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Hate Them and Maybe Love Them: The Top 16 Biggest Jerks on TV

People’s favorite TV and movie antagonists hold a special place in the realm of entertainment. Though these complex characters are often the source of conflict and tension, they possess a magnetic allure that captivates audiences. Whether it’s their cunning intellect, dark charisma, or unique backstory that humanizes their motivations, these antagonists transcend the traditional boundaries of good and evil. Audiences are drawn to their enigmatic personas, often conflicted by their simultaneous repulsion and fascination. 

Kathryn Merteuil

Sarah Michelle Gellar
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To start, a user shared, “Kathryn from Cruel Intentions. She knew what she had and used everything she could to destroy the world around her while reveling in the chaos!”

Cersei Lannister

Lena Heady
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A second user added, “Lena Heady as Cersei Lannister. That WHOLE scene where Littlefinger tries to threaten her, and she turns it all the way back on him, was PEAK B*TCH.”

Annalise Keating

Viola Davis
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This user commented, “Viola Davis as Annalise Keating. Annalise is that woman was that woman and will always be THAT woman. How To Get Away With Murder had me in a chokehold when it came out.”

Gale Weathers

Courteney Cox
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A highly-liked comment was, “I’m going to add Gale Weathers from the Scream franchise. She’s been the woman for decades now. She was amazing and did it in such a convincing way.”

Amber Mariens

Elisa Donovan
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One person wrote, “That spot belongs to Amber ( Elisa Donovan) from Clueless. Thank you very much. The quintessential 90s Valley Girl bully, no one played it better!”

Regina George

Rachel McAdams
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A top-liked comment said, “Regina George in Mean Girls needs her flowers! She redefined the role of “high school mean girl.” She was amazing as a “mean girl.”

Regina Mills

Woman thinking and looking up
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One user commented, “Regina Mills in Once Upon A Time. I still think about her every day. Every episode, she served “evil” on a plate.”

Casey Mathis/Poppy Moore

Emma Roberts
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A person commented, “Basically any Emma Roberts character. If I had to choose, I’d say it’s between Casey Mathis (We’re The Millers) or Poppy Moore in Wild Child. The girl has got range and plays the protagonist well!”

Wilhelmina Slater

Vanessa Williams
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A popular comment was, “Wilhelmina Slater from Ugly Betty is my underrated fave. Wilhelmina was one of those characters that would make me sit up straight in my chair in case she would see me through the screen and judge my posture.”

Blair Waldorf

Leighton Meester
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One poster said, “Definitely Blair Waldorf!! She was an amazing and flawless character. Strong, ambitious, elegant. I liked how she was ruthless in dealing with people who hurt her – like kicking Jenny out of New York. A true queen, in my opinion.”


man smiling and thinking
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This user replied, “The one who started it all on prime-time television… In my opinion. Endora from Bewitched. Talk about a horrible mother-law, and she is the finest at her craft!”

Gretchen Cutler

Aya Cash
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A person suggested, “Gretchen Cutler from You’re the Worst deserves a mention here. The show is very aptly named because they’re all the worst people you’ve ever seen, but Gretchen absolutely takes the cake.”

Claire Underwood

Robin Wright
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This user added, “Claire Underwood from House of Cards. She has a dagger for a tongue! She was horrible and amazing all at the same time.”

Jenny Curran/Gump

Robin Wright
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An insightful comment was, “Jenny from Forrest Gump. Not in the traditional sense, but she was awful to everyone, only cared about herself, and Forrest still loved her.”

Veruca Salt

Julie Dawn Cole
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This poster recalled “Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory. She is the most adorable girl and the biggest all-time brat who will do anything and everything to get everything done as she pleases. 

Betty Draper

January Jones
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Finally, a commenter said, “Betty Draper, blonde, beautiful, and an absolute boss. After what Don put her through, it was probably justified.”
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