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Lost in the Phone: His Unyielding Attachment Puts Their Relationship in Jeopardy

When you are first dating someone, you are usually on your best behavior to present the best possible version of yourself to the other person. You tend to wear your best clothes, spray yourself with your favorite aftershave/perfume and ensure that you are giving your date your undivided attention. 

However, this one Reddit user (24F) is currently experiencing a situation where her date (30M) is spending excessive amounts of time on his phone when they are out together. Let’s find out just how severe his phone addiction is…

It’s Me or the Phone

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The original poster explains that she has had three dates so far with this guy and that they have all gone very well, on the whole. He shows an interest in her life, has introduced her to all of his friends and she feels very comfortable around him. To top it off, they share the same values and future plans. 

The Catch

Expecting Mindreaders man on phone woman arms crossed lookin away
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Sounds ideal, right? Well, here comes the catch – he is obsessed with his cell phone. OP says that he checks his notifications every couple of minutes, even if they are mid-conversation. Sometimes, she finds herself sitting there in silence while he scrolls down his phone. 

The Second Date

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On their second date, he acknowledged that it was rude and apologized. OP told him that she didn’t like it and that she would prefer it if he only went on his phone during date night if there was an emergency. He agreed and admitted that he does have issues in relation to how often he goes on his phone. 

The 3rd Date

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Unfortunately, on their third date, the same things were happening again. This time, though, he tried to justify his behavior by saying he was “checking for an emergency.”

While OP really likes him, she is leaning towards calling the whole thing off because of how rude she finds it. She took to Reddit to ask other people whether her feelings were justified or if she should just get over herself considering he is great in every other aspect. 

The Reactions

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If OP was looking for people to convince her to give this guy another shot then she may have been disappointed when the comments started to flood in. The majority of people believed his behavior was a red flag and that she should consider calling it off. One person reminded OP that this was him “on his best behavior” while another said:

“First 3 dates, and he can’t put his phone down for a couple of hours on a date? How do you think he’ll be once he gets comfortable in the relationship?”

It’s a No Go

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Another user who had experienced something similar with a guy she had dated in the past, said that it made her feel “left out” and that it ultimately lead to the demise of the relationship. 

Others didn’t believe that OP should immediately write him off, though. One person suggested the following approach instead:

“Tell him that it’s becoming a deal breaker and see what he says?”

Would this be enough for you to call things off with someone you are dating or is it something that can be worked through?
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