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He’s Irate That His Girlfriend Used His Credit Card Without Asking…Should He Be?

Couples have different norms when it comes to spending money and sharing expenses. Some take an approach of what’s mine is yours; others continue to keep their money separate like they would do if they were single.

Both approaches are absolutely fine, providing both people in the relationship are on board with whatever is decided. 

upset man with a credit card on his computer
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A Reddit user (24M) has recently taken to the platform to express his outrage at his girlfriend (22F) for using his card to buy a round of drinks for her and her friends without him knowing. Let’s find out the whole story before passing judgment…

A Betrayal of Trust?

The original poster (OP) explains that he was on a night out with his girlfriend and a group of her friends. They were all having a good time together, and the night was going well. 

Toward the end of the night, OP ran into an old friend of his. Not wanting to be rude, he left his girlfriend with her friends for a short period of time to go outside with his friend and catch up as they hadn’t seen each other in a long time. 

While he was gone, his girlfriend did something that many people would consider out of order. No, she didn’t find another man and cheat on her boyfriend, but what she did wasn’t right. 

She had his phone, as OP had left it with her while he went outside, and she decided to use his Google Pay to buy a round of drinks for her and her friends. Now, if this round of drinks was something like $20, we doubt OP would be overly bothered. However, the round of tricks totaled $306.

He told his girlfriend that what she did was unacceptable as she never asked whether she was okay to do it, and he never gave her permission to use his card. Since the incident, she hasn’t paid him the money back and doesn’t think she’s done anything wrong as they are together. 

OP took to Reddit to find out if he was right to think that what she had done was unacceptable or if he was in the wrong to be so annoyed with her. 

Full Support for OP in the Comments

Unsurprisingly, the entire comments section was in agreement with OP about his girlfriend being out of order. Some people even suggested that if she refuses to pay back the money and apologize, then OP should end the relationship. One person said:

“Tell her that was not okay and tell her she is not allowed to do that again. Tell her she needs to pay you back now. If she doesn’t apologize and pay you back, dump her.”

Other people, however, believed that the trust in the relationship is now already broken and that paying him back and apologizing wouldn’t be enough to save the relationship. One user said:

“You have a right to be angry; your GF stole $306 from you. You can no longer trust her. Change your passcode and ask her to pay you back. Whether she pays you back or not, you should still break up with her.”

How would you react if you found out your partner had used your card to buy drinks for them and their friends without asking you first? Is it grounds for a break-up or can they work through this one? Let us know what you think in the comments. 

Source: Reddit

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