Redditor added, “What about an aquarium? Aquariums are usually pretty quiet and dark. It’s easy to make small talk about the fish and other animals there as well!”

Source: Reddit

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