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Don’t Ask A Man Any of These 20 Questions. They Hate it!

In conversations with men, there are 20 questions you should steer clear of asking. These questions can really get on their nerves! From relationship issues to invading personal boundaries, we’ll explore the topics that men dislike discussing. To keep your conversations smooth and enjoyable, we’ll help you navigate around these tricky questions. So, let’s discover the questions best avoided when talking to men!

Still Single

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One user shared, “Why are you still single!?! Especially from girls who have turned me down in the past.”


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A second commented, “I don’t care. Where do you want to eat?”  Then shooting down the next 5 ideas I have.”

Something Wrong

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One person stated, “What’s wrong?” Heaven forbid I’m fine sitting in silence….”

Thinking About

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One user shared, “What are you thinking about?” I’m thinking about nothing. I’m just zoning out. I’m not thinking about you or another woman. It’s just nothingness.”


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A user added, “Is there something/someone I should be worried about”? Just kill me if you’re going to ask me that because even though there is absolutely nothing to worry about, the more I deny it, the guiltier I look.”

Story Time

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A commenter said, “Tell me a story.” My ex used to say that once in a while, and it would immediately cause any stories I may have known to flee my brain, never to return.”

Movie Questions

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A top-liked comment said, “While watching a movie together for the first time: “Why is he doing that?” or any other question that is clearly going to be explained later on in the movie.”

Did You Notice?

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This user shared, “Notice anything different?” My god, if you’re looking for me to be on red alert and have anxiety-inducing hives, this is the question to ask!”

Right There

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One poster added, “In here?” Her response to any time I tell her where something is. I can perfectly describe the item’s placement whether in a drawer, cabinet, bin, or anything, and she will still ask me, “In here?”


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One stated, “What type of gifts does my boyfriend want?” I absolutely hate when my female friends ask me to help with what their boyfriends might want as a gift. Like f****k if I know, you’re dating him, not me!”


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One user shared, “Why can’t men appreciate a good woman?” Asked by several of my exes that were, in fact, not a good women.”

Yes, But Not Really

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One comment read, “Do you want to go to my mom’s house for dinner?” No, but if I say no, you’ll get mad, and if I say yes, I’m lying… so “Sure, hon.”


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A user said, “What do you think of [thing] for the [room]?” Honestly, I don’t give a sh****t. The top two floors are yours to decorate in any fashion you want. I’ll hang the sh****t you want where you tell me to hang it and act as if I like it when you ask, even if I don’t.”


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This commenter shared, “When I’m driving, “Why are you going this way?” “Because you f****king asked me to drive… Now, let me handle it…”

The Set Up

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“Tell me what you love about me.” Or “I’m having a fat day. Compliment me.” It’s a loaded question. If I don’t respond fast enough, I’m an a**hole. If I give a big answer, I’m lying. It’s a trap!” 


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One said, “At my age: “So when are you having kids?” Literally never. There’s a reason I’m “this” age and still childless.”

Compliment Fishing

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A poster said, “Anything that is an obvious passive-aggressive attempt at fishing for compliments disguised as a question. That sh****t gets old fast.”

Hanging Out

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A user shared, “Why don’t we hang out more often?” Tip: Don’t ask why we don’t hang out more often if you’re not going to make an effort to make that happen. Female friends are just as difficult as girlfriends.”

About Love

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“Do you love me?” Oh boy, you’ll notice and be clearly informed when it’s not the case anymore.”

Would You

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Finally, “Would you still love me if… I was a worm? Had hooves for feet? Or any other non-sensical, attention-seeking questions.” Source: Reddit

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