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The Top 15 Personality Traits That Immediately Send Others Packing

We surround ourselves with people who we enjoy spending time with. People who mesh well with our lives, beliefs, and even our personalities. Not everyone is going to make the cut, and that is totally okay!

We don’t want our life full of toxicity or people who just aren’t our cup of tea! Sometimes there is just one personality trait that just doesn’t work for you. Recently someone asked the question, “What’s a personality/trait a person can have that makes you instantly dislike them?”

The One-Upper

The One-Upper: woman talking with hands on hope in a condescending way.
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One Redditor wrote, “I passed my test with an 80″ “Oh, I got a 96 on it. It was really easy tbh.” 

Another Redditor added, “Damn, this tattoo was so painful.” “Oh yeah? You should try getting one on your kneecap. It’s even worse!”


Arrogance: man standing with a crown pointing to himself with an arrogant face.
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A popular comment read, “Arrogance is a trait that instantly makes me dislike someone.”

A second popular comment added, “True, being humble is the most important thing, but there are certain exceptions to this rule like when your boxing or doing anything sports related.”


Bully: man standing with his eyes tight shut and fingers in his ears.
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A user replied, “Don’t like the bully personality where people think the only way they can interact with you is through verbal attacks 24/7.”

A second user commented, “Every enemies-to-lovers trope ever. Dunno how people find that romantic, tbh.”

Hurtful Comedy

Hurtful Comedy woman yelling with a rock.
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One person commented, “Saying hurtful things in the name of comedy. There is a fine line between making fun of someone and insulting someone.”

Another person replied, “Yeah. There’s a pretty significant difference between playful teasing and straight-up bullying. I especially hate when these kinds of people pull the “just a joke” card. Last I checked, jokes aren’t supposed to hurt.”


Incompetence tired woman sitting with books and a computer and her hand on her face.
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A most liked comment was, “People who are fully aware of their incompetence and use that as an excuse to not do the most basic stuff and expect everyone else to do it for them because “I’m too dumb teehee.”

Another comment read, “Oh, don’t ask me to help! I’d just mess it up! Uh, huh? Sure. And **** you.” 


Narcissist man laying on the ground looking at his reflection.
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One Redditor added, “Narcisissim. I’ve met a lot of attention-seekers, and they are worse than Satanas.”

Another simply wrote, “Narcissistic traits.”

The Victim

The Victim woman and daughter upset talking at the computer.
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A user replied, “The forever victim. The type “ugh I’m sad/mad because of X” when the problem has a clear solution, and when pointing out the super easy solution, they just ignore it and go back to feeling sorry for themselves, usually to justify poor behavior.”

A second user added, “I know many people like this; how much you give them solutions, they will choose to play the sad, depressed victim SCREAMING I WANT ATTENTION, never try to deal with their problems.”


Racist muslim woman being pointed at and looking upset.
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A popular comment was, “The subtle racist.”

Another most-liked comment read, “Not trying to be racist, but you ever notice how…”


Self-Absorbed woman staring in the mirror at her reflection
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One Redditor said, “Being self-absorbed. They can talk about themselves to no end, but if you dare talk about someone else or, god forbid, yourself, they don’t even pretend to be interested or change the subject back to themselves. They’re exhausting people to be around and a worthless friendship to have.”

A second Redditor replied, “People who praise themselves at every turn while simultaneously negging you in every similar scenario.”


Interrupting two women sitting together one woman interrupting with the remote.
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A comment was, “Interrupting people while they talk. Stfu and wait ’til I’m done talking, rude-ass.”

A second comment read, “Interrupting your because whatever you were saying reminded them of something and then never letting you finish what you were saying.”


Negativity man standing outside with his hand out and thumb down, making an upset face
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A simple comment was, “Negative people.”


Pettiness woman hugging gift keeping it to herself.
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One Redditor wrote, “A person whose sole personality is being petty.”


Loud man yells into a megaphone.
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One person added, “Loud and aggressive people get avoided.”

Another person replied, “I can’t stand people who start talking loud and acting like we are best friends only right after meeting them.”


Gossiper one women whispering one woman looking surprised
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A popular comment was, “Gossips – especially those who infer insult from nothing. Look, Karen, I just met you. No, I don’t think Kirstin is snubbing you on purpose because her good morning wasn’t enthusiastic enough. Get a grip.”


Sexist woman with her hand up looking concerned.
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One Redditor wrote, “Men making disgusting, sexist comments. I’m a guy myself and most “workin’ class people!” as they like to call themselves, just LOVE to comment on stuff like that or ask you about something sex-related.”

These 15 personality traits make Redditors cringe and walk in the other direction as fast as possible. More from Neon Moon:

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