Men Are Revealing What They Consider Instant Dating No-Nos

Are you curious about what men agree to be complete turn-offs about a woman? While enjoying my daily scroll, I encountered the question, “Men, what is something women do that is an immediate turn-off?” Here are the top-voted answers.

1. Being Rude or Unkind

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“Being rude or unkind,” replied one. “Especially to servers. Or hotel staff. Or taxi drivers. Or anybody who works for the public. Watch how people treat other people. Kindness goes a long way.”

2. Being Instagram Ready and Influencers

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One man stated, “Being an influencer and constantly looking for Instagramable ‘moments’ and photo spots.” Another agreed, “If we need to stop what we or doing or wait to do things so that you can snap pics to post, it’s not going to go anywhere.”

3. Being Entitled

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One man shared, “Being entitled. Not thanking anyone for anything people do for them because they think they deserve it.” Another added, “Having an entitled attitude, i.e., that it’s the man’s responsibility to take care of restaurant checks on a date and things like that.”

4. Judging People Based On Zodiac Signs

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“Judging people based on their zodiacs,” someone suggested. “I was at a gathering where people talked about their zodiac, and I was asked some questions. I said I had no idea. It isn’t my thing; I don’t get it.”

“A friend said it’s because she’s an Aquarius. The other nodded in understanding as if that was somehow an answer for my lack of interest. But, unfortunately, I still don’t understand zodiac mindsets and mentalities.”

5. Drawn On Eyebrows and Lip Fillers

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One man volunteered, “Have drawn-on eyebrows or those ridiculous lip fillers. The latter makes them look like over-inflated blow-up dolls.” Another agreed, “Most definitely. Lips shouldn’t look like they’re swollen. That’s a sign of an allergic reaction or an infection.”

However, someone shared, “I had a classmate with skinny and fair eyebrows. She draws them on to make them visible. Same for my mom, who’s ginger. They sometimes have no choice.” The OP respected that and clarified, “The ones who shave them and then draw them in.”

6. Believes They Should Be Treated Like a Princess

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One man admitted, “Any woman I see on a dating app that uses the word princess instantly gets a left swipe. Either she has unrealistic expectations of relationships, she’s a Disney fan, or she supports the monarchy. All are no-gos.” 

7. Celebrity Worship

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“It’s a huge turn-off when women are obsessed with and only talk about celebrities,” shared one. A second confessed, “I was thinking about this. A massive chunk of society will wake up one day and realize all they’ve ever done is keep up with the Kardashians their whole life.”

8. Smoking

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“Smoking,” replied one. “I don’t care how sexy you are. Smoking stinks, it’s awful, and it will immediately make all the blood rush back into my brain.” Others agreed with the sentiment and added vaping into the mix,” It’s time to take up a new habit.”

9. Talking Badly About Others

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“Talking badly about others behind their backs. It’s true of both genders,” shared one. Another asked, “How could anyone hearing it not be repulsed or at the very least think they also do that to you too? Because they do.”

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10. Social Media Attention

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The number one voted response is, “I am immediately turned off by someone addicted to the attention they can get on social media. Why would I want to be with someone who constantly seeks validation from strangers?”

“I don’t care what other people think about me. When I am in a relationship, I focus on my relationship and my responsibilities as a partner. Unfortunately, someone obsessed with getting validation online does so at the expense of their real-world relationships.”

11. Social Media Addicted

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“They are choosing the Matrix over real life. Feeling wanted and desired feels good. I get that. But feeling wanted or desired by strangers doesn’t help you in the real world.

It overinflates your ego and makes a person think that because many people desire them, they don’t need to put effort into maintaining their relationships. And relationships take hard work in the real world.”

12. Obsessive Celebrity Crush

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“Only talk about celebrities and/or have an obsession with social media.”

13. On Only Fans or Taking Revealing Photos

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“Posts pictures on Instagram where the focal point is their ass. Comes off to me as seeking validation or attention from men which is a red flag to me.”

“Bonus points if they write how they train “for themselves” underneath selfies with ass turned towards the mirror.”

14. Too Much Makeup

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“Lots of makeup”

“The most beautiful makeup m’lady can apply to her face is a simple smile.”

“Lots of visible makeup. You would not believe how much makeup goes into the natural look.”

15. Asking to Be Bought a Drink

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“Walking up to me at a bar, with no prior contact, and asking me to buy you a drink. If you do this, I’ll ask the bartender to give you a glass of tap water with no ice. And **** YOU if you get p**sy about it.”

“I don’t understand how anybody would think it’s okay to ask a stranger to buy them something and THEN proceeds to get mad at them for not doing it.”

16. Piercings

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“I may get hate for this. But bull rings. I’m not attracted to it. It’s disturbing.”

Another agreed, “Septum piercing!”

17. Bad Hygiene

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“Bad hygiene, uncleanliness, spendthrift.”

“Being mean to service workers/other people, being very materialistic, being obsessed with celebrity culture, poor hygiene.”

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