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Men Swear These 15 Things They Do Are Attractive, But Women Do Not Agree

Sometimes, what men perceive as attractive can turn out to be a turn-off for potential partners. While everyone’s preferences are unique, certain behaviors or characteristics might unintentionally come across as turn-offs. It’s one thing to do a little “peacocking” when attracting a potential mate, but some guys just seem to go overboard, intentionally or not. 

Excessive Cologne/Aftershave 

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While a little cologne can be attractive, drowning in it can be overpowering and off-putting, making people want to keep their distance. Plus, it’s not just your scent; your natural pheromones matter, too.

Overly Aggressive Confidence 

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Confidence is attractive, but arrogance or over-the-top bravado can be insincere or rude. Confidence is like a well-fitted suit; wear it with comfort and humility.

Neglecting Basic Grooming

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Thinking you look rugged might work in certain contexts, but neglecting grooming can be a turn-off. A little trim and polish can go a long way, and a fresh haircut is always a plus.

Excessive Use of Pickup Lines 

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Pickup lines can be fun in moderation, but relying too heavily on them might make you seem insincere or too rehearsed. Remember, the best lines are the genuine ones.

Interrupting Conversations 

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Engaging in a conversation is attractive, but frequently interrupting or talking over someone is a big turn-off. Patience in conversation is a virtue.

Overtly Showy Displays of Wealth 

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Flaunting your wealth may attract some, but it can seem ostentatious or even superficial to others. A little mystery about your financial situation can add intrigue.

Too Much Flexing 

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Flexing to show off your physique is fine, but constant flexing can come off as vanity. Save the muscle show for the gym.

Excessive Texting/Calling 

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Being attentive is a plus, but bombarding someone with constant texts and calls can be overwhelming. Sometimes, less is more when it comes to digital communication.


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Trying to one-up others’ stories or achievements can be seen as competitive and turn people off. Remember, a conversation is not a competition.

Being Too Persistent 

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Persistence is good, but if someone isn’t interested, pushing too hard can be annoying and make you less attractive. Respect boundaries; if someone’s not into it, it’s okay to move on.

Neglecting Manners 

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Manners are attractive, but lacking them can make you appear inconsiderate and rude. Politeness is a universal language.

Flaunting Your Experiences 

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Sharing your experiences is great, but constantly discussing your achievements and travels might seem like bragging. Humility is a much more appealing trait.

Playing Hard to Get

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While a little mystery can be intriguing, excessively playing hard to get can make you seem disinterested or aloof. Balance is key; show interest but also maintain your independence.

Excessive Selfies 

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A selfie here and there is fine, but an overabundance of them might make you appear self-absorbed. Don’t forget to turn the camera around and capture the world, too.

Ignoring Boundaries 

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Respect for personal space and boundaries is attractive, but ignoring them can be a significant turn-off. Remember, a great relationship is built on mutual respect for each other’s comfort zones.

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