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Challenging Eating Habits: Picky Eating Causes Tension

Eating our with a picky eater can be challengin to deal with, especially when they are grown adults that already know what they like and you are in a relationship with them.

One woman has known her partner is a picky eater but has been very gracious in trying to help him expand his tastes and even goes as far as to show him menu options before they go out.

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However, she’s learning now that it’s causing more and more issues and now affecting her relationship with him. Before their most recent dinner with her family, she’s learning that her tastes for him may be changing quickly.

Picky Eater

The original poster (OP) begins her story by saying that her boyfriend is the absolute pickiest eater she has ever met. She says he has no intolerances or allergies to food. He’s just picky. She says she doesn’t blame him for this habit because his mom didn’t know how to cook, so he ate a lot of the same foods growing up and feels that his palette adjusted to more simple foods.

Since they’ve been together, she says, they have been cooking dinners together and trying to expand his tastes and get him to try new foods he previously hasn’t had.

Recently, her parents asked her and her boyfriend to go to dinner with them at a new seafood restaurant that just opened near them.

Since she knew how picky her boyfriend was, she asked him to look over the menu before they went so that he could make sure there would be something that he’d eat. After he looked at the menu, he said that he would eat the salmon. 

When everyone was seated, he grabbed the menu, looked it over again, then made a disgusted look on his face. Puzzled, she asked what was wrong, to which he responded that there was nothing he’d eat on the menu.

She noticed her parents looked a bit hurt and pulled her boyfriend aside to say she couldn’t believe he was doing this. She told him he had almost two full days to look at the menu and decide on his meal prior or suggest a new restaurant to go to.

She then told him she was annoyed by his picky eating because now it was hurting her parents, and she left the restaurant with him.

Over It

He said to her after they left the restaurant that the way the salmon was prepared was what made him cringe and that he was in shock that she didn’t defend him and should have known he would be unhappy with the menu selection. OP feels like his picky eating habits are affecting their relationship and that she’s unsure how to proceed because she sees this as being a bigger issue in the future.

The Masses Weigh In

Redditors gave their opinions on this picky eating situation and whether or not the boyfriend needs to start trying new foods and updating his taste preferences. 

One Redditor satiated, “NTA because you did everything to accommodate him, but he changed his mind. But why did you leave the restaurant? I’d have finished the meal and made him wait.”

A second Redditor said, “I would have let him sit there and watch us all eat.”

A third Redditor stated, “Even seafood places have side fries. I’m sure there was something he could have snacked on. Sounds like he was being a drama queen.”

Another user said, “It’s not about him being a picky eater; it’s about him using his eating habits to be the center of attention and making other people feel inferior for “hurting” him by not meeting his needs.”

A Redditor also said, “NTA, but I don’t know why you’d want to be with someone like this.”

Another user chimed in with, “NTA because he looked at the menu and chose something, then changed his mind. You tried to accommodate him, but he decided not to do what he’d said.”

Finally, a Redditor said, “NTA. He sounds exhausting.”

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