Numerology Personality Number Meanings 1-9

When someone asks you who you are, your personality, your thoughts, and your opinions, you will quickly give them answers that you think are correct. But sometimes what you think about yourself is not what other people think. For instance, you may think that you are a humble person but other people think that you are rude. Sometimes what we think of ourselves is not what other people think.

If you want to discover what other people think about you, then you need to know your personality number. Each person’s personality has a number associated with it. So if you want to know who you are in the eye of other people, then you need to know your personality number. So what exactly are personality numbers, how are they calculated, and why it is important to know your personality number? In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about personality numbers.

What are personality numbers?

Personality numbers are single-digit numbers that help you see what other people think about your personality. It helps you know the outer you why some things are happening or have been happening in your life. For instance, you will know why some people stay with you while others leave. It will also help you know why you are compatible with other people. Your personality number will enlighten you about your outward behaviors, traits, and qualities. It will help you understand how other people perceive you.

Personality numbers are one of the 5 main numbers in numerology. Understanding this number is crucial if you want to know how you present yourself to others, your style, your behavior, and much more. Some numerologists don’t believe that personality number describes an individual outward personality but rather an individual inner self (Inner traits and qualities that you are not aware of). Regardless of how you choose to interpret your personality number, bottom line is that knowing it will help you know more about yourself and things that motivate you.

Personality numbers are single-digit numbers meaning they range from 1-9. However, some personality numbers have double-digit such as 11, 22, and 33. Personality numbers with double-digit numbers are known as master numbers. In numerology, master numbers are powerful numbers that come with intense negative or positive traits. Individuals whose personality numbers fall in this category are either very successful and very unsuccessful depending on how they use their strengths and abilities.

How are personality numbers calculated?

Calculating personality numbers is simple. There are two ways in which you can calculate your personality number. They include the subtraction method and addition method. The subtraction method involves using your soul urge number and density number to find your personality number. On the other hand, the addition method involves converting your names consonant into numbers then adding them together. In this section, we will discuss these two methods of calculating personality numbers.

1. The subtraction method 

This method of calculating personality numbers is not effective for people whose personality numbers are master numbers. So if you believe that your personality number is a master number, then you should use the addition method.

Step by step process of calculating your personality number using the subtraction method.


Step 1: Determine your destiny number.

This is done by calculating all letters in your full name. Your destiny number helps to reveal your destiny and how you express yourself.


Step 2: Determine your soul urge number

Your soul urge number is calculated by adding all vowels in your name, your soul urge number will help you know your inner desires, dreams, and motivations.


Step 3: Subtract your soul urge number from your destiny number to determine your personality number.

2. The additional method

As mentioned above, this method is ideal for people whose personality numbers fall under the master number. Below is a step-by-step process of how to calculate your personality number using the addition method.

Step 1: Calculate the numerology value of all consonants in your name using the numerology chart.

Step 2: Add all values of the consonant together into a total sum

Step 3: Reduce the sum into single digits by adding them together.

For instance, if the total sum of your name is 25, reduce it to a single digit by adding (2+5). If the total sum of names consonant is 11, 22, or 33, then you should not reduce it into a single digit because your personality number is a master number.

If your name has a latter Y, then you might be confused on whether to use it as a consonant or a vowel. This is because the letter Y can be used either as a vowel or a consonant. The way you use the letter Y depends on how it sounds in your name. For instance, if Y in your name sounds more like a vowel and it is positioned near another vowel, then it should be used as a vowel.

Meaning of personality numbers

Every personality number has its own unique strengths, weaknesses, and behaviors. In this section, we will uncover the meaning of each personality number.

Personality number 1

People with personality number one are natural-born leaders. They are fearless, determined, and always in control. When they set their mind on something, they always do anything within their power to ensure they get it. Because of this, people with this personality number always thrive as top managers, overseers, and entrepreneurs.

People with personality number 1 are independent always say things as they are. They also stand up for their core values. They love honesty and justice and often get involved in activities that involve fighting for other people’s rights. They have an incredible ethos and other people often hold them in high regard. Sometimes their strong personality makes them look intimidating. They don’t like associating themselves with lazy people. They also fear failure and always work hard to ensure they achieve their goals.

Personality number 2

Personality number 2 is the opposite of personality number 1. People with this personality number are calm, warm, and often regarded as peacemakers. They make amazing friends because they are easy to talk to and are always very attentive when someone speaks to them.

People with personality number 2 make great romantic partners. They are loving, caring, and very loyal to their spouses. But people with this personality number 2 often suffer from low self-esteem and are always afraid to be alone. They sometimes compromise their happiness for the sake of other people. They are also overly doubtful, a trait that usually wears them down both physically and emotionally. They also care about how other people perceive them.

Personality number 3

People with personality number 3 are usually very emotional and intuitive. They are also compassionate and always ready to help those who are in need. People with this personality number are extroverts meaning they enjoy socializing and interacting with other people. Because of this, they easily make friends. They are also very hardworking and ambitious. Their ambition usually doesn’t affect their deep desire to help others. They love it when they see other people succeeding and always provide a helping hand for those who need help and support. They also love good things in life and are often perceived as materialistic.

Personality number 4

People with personality number 4 are simple but very hardworking individuals. They are regarded as family people because they always put their family first. People around them perceive them as reliable, trustworthy, and honest. They are also independent and very committed to their work. They are also very organized and always have a clear and precise goal of what they want to achieve.

People with this personality number believe in hard work and honesty and don’t like shortcuts. Number 4 always struggle when working in subordinate positions because they are not good at following other people’s orders. They also don’t like to be questioned on how they do their things.

Personality number 5

People with personality number 5 are extroverts and adventurous. They love exploring the world and doing things that other people fear. They are intelligent, very energetic, and often excite other people around them with their interesting stories.

Number 5s are also versatile, meaning they easily adapt to new situations. This trait enables them to succeed in almost any environment. They perform exemplary well at work, even when they are moved to another department. People with this personality number love doing things that excite them, be it eating, traveling, drinking, and much more. Those who are not able to control their desires always end being addicts.

Personality number 6

Individuals with personality number 6 are compassionate and love to take care of their family and other people around them. They are selfless and always willing to sacrifice their desires and ambitions for the sake of others. They love helping the less fortunate without expecting anything in return. People with this personality number are warm and welcoming, a trait that makes it easy for other people to talk to them. The deep compassion makes them great therapists and counselors.

Personality number 7

People with personality number 7 are always thirsty for knowledge. They are also introverted, secretive, and sometimes mysterious. They don’t like interacting with other people and mostly stay alone. This usually makes it hard for other people around them to know them. People with this personality number are very intelligent and independent. They love doing things on their own and always find solutions to problems. They are also too opinionated.

Personality number 8

People with personality number 8 are often seen as confident, hardworking, very competitive, and ambitious. Their charisma always projects power and authority and are often regarded as leaders. They have great decision-making abilities and tend to be great entrepreneurs. They are very successful in their career and have a lot of wealth. They so like sharing and often donate most of their wealth to charity.

Personality number 9

Individuals with personality number 9 are outgoing and outspoken. They are also honest, kind, and confident. They have excellent communication skills also love being around people. They are also very artistic and love doing things related to the arts. They also love traveling and meeting new people.

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