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Completely Unattractive: Most People Find These Things Attractive, But Some Find Them a Total Turn Off

Knowing what you find physically attractive is an important part of evolution as a human being. However, finding out what others think is attractive is a subjective opinion. We all find different things about a person attractive and, on the inverse, unattractive. A poster recently asked the question, “What do you find ugly that other people would find super-attractive?” to the internet, and the internet delivered once again! Here are some of the best responses we found in the thread!


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One user said, “Men with super bright veneers, sorry, but they look like idiots.”

Another user said, “I find “too perfect” teeth to be off-putting. Too white, too straight, even if they’re not veneers. I’m all for dental and oral health, but for some reason, too nice teeth throw me off.”


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One Redditor said, “Girls with lip fillers.”

A second Redditor shared, “Duck lips and super long lashes. Yuck..”

A third Redditor said, “Lip licking. I don’t get the hype about it.”


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A user said, “Short hair on men. I love it when men have really long hair!”

Another user said, “Shaved head on the sides with a man bun up top.”

This Redditor said, “Men with no body hair, I like a man with hairy arms, chest, beard, the works.”


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This user said, “Hands. Why do they move like that? Why do they have so many fingers? This is some alien sh*t.”


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A Redditor said, “Super buff guys. Idk why I just don’t like it. And I like working out. It’s just the super jacked gym bro aesthetic doesn’t do it for me.”

A second user, “The veins-looking guys that look like they are gonna explode.”


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One Redditor said, “The “urban cowboy” trend right now. Hipsters in Stetsons and cowboy boots driving Teslas. Ick.”

A second Redditor said, “High-water suit pants on men.”

A third Redditor said, “The “all American” guy or girl look.”

A fourth Redditor said, “Those ugly Nike shoes…all of them.”


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A Redditor added this comment, “Playing hard to get. Just tell me exactly what you want. Clear communication is smexy.”


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One Redditor said, “Bragging about their wealth. Weird that people flex so hard just because they can.”

To which another replied, “I feel like financially secure people don’t have to flex.”


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One user had this to say, “That thick a** make up looking like the Joker..”

Plastic Surgery

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A Redditor added simply, “Fake boobs.”

Another Redditor replied, “When I can clearly tell something on them is fake.” 

Social Media

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A user left this comment, “Instagram model type posing for pictures.”

To which another replied, “When he makes thirst traps on TikTok, he could be a 10, but that would instantly make him a 2.”

Finger Nails

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One Redditor added, “Them long fingernails are horrible.”

A second Redditor responded, “How do girls even think those long nails are attractive?”


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A Redditor shared, “Twerking. It just looks so goofy to me.”

Another Redditor said, “Smexy dancing/strip teasing. Does absolutely nothing for me.”


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One user had this to say, “Eyes too close together and features too narrow and pointy.”

Another user said, “Those mile-long eyelashes that won’t even let you blink.”


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One Redditor said, “Big lumberjack beards…..I dunno, it just seems like they’re kinda unsanitary or something.”

Another person replied, “I hate beards. I always think they are going to smell awful.”


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A Redditor said, “Fake tan, it reminds me of Trump.”

Another Redditor wrote, “When will people stop spray tanning? You’re orange.” 


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A user also had this to say, “Tall men. It’s not a dealbreaker for me, but I do think y’all look kinda weird. I know a lot of other women who love tall guys, but I find it cute if a guy is short.”


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Finally, a user added, “Tongue piercings.”
Redditors came clean about the things they find unattractive. What do you find unattractive that others find beautiful? 

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