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Unique & Enjoyable Date Ideas For Your Next Date Night

Dates are a necessary part of keeping the spark alive after marriage. It’s a time to relax with your partner and to grow your bond of love. Dates can be a little boring when it’s the same thing over and over again. In order to keep it interesting, a user asked, “Ladies: What is the best date you’ve been on?” here are some of the best out-of-the-ordinary dates from the thread! 

House Hunting

Happy woman apartment owner or renter with keys looking at camera
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One Redditor Said, “Pretend to be millionaires and go house hunting.”

Completely Random

Be Playful: man carrying a woman happily on the beach.
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Another Redditor added, “We just packed a picnic and left town. We ended up in Rockport, Texas, not far from our city.  We just wandered around, walking hand in hand to different stores and galleries.  We went to the beach and had our picnic. We found a small theatre and caught a movie.”

Food Play

Homemade Food woman cooking at the stove in a red apron
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A user commented, “We made dinosaur Rice Krispie treats. And we then fought them to the death and ate their lifeless bodies.”


Sense of Humor couple smiling and sticking tongs out happily.
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This user said, “My boyfriend found out that my favorite band of all time was quitting and was having their final farewell tour across the Midwest. He asked me one day if I had ever been to Chicago and if I would ever like to go sometime. I said yes and that Id love to go with him someday. He got us tickets to their final show in downtown Chicago (8 hrs away) and drove me all the way there one weekend.”

Give Flowers

Flowers woman handing over a bouquet of flowers
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This Redditor reminisced, “We went for a drive around a lake. I commented on how pretty all the sunflowers looked in the sunlight. The next night, he picked me up for a date, and every inch of his little car was covered in sunflowers. When he walked me to the car and opened my door to let me in, he whispered in my ear, ‘Want a flower?’”


Butt woman on the beach in a yellow bikini faceing the ocean with her arms over head
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A user shared, “One day, we took the ferry out to Ship Island to swim and cavort in the waters. A bit of a thunderstorm rolled in, and all the other swimmers left the beach. A ranger on an ATV told us that we were safe so long as the lightning stayed at a distance. So we had the ocean to ourselves.”

Secret Missions

Chain Messages man texting and looking at his phone
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This Redditor said, “I get a text message at work that went something like, “Food shipment has been dropped, may have fallen into enemy hands near Awesome Park. A small weapon cache is included. Enemy attack is expected.” I show up at the park after work, and there’s just a bag of food and a Nerf gun all alone under the picnic pavilion. As soon as I picked up the Nerf gun, I saw my boyfriend running toward me, shooting Nerf darts at me. We then proceeded to have an epic Nerf gunfight in the park before settling down for a picnic. It was super cute.”

Catching Bugs

a man and a women close and in love
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Another Redditor added, “One time, we had dinner together and then went back to his place. We were watching a movie, and he stepped outside for a minute. When he came back in, he said, “Put your shoes on, let’s go!” and grabs a huge glass jar. We went outside, caught fireflies, and then lay in the grass talking about various things and cuddling.”

Intellectual Stimulation

Tired Eyes woman laying on her arms at a table looking happy and tired
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This Redditor shared, “My boyfriend and I live in a university town, and for one of our first dates, he arranged for us to have a behind-the-scenes tour of the university’s rare books library. We saw maps from the 1200s, medical textbooks from the 1700s, letters from Ernest Hemingway to his parents, a draft of Breakfast of Champions with Vonnegut’s notes on it, and an elaborately decorated edition of the Silmarillion.”

One With Nature

Standing Positions woman standing in tree pose at the park
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One Redditor said, “North of the town I live in, there’s this tree way out on the side of this mountain. You can see it from the road. It’s just this lone tree. My best friend and I called it our tree because whenever we would drive past it as we were going to the lake, we just felt bad for it being alone. One day one of my guy friends drove me to the lake. As we passed the tree, I casually mentioned to him that even though I never sat under its branches, that was my favorite tree in the world. Eventually, this guy and I started dating. On one surprise date, he packed a picnic lunch and drove me to that tree.”


Down To Earth woman laying in the grass smiling
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Another user shared, “He took me into a forest to “show me something,” and when we walked into a clearing, there was a picnic with champagne and oysters on ice waiting.”

Like A Rolling Stone

Man wearing a red shirt with his hands up to the side of his head smiling
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This Redditor shared, “He took me to Amsterdam and got me stoned, then took me to a peep show.”

Be A “Millionaire”

Simple Politeness man helping woman out of the car all dressed up.
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Another user said, “He rented a Ferrari for a day and took me shopping in London; we pretended to be millionaires.”

The Way To Her Heart

Making the First Move woman leaning on man in a flirtatious way
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A user shared this experience, “My husband took our daughter to his mom’s to make homemade ice cream and then picked me up from work, handing me a huge sundae as I got into the car. When we got home, he cooked me my favorite meal.”

Alcohol Included

Compliment Them man and woman doing cheers with wine outside at a table
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Another user said, “Sometimes we just like to go to the pub and drink beer.”

The Star Allign

Attraction couple holding hands at a table looking happy and flirty
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A user shared, “One summer night, a meteor shower would happen at around 2-3 a.m. I just happened to be up and on MSN, and was she, so we started talking, and I said, ” I’m coming to get you, and we’re going to watch the meteor shower.” I picked her up, and we went to a quiet little beach with the most amazing view. We watched the meteor shower and talked about how we had always had feelings for each other. We kissed for the first time that night while meteors were showering from the sky.”

Get A Little Naughty

A couple facing each other on a bike in front of the water
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One user said, “He took me to a strip club. I received a lap dance and motorboated a stripper.”

Unintentional Time Together

Flirting man and woman sitting and smiling holding hands
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A Redditor shared this experience, “My boyfriend (at the time) asked me if I wanted to drive to Georgia (we’re in Florida) that weekend to get Cheerwine and Heath bars. It was about a ten-hour drive. The car broke down, and we sat in the Discount Auto Parts parking lot while he fixed the car. I found breakfast, lunch, new clothes, and a book to read to him. He fixed the car. Just spending time together and being excited about it made what should have been a really crappy weekend into a pleasant memory.”

Dinner and A Movie

Always Show Love: man and woman hugging affectionately
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One user commented, “On our second date, my boyfriend and I went to a drive-in movie theater and sat in the back of my car. It was a nice date, though simple. Cost us about $10. Then we went back to his place and ordered Chinese.”

Make The Best

Dollar Pizza man and woman eating a slice of pizza
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Another user commented, “We went to see Alice in Wonderland at the drive-in, but because of the rain and the popularity of the movie, we weren’t able to buy tickets. Instead, we played in the rain and jumped over puddles instead…So much better than just seeing a movie.”


Eye Contact man and woman looking at each other
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This user said, “I told a girl I wanted to take her out, but she had to dress trashy. We met up and got drunk. I then took her to a WWE wrestling event. We lost our voices yelling at the wrestlers. She had a great time for sure. I still have both the novelty championship belt and the girl.”

Build A Fort

Woman happily looking with her hands on her cheeks
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Finally, A Redditor said, “My husband and I built a fort out of kitchen chairs and blankets in our living room. We crawled underneath and watched original Star Trek episodes. T’was magical.”

Source: Reddit

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