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Unbelievable Breakup Stories Revealed: Have You Experienced Anything Like This?

It’s said when breaking up, it’s best to consider the other person’s feelings and try to handle the breakup with maturity, respect, and empathy. That said, breaking up is never easy, but some people seem to have a knack for doing it in the most ridiculous and memorable ways possible. From breaking up via text message to ending a relationship on a post-it note, or letter, there are plenty of stupid ways to end things with a significant other. The methods mentioned above may seem like an easy way to break it off, but more often than not, it leaves a lasting impression on the other person and can cause unnecessary hurt and confusion.


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This Redditor shared, “We lived in separate states and made the decision to move in together. She was under contract at her job, so I bit the bullet. I applied to a school in her city, saved up money, quit my job, packed up my car, and started to drive the 11 hours to a new life. She ended it when I was on hour 3 of the drive.”

By Messenger

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One Redditor said, “He told me to meet him at his house, and when I got there, he wasn’t home there. After half an hour of sitting on his stoop, another girl walked up and said, “I’m his new girlfriend, and you need to leave.”

Via Text

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This user said, “I got dumped over a text. A couple of days later got another text “Stop telling people I dumped you over a text and making me look bad.”


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A Redditor shared, “He cheated on me while I was recovering from nose surgery. Then while packing my stuff from his house, he brought over the chick he was cheating on me with and had loud intercourse upstairs so that I couldn’t pack my stuff.”

Social Media Posts

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A user said, “The girl changed her relationship status on Facebook to single. No message, text, or any notification whatsoever. He found out they were “Broken up” the next day.”

Being Ghosted

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This Redditor shared, “I was ghosted by a girl I was in a long-distance relationship with. I think the worst part is not having any closure. I would’ve rather her just be an adult and admit things are not working than make me wonder if they are even alive or not. Still haven’t heard from her.”

In The Hospital

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This user commented, “I was hit by a car and nearly killed. Woke up in the hospital with all the get well cards was a card from my girlfriend saying she doesn’t love me anymore. That was about it.” 

I Quit

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A top-liked comment said, “A girl once remarked to me, “You’re a really bad boyfriend.” I considered our relationship for a moment, nodded, and said, “You’re right. I quit.”

Too Nice

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A user recalled, “She told me I was too nice; she then started crying, walked out my door, and never spoke to me again.”

A Bit Too Soon

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A Redditor shared, “I got dumped over text because my ex ‘couldn’t marry me.’ That would be a perfectly good reason if I weren’t in my first year of high school.”

Too Much To Love

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This commenter said, “A girl I was dating cheated on me. Lied. The guy she banged told me. He didn’t know she had a boyfriend and felt bad. I confronted her. She said she did it because “She loved me so much.” We broke up.”

It Won’t Work

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This user shared, “Ex-girlfriend tells me that she met an “artistic” photographer that wanted to take some photos of her. I told her not to because it’s the oldest trick out there. The next day she called me to tell me I was right. He wanted to do nudes, and when she got naked, he made his move. She got upset and ran out. She was so upset that she went to her ex-boyfriend’s place and slept with him. Then dumped me because “it just wouldn’t work.”

Dinner & A Movie

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A Redditor recalled, “My husband cooked dinner, and after we started watching a movie. While the movie was playing, he handed me a typed letter saying he wasn’t happy and then gave me a spreadsheet of all of our assets divided. A spreadsheet.”

Disappearing Act

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This user said, “Two years into a relationship, my boyfriend says to me one day: “Hey, baby. Wanna see a magic trick?” … “Poof, you’re single.” That was his way of ending things.”

Mama’s Boy

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A user shared, “In high school, my boyfriend had his mom tell me he wasn’t going to the prom with me. The day of prom. After that, when I didn’t talk to him for a week, he had his mom come to my house and apologize on his behalf and give me a teddy bear.”

Hate The Game

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This Redditor recalled, “My ex and I were married for 8 years and had 4 kids over that time. We were both serious gamers. She eventually stopped playing games with me and would go off to our room when I was playing. It turned out that she met a man in Brazil on another video game and took 10 months of rent money to fly down there to be with him.” 

Left A Letter

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A user shared, “My ex-fiancée left me in the middle of the night. I woke up with a letter in the bed and her ring in the box.”

Without A Trace

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A Redditor commented, “My husband was cheating on me, I knew it,but I was young and too afraid to be on my own. I never confronted him. One night he got ready for work, hugged the baby and kissed me on the cheek, told me he loved me, and said, “See you after work,” and then left. He never came home. He filed for divorce the next day.”


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This user recalled, “My ex-husband left at 11 pm to go “get gas” and didn’t come home until the next morning. When he finally dragged his ass home, he told me he had “goals”, and he was leaving to go live with his parents in California. After he went to work, I got on his Facebook account and found out his “goal” was actually some heavy woman married mother of 3 he’d never even met in real life, but by god, they were SOULMATES.”

Left To The Wind

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Finally, a user shared, “I was returning a book to the library. He was waiting outside. When I came back outside, he said he had prayed to God to send a gust of wind if we should break up, lo-and-behold a gust of wind blew. It was the windiest day that year and we were done.

Source: Reddit

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