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Top 20 Fashion Trends Women Can’t Stand on Men Anymore

The clothing and style choices that men make can influence a woman’s level of attraction. While preferences may differ, wearing ill-fitting or unkempt attire can signal a lack of attention to detail and personal grooming, potentially diminishing appeal. Similarly, overpowering fragrances or body odor can be off-putting. Additionally, flaunting ostentatious outfits with excessive branding may convey an air of arrogance, negatively affecting attraction. Do these No-Go’s turn you off?

Overly Gelled

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One user shared, “Using so much hair gel that I can see your crusty scalp underneath a layer of wet hedgehog spines.”

Sun Glasses

Man Wearing Sunglasses backwards
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A second user added, “When guys wear sunglasses on the back of their head, it’s the absolute worst. Wear them on your eyes or fold them into your shirt collar. You look like an idiot with them on backward. They’re not a hat!”

Shiny Threads

Well dressed man
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A third user said, “Shiny dress shirts. They make you look like a drug dealer or a skeevy nightclub owner. It amazes me that they still even make shirts like this!”

Too Baggy

Man wearing baggy clothes
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This user posted, “Over-sized clothing. I’m convinced most of the guys I know think they’re a size XL when they’re all really medium in size. It looks sloppy and like no thought went into it.”

Too Small

Man wearing a shirt that's too small
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A person shared, “Nothing looks worse than a shirt that’s too small. Especially when you sit down and your fat stomach is poking out all over the place. Dress for your body type.”

Niche Shirts

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Someone said, “Don’t get me wrong, I love a nerdy guy (I married one), but any guy who wears a button-down with a dragon on it or an anime character is an instant TURN OFF!”

Adult Onesies

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This user stated, “Tucking a shirt in without a belt bugs me. Especially when the colors match so close together, it looks like you’re wearing a onesie. A belt breaks it up so you don’t look like a nerd or like your mom dressed you.”

Plunging Neck Line

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A top-liked comment said, “Anything with too deep a v-neck. A v-neck is fine, but I don’t need to see your chest hair or man cleavage.”

Ugly Then, Ugly Now

Man wearing a Ed Hardy shirt
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A user recalled, “Ed Hardy shirts. How do people even still find these shirts? I thought they took the rest of them from the early 2000’s and sunk them in the ocean. These shirts were awful then and are even more awful now!”

Rhinestone Club Goer

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A person added, Men should never wear anything with rhinestones on it. I’ve seen too many guys with rhinestone collars at clubs and bars. Did a little girl bedazzle it before you went out? For goodness sake, never wear this type of shirt.”

Busy Graphics

Graphic Tshirts
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This user commented, “Those early 2000’s style t-shirts like Affliction, Tap Out, or Ed Hardy and the ridiculously busy graphics and logos. Keep it simple, fellas. A plain T-shirt is perfect.”


Man Wearing all white
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A top-liked comment said, “Anything overly accessorized. I knew a guy whose plugs matched his belt buckle and shoes, all Virgin Mary print. Not attractive. It’s great to match, but let’s not have EVERYTHING match.”

Cover Your Ankles

Man wearing short pants
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A poster commented, “There’s something about short socks with pants I just can’t get. You’re covering your legs! Don’t you want that coverage when you sit down?”


High socks
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This commenter added, “I don’t get the trend of long socks with short shorts. Unless you’re a professional athlete, you don’t need to wear compression socks emblazoned with sportswear logos 24/7.” 

Lord Of The Rings

Man wearing rings
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A person said, “Thumb rings or other excessive jewelry. Unless you’re married or in a motorcycle gang, leave all 10 rings at home. A necklace and a single ring is fine, but let’s not go overboard.


woman looking irritated with her hand on her face
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One user stated, “Too much of any branded clothing, like a Supreme shirt with the hat, backpack, and socks. We get it, bro. You like streetwear.”

Clown Town

Man wearing big boots
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This user added, “Big clunky shoes or boots. I can’t stand it when a guy wears shoes or boots that look too big while wearing skinny jeans. It looks like you’re going to a clown convention.”

Socks And Sandals

Socks and sandals
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A top-liked comment said, “I loathe sandals with socks. Wear one of the other, if you need to wear socks with sandals, if it’s too cold for sandals, wear shoes. No one wants to look at socks while you wear Jesus creepers.”

Power Clashing

Button down shirt and shorts
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Finally, a user added, “Button-down shirts with basketball shorts. No, no, no, power clashing is not a real thing. Either wear a button-down with jeans or wear basketball shorts with a T-shirt. It looks so dumb.”  Source:Reddit

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