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Mysterious Men: Facts About Men That Women Didn’t Know Until They Dated One

Even when growing up with siblings of the opposite sex, there are many things men do not know about women, and women do not know about men. Many times we learn the things that remain mysterious to us when we start dating someone that we can be more intimate with. Women have come to understand that men, no matter how open they are with communication, will still surprise them with certain things about their physical prowess, mental/emotional competence, and even their bodies. 

Sitting Down

woman looking confused with hands up
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One user said, “That guys don’t sit on their junk. It’s actually in their lap. To clarify, I know you guys can “accidentally” sit on them. But I used to think guys just sat on them naturally and when guys sat on them “accidentally” they must have sat too hard or something.”

Good Morning

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A second user shared, “Morning stick. Never knew it even existed until I was in high school. And what blue balls entailed. That wasn’t until college.”

It’s All Mental

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A third user added, “If they’re nervous, it’s harder for them to get it up. I had no idea. I wasn’t aware that the brain came into play regarding s****x.”

Pain X 10

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This user said, “That smacking a guy in the balls is NOT funny and, in fact, makes them want to shrivel up, throw up, and then die.”


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A Redditor stated, “When balls are cold, they shrink and get hard, and when they’re hot, they get wrinkly and droopy. There’s also one that is usually larger and hung lower than the other.”

Where There’s Hair

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This poster commented, “I grew up with one brother, but I did not realize that men had so much butt hair. My boyfriend always complains about how it makes his butt itch sometimes, and I can’t say that’s something I ever learned from my younger brother.”

Chilling Reality

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A top-liked comment said, “Pee shivers exist, and it’s funny to watch. Many people think this is a myth, but I see it happen to my boyfriend all the time.”

It’s A Bit Lower

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A commenter said, “I thought the foreskin was skin… on your forehead. I even referred to my own forehead skin as such in front of my aunt, uncle, and their kids. I was 13, and it was during a long-ass car ride. Didn’t realize how awkward that was until a few years later. I was extremely naive.”

A Simple Reason

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One user added, “I only recently discovered the brilliant concept of y-front underwear. I was hanging out some washing and was like, “Why on earth is there a big gaping hole in these underpants….ohhhhhh wait.”

Bending Over

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This Redditor shared, “Guys look ridiculous from behind if they bend over to get something when naked. There’s quite a bit happening at that moment.”


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This poster said, “I always thought that “balls” were just slang for men’s nip. Boy, was I surprised at what else I found in his shorts.”

Jocking For Laughs

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A top-liked comment said, “I was riding in the backseat of a male friend’s car once, and his athletic cup was sitting beside me. I had no idea what it was, so I picked it up and put it over my nose and mouth. I started breathing heavily and talking like Darth Vader. Everyone laughed and laughed. I just thought I was being funny. That’s the closest I’ve ever come to playing sports.”


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A poster stated, “Men have a much higher tolerance for mystery leftovers in the back of the fridge.”

It Is What It Is

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This Redditor commented, “That, by and large, men think (and hear!) in very literal terms. Saying “I’m okay” actually means “I’m okay.” There’s really not a lot of hidden meaning in things that men say–especially compared to all of the double-meaning statements that women make (stereotypically speaking).”

Eating Habits

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Finally, a Redditor shared, “Men eat a lot–more than it seems could be humanly possible.”

Source: Reddit

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