12 Typical Things Women Do That Men Are Still Shamed For

Most of us want equal gender rights, although it seems we may be on the right way to do that as a society. Plenty of actions have a “sexist” view placed upon them by past generations.

Many people believe there are things men should do that a woman shouldn’t, and there are also things women do that men are frowned upon for. But what exactly are those things? Recently someone asked the question, “What is something acceptable in women but frowned upon in men?” Here are some of those things. 

Being Around Kids

Being Around Kids: man on the phone sitting at a table with two boys, books and his laptop
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One user said, “In general, just “being good with children.” Kids love me because I never really grew up much myself, so they get attached easily, but I feel like I have to forcibly ignore them or push them away because people will look down on me somehow.”

A second user replied, “Mostly anything involving children. Sorry guys.”

A third user added, “Do you know this man? Is he okay for you to be with?”…. B**** get the absolute heck away from my daughter. We don’t know you. YOU ARE MAKING HER SCARED with your Sephora perfume and your scary-ass scarf.”

Being a Domestic Violence Victim

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A Redditor wrote, “Being a domestic violence victim. When my friend was assaulted by his wife, some of our friends said, “He probably started it” Many people don’t believe women can be vicious and men can be domestic violence victims.”

Another Redditor added, “Being abused by women has vastly changed my view of the world. The lack of acknowledgment is astounding.”

Stay at Home Dad

Stay at Home Dad: dad standing in the kitchen cutting vegetables with son at counter.
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A most liked comment was, “Yeah, I’ve been at it 8 years. Some days are awesome most days are exhausting, but I don’t get invited to the other stay-at-home parent’s things because they are “mom groups.” No one is specifically excluding me, but it doesn’t occur to anyone that a stay-at-home parent might not be a mom. This ___ is isolating.”

A second comment was, “I’ve been a stay at home dad for a year now. Because of the judgment, I’ve started telling people I’m a freelancer.”

Keeping Up With Fashion

Keeping Up With Fashion: Man smiling in a denim shirt and black glasses.
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A user commented, “Exploration in every kind of fashion.”

Another user replied, “My wife has outfits that are essentially a suit and tie with dress shoes. She always gets rave reviews, but if I put on a dress and high heels, not so much.”

Showing Emotions

Showing Emotions: man standing with arms crossed and hand on chin looking pensive.
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One Redditor wrote, “Opening up about our feelings/mental health.”

A second Redditor added, “The worst part: I’ve gone so long not opening up that I don’t even really know how to. My wife is amazing, and there have been a few times I’ve tried to open up about feeling down, and I literally don’t even know the words to use. I eventually just kind of give up and shrug it off as not being a big deal.”

Being Shy/Timid

Being Shy/Timid: man sitting with man smiling and looking shy.
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A comment read, “Yeah, this is a strange one because all the people who think I’m less masculine being shy and judge me for it keep me at arm’s length. But the weird result is everyone’s happy because the fewer people who want that, the easier it is for me.”

Another comment said, “Oh, so true. In social instances where we’re expected to lead, too, it will get you nowhere. I really had to burst out of my bubble to succeed in both my career and dating because no one was gonna give a ____ if I was suffering from anxiety or too shy to do anything socially.”

The Nursing Profession

The Nursing Profession: man standing with a clipboard dressed in scrubs as a nurse.
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A user commented, “Nursing. Although it’s becoming more accepted these days.”

A second user added, “Male nurse here. When patients ask me why I chose to become a male nurse, I just tell them that the surgery to become a female nurse is too expensive.”

Male Elementary School Teachers

Male Elementary School Teachers: male teacher sitting with two students smiling and reading.
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One Redditor said, “Teaching young children. There’s a huge stigma. Male teachers are often considered you know what until proven innocent.”

Another Redditor added, “Yeah, in high school, the male % skyrocketed compared to earlier schools in which nearly every teacher was a woman.”

A third Redditor replied, “There are almost no male teachers below the high school level in the US because high school is when kids are finally old enough that everyone stops thinking you know whats are everywhere trying to snatch them up. Most elementary and (to a slightly lesser extent) middle schools won’t hire male teachers.”

Being Short

Being Short: tall and short man standing next to each other with basketballs.
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A user commented, “Heightism is not even addressed in our society.”

Another used replied, “It’s starting to be. Not nearly enough, but it’s at least starting to be. Pointing out women’s hypocrisy of saying they won’t date short men but getting angry when men say they won’t date X type of women.”

Complimenting Women

Complimenting Women: man and woman standing together smiling with a thumbs up.
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A Redditor commented, “Complimenting women. I see all my girlfriends complimenting random women they don’t know about their hair, clothes, etc., but if I do the same, it’s assumed I’m hitting on them.”

A second Redditor added, “I’ve complimented a number of women in public, but I always make sure it’s as close to a “drive-by” thing as possible.”

A third Redditor replied, “Most of them instantly think “damn, now this weirdo likes me” and instantly assume it’s that they like them or sees them as creepy.”

Being Poor

Being Poor: man standing with pockets out to show no money.
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One comment was, “My city is expensive. It’s very common for women here to have like five roommates and be making $30k a year while loudly proclaiming that they refuse to date any man who doesn’t own his place. A condo in my city is a minimum of $800k. Detached houses are $1.5m or more.”

Another comment read, “Dude, the number of women who ghosted me after telling them I was between jobs/taking a break from working, I at least appreciated the signaling of what’s important to them so I didn’t waste my time with them.”

Peeing Sitting Down

Peeing Sitting Down: man sitting on toilet.
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A Redditor commented, “I pee sitting down because I also clean the toilet, and I hate cleaning hardened pee stains.:

Another Redditor said, “I pee sitting down when I am at home. I don’t like my bathroom smelling like pee and my wife having to deal with that.”

A third replied, “Love a nice sitdown wee. Can check my phone at the same time without the risk of dropping it.”

Source: Reddit

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