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Men Dish 15 Reasons Why They Haven’t Proposed To Long Term Girlfriends

A man taking an extended period to propose to his long-time girlfriend can stem from various factors, all of which are deeply personal and dependent on the dynamics of their relationship. Some men prioritize stability and financial security before taking a significant step to ensure a solid foundation for their future together. Others could be grappling with commitment-related fears or uncertainties, needing time to come to terms with the idea of marriage fully. External pressures, such as family expectations or cultural traditions, could also influence the timing of a proposal. Ultimately, the timing of a proposal is a complex interplay of emotions, practical considerations, and personal readiness.

Paying Off Debt

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“Tradition dictates that a man should spend 3 months’ salary on an engagement ring. In the current age of debt, we live in, that could be a significant chunk of change that could be used to pay down student loans or credit card bills.”

Too Broke Right Now

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“Some men don’t want to propose as “broke college students.” While many are working their way through school and have given their commitment to their partner, it’s often difficult to ask the love of their life to marry them when they only have pennies to their name.”

Not “The One”

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“The possibility that you’re “not the one” does exist. As hard of truth as that may be to hear. Many men tend to get comfortable in their relationship and see no reason to take the next step if they’re happy.”

The Rest Of Their Life

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“Men may be resistant to the idea of a life-long commitment. The thought and conversations about marriage they’ve had with you may have gotten in their head that one person for the rest of their life is all they’ll ever have. This can be hard for a man to wrap his head around.”

Their Parents Divorce

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“For some, the sting of their parent’s divorce left a bad taste in their mouth, and depending on what they saw and heard of their parent’s divorce proceeding, they may never want to head down that road. Ever.”

To Be In Control Of His Destiny

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“If a man is currently trying to find a job, his career, or even may be in-between jobs, they may simply feel like now isn’t the right time. Societal norms aside, a man wants to feel that he is in control of his destiny, and when the money isn’t coming in regularly, it can be very difficult for him “to put a ring on it.”

Just Can’t Submit

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“It’s possible that he just cannot “submit.” There’s a fear in every man that when he gets married, life as he knows it will cease to exist, and this may be a way to prolong his life as is.” 

Maybe It’s Still Too Soon

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“Maybe, just maybe, it’s too soon to hear wedding bells already. A man will know on the first date what his future will look like or at least what he wants his future to look like with you. However, if you’ve been talking table arrangements since the first month, be prepared to be let down.”

The Pressure

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“The big house in the suburbs, the white picket fence, your two kids with rhyming names, and your yellow lab. Sometimes the pressure is enough to cause him to crack! He’s not your father, and he’s not his father. He needs to forge his own path; sometimes, the pressure of the other men around him can cause him to go cold.”

Going Through The Worst Now

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“Relationship on the rocks? Haven’t felt like a couple in a long time? Marriage is for better and for worse, but what if the worst is right now and he’s scared you won’t change? He may feel that marriage could lock him into a relationship that isn’t quite working right now.” 

Already Have A Good Thing

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“It’s quite possible that you’re already an “old married” couple, and why would you need to put a title on that? Some men might say, “I already have a good thing going. Why would I want to ruin that?”

Wifey VS Wife-Material

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“Maybe you’re “wifey” but not quite “wife material.” Being “wifey” and “wife material” are two totally different things. It’s possible that you’re what he wants right now but not what he needs in the future.”

It’s Just A Piece Of Paper

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“Some men feel like it’s just a piece of paper, and some don’t think that. However, some men say they don’t want to get married because they don’t think it’s necessary to be in a committed, monogamous relationship.”

Already Get The Benefits

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“Many couples keep their finances separate for tax reasons, and many healthcare/insurance companies accept domestic partners, so the healthcare “excuse” is gone, and finally, some people just may not be religious and feel that there’s no reason to get married.”

The Next Step

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“We’ve been dating for so long that it seems like the next step.” Do you really want to be someone’s “next step?” If the only reason for him to get married is because it’s the “next step,” he will 100% not do it.” 

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