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Cause for Concern? They Got Into An Argument Because She Went to Talk to Her Friends Without Him at a Party 

Until a party with her boyfriend a week ago, things couldn’t have been going any better and she looked at him as someone she could imagine marrying in the future. Unfortunately, events at this party have flipped the entire relationship on its head. 

Falling out with your boyfriend is never a pleasant experience, but falling out with them in front of all of your friends at a party…that’s another thing altogether. 

For this Reddit user (25F), having her boyfriend (24M) fall out with her and call her names in front of some of her closest friends has caused her so much embarrassment that she is considering ending the relationship. Too hasty? Wait until you hear the whole story before you decide. 

A One-Off or a Red Flag?

The original poster (OP) explains that she has only been in a relationship with her boyfriend for a few months but things have been going brilliantly. He treats her well, spoils her, and is very caring. 

Both of them drank a lot of alcohol and were pretty drunk so emotions were heightened but OP says that her boyfriend got weirdly annoyed at her for taking some time out to go and chat to some friends outside without him. 

He was so annoyed by her doing this that he started whispering into her ear that he was doubting the relationship because of it. He told her that he wasn’t comfortable at the party because it was a new setting for him which confused her because he knew quite a lot of the people there. 

For the rest of the night, he would randomly go up to OP and tell her that she was trash and that he was now single. Understandably, this upset OP so she went to the bathroom to try and get a little bit of space. He followed her there and continued to insult her.

Things escalated even further in the washroom when he went to “pat her on the cheek in a condescending manner” but used more force than he supposedly intended and hurt her. This made OP even more upset and she stayed in the bathroom for a while crying. 

OP was comforted by her friends at the party and she told them everything that happened, which annoyed her boyfriend. 

In the days since the party, OP’s boyfriend has apologized and told her that it won’t happen again. Although, he is still annoyed that she told her friends about what had happened. She has told him that if anything similar happens again that the relationship is over but she is contemplating ending it now as it has made her look at him completely differently.

Plenty of Support for Her

The vast majority of people on Reddit were in agreement that OP should call time on the relationship. One of the top comments came from someone who managed to summarise the feelings of the community in a couple of sentences. It read:

“You’ve been together a couple of months, and he insulted, hurt, and left you crying in the bathroom. Please let me be clear – in no way do you have a happy future with this man. Dump him before it gets worse.”

Other people suggested that alcohol had brought out his true personality and that the person she had known for a previous couple of months was effectively him with a mask on. One person said: “It sounds like he’s been love bombing you but when he was drunk, you got a glimpse into his true self. Get out before it gets worse.”

UPDATE: OP has since confirmed that she decided to end the relationship. He didn’t take the news well and couldn’t understand her decision which reaffirmed to her that she had made the right call. 

Has OP done the right thing to get out of the relationship before things potentially escalated? Did she avoid more heartbreak in the future? 

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