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When Love Turns Annoying: 10 Relationship Pet Peeves Men Can’t Handle!

There are some really cute things that girlfriends do for boyfriends that make them happy and make the relationship better. Then there are things that girls do or say that really piss off their significant other. Someone asked the question, “Boyfriends of Reddit, what are things your girlfriend does/says that piss you off?”

Personal Questions

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One Redditor added, “Questions like: “If you could change one thing about me, what would you change?”

A second Redditor replied, “I responded to this once. Not a girlfriend. Said, “Your insecurity.” She was offended.”

Not Being Direct

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A user wrote, “Not being direct with me. If you’re pissed and don’t know why, I’ll never figure it out. For the love of god, just tell me what’s going on….”

Another user added, “If you flip to the other side of things, she may not want to speak because she is frustrated. Wait until she has calmed down, and ask why she was cranky in a polite non, judgmental manner, and you’re more likely to get an answer.”


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A popular comment was, “No, you can go out with the guys. I’ll just stay at home and find something to do, I guess.”

A user added, “The “I guess” part means “and be upset about it.” This is a co-dependence red flag if she does this every time or most times you want to do something without her.”


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One Redditor added, “She used to slap me in the face on occasion when I said something borderline stupid. We broke it off.”

A second Redditor wrote, “I got slapped once for something trivial. Relationship over.”

Texting Habits

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A most-liked comment said, “Takes forever to text back, but when we hang out she is never off her phone.”

Another user replied, “Oh my god this. My girlfriend takes several hours to respond to any text I send her, but whenever Im with her she is on that thing every three seconds. Funny thing is that whenever I text her a pissed off message about it she responds instantly, pretty damn sure she just ignores me for whatever reason.”


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A user wrote, “Do or don’t do <thing> or you won’t get sex for a week.” If you start using sex as a weapon, you will find yourself single.”

A second user added, “Yup. Whenever I start to feel that sex is being withheld or given as punishment or reward, I immediately end things, because that is a slippery slope indeed.”

Constant Requests

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One Redditor responded with, “I’ll sit down on the couch, put my feet up, get comfortable. She’ll come in, sit down next to me, and then ask me “Can you get my X?” where X is anything she could have gotten on the way to the couch.”

A second Redditor replied with, “Your significant other is either a) a bit dumb b) very lazy c) trying to test the boundaries of what she can get you to do.”

Baby Talk

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One comment read, “My friends say that they hate when their girlfriends constantly use baby talk.”

Another comment was, “It’s a horrible habit to form. I still do it sometimes, my boyfriend gives me “the look” and I stop. I know how annoying and stupid it is, but it happens so naturally! They need to tell their girlfriends to stop before it forms into a long lasting habit!”

Expecting Mindreaders

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A user replied, “Mind-reading” is not a quality you should look for in a man.”

A second user added, “I worked my way through college doing magic shows. One night, my girlfriend was furious but wouldn’t tell me why. When I asked her what was wrong, she said, “Why don’t you just read my mind? You can do it with everyone else!”

Talking During Shows/Movies

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One Redditor said, “During the first three minutes of a movie, a new character comes on-screen.”Who’s that?”

Another Redditor wrote, “he only response to every dumb question like that is, “Let’s watch and find out.”
Boyfriends of Reddit gave some pretty good answers to the annoying things their girlfriends do. Does your girlfriend or boyfriend have some obnoxious habits?

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