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Challenging Social and Gender Norms: 20 Ways for Men to Break Out of the Mold

The concept of being “manly” has long been associated with attributes like bravery and physical prowess, shaped by societal gender norms over centuries. However, in recent times, there has been a significant shift in redefining the meaning of “manliness,” as men challenge traditional stereotypes and embrace a broader range of identities and expressions. Modern men are breaking free from the confines of outdated expectations and embracing a more inclusive and authentic version of themselves.


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One user shared, “I put on slippers that look like puppies, sip espresso, and go shopping online.”

Hair Stylist

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A second user said, “I sometimes listen to the Disney princess songs from my daughter’s cd even though they are nowhere around. Also, I tie up and braid their hair, and more on that note, I wouldn’t mind getting a lifesize doll head with hair so I could practice my braiding skills since my daughters are not patient enough for my experiments and practice.”


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A third user added, “I bake cupcakes and cakes in general, but lately, it’s been cupcakes, which seem infinitely more girly.”

Dog Clothing

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A reader commented, “Bearded man-mountain with perma-scowl here. My list of girlish fripperies is too long and incriminating to list, but for as much as I take him out in public, there’s no point denying it: I cut the sleeves off of my t-shirts and sew them into little matching shirts for my chihuahua.”


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A poster stated, “I am a 6’1″ 220lb cable guy. I climb telephone poles for a living, make traditional bows, hunt, fish, etc. I also cook, bake and sew. I’m not talking about patching a torn sock or something. I have made greek style dresses for my daughter’s school play, snuggies as gifts for Christmas, and scrubs for my nurse wife.”

Convos With Cats

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A top-liked comment said, “I’m a former Marine and combat vet of Iraq, but I still hold one-sided conversations with my cats.”

Long Baths

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A user shared, “I take long baths for absolutely no reason other than to sit there and relax. It’s the best part of my week!”


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This user said, “I like to read books on botany and plant-keeping. I personally think it’s extremely interesting.’

With Friends

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One user commented, “When I’m with my friends, I take shots like a boss and chase those shots with high-fives… If I take a shot alone, I drink it in halves and make funny faces.”


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This reader added, “When I’m sitting home alone, I like to take care of my fingernails to ensure they look nice. I pretty much give myself a manicure once a week. I don’t know if I’d call it “unmanly” aside from the time that I spend on something that nobody else ever notices. I used to bite my nails, and now I like them to look perfect.”

Beauty Routine

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A poster said, “I am what you would consider a regular guy. Have a contracting company, wilderness enthusiast, gun aficionado, pilot, drinker, and fun lover. But I love my face cream “Olay Complete” every night.”

Like A Cat

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A user shared, “After getting high, I curl up in bed wrapped in my blanket and say to myself, “I’m just a big toasty cinnamon bun.”

Snuggles & A Show

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This user stated, “⁠I snuggle up in my chair with a blanket and watch Desperate Housewives, and I enjoy it.”

Sitting Down

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A poster added, “I pee sitting down sometimes so it won’t splatter, no shame, I hate cleaning my bathroom, especially the toilet.”

Clean & Tidy

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A user divulged, “⁠I keep every corner of my apartment nice and tidy, Bree Van de Kamp style. People are always amazed that my place is so clean. I often get asked if I have a house cleaner or if my mom still cleans for me.”

Warm Socks

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A user added, “I ⁠lay my pair of turquoise, hand-knitted socks on the radiator for a few minutes so that they are nice and warm. There is absolutely nothing like warm toasty socks on a cold evening!”

Candles & Wine

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One user shared, “⁠I do this regularly, not just when I’m feeling stressed out. I light scented candles and drink wine.”

Emotional Cinema

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This poster shared, “I tend to cry at emotional moments in movies. Last movie to do this…The Grey. There was a scene sorta near the end that got to me.”

A Good Cry

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This user commented, “I sometimes cry when lying in bed, just to get it all out, what’s in my head. It’s a really great stress reliever, and I feel so much better afterward. It’s like releasing a pressure valve.”

S.A.H. Dad

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Finally, a user said, ‘I work part-time because I stay home during the day to watch my baby. I do the house cleaning, the cooking, the laundry. My wife works full time, makes more than me, and is a mechanic, So since she works harder at her job, I pamper her, do everything she wants, and let her make the decisions in the house. Basically, I’m kinda a housewife. And I like it!”

Source: Reddit

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