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15 Reasons That Could Make You End a Relationship Other Than Infidelity

In relationships, there are numerous reasons for breakups that extend beyond infidelity. One significant factor is the erosion of trust, often caused by a pattern of deceit, dishonesty, or betrayal. Trust serves as the foundation for a healthy relationship, and when it is compromised, maintaining a strong connection becomes increasingly difficult.


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One user shared, “Stealing my stuff to sell for money, especially when the money is for illegal drugs. “

Same Family Tree

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A second user said, “Finding out that we are related. What a big ouch this would be. Imagine falling in love with someone and then months or years later finding out that we’re in the same family tree. Yikes.”

Physical Abuse

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A third user said, “Physical abuse for sure. I suggested we take a break as I felt the relationship wasn’t healthy, and we needed to work on ourselves. Then I was thrown down a flight of stairs and broke my arm. The police were called (not by me), and that was that.”

Being Mean

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A poster commented, “Being mean to my family, children, pets, or friends. Instant turn off and an  instant end to the relationship.”


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This commenter added, “If she starts to act in a way that reminds me of how I was treated growing up, then I’m out. I don’t need to relive that trauma as an adult as well.”

Being Vetted

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A top-liked comment said, “I’m 30. If you say I need to ask your parent’s permission to date you or their blessing, then I’m out. Had some girl ask me to pick her up at her parents so they could vet me before our coffee date. No thanks, that just feels like a massive red flag.”


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This poster said, “If you disrespect me around your friends or family. That could be talking bad about me or telling them something they shouldn’t have, were done.”


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One user shared, “Racism/being racist. There is absolutely no place for it in today’s society, and if it comes up, we are absolutely over. Whether said out of anger, a joke or whatever, it is something I cannot tolerate.”

Treated Like Property

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Someone added, “Treating me like a slave or as you own me. I am my own person, and I don’t care who makes more money, has more status, or who is more established. I will not stand for being treated like property ever again.”


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A top-liked comment said, “If they physically get aggressive. If they yell, it’s an instant breakup. I am very against yelling. If it happens, and it’s more than just raising their voice, I don’t think I can take that.”

Rude Behavior

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This person said, “Being a jerk to waiters, cleaning staff, or being mean to animals or small children/old people. That’s a BIG no for me.”


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Someone commented, “Sharing something personal, I told her in confidence and making fun of me for it or spreading gossip. That is pure evil.”

Passive Aggressivness

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A person stated, “My deal breaker is being passive-aggressive and/or emotionally abusive. I will no longer tolerate passive aggression from anyone. It’s a hard boundary. If you’re upset, use your words so we can work on it/I can apologize and correct my behavior. But I will no longer walk on eggshells around others or be expected to be a mind reader.”

Outright Flirting

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This user recalled, “Flirting with other guys right in front of me to make me jealous or feel like less of a person. Lesson learned, I guess.”

Mental Health Issues

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Finally, a user said, “Seeing signs of undiagnosed mental illness. My ex had a Jekyll and Hyde personality over stupid stuff like misplaced car keys. I thought he just needed to learn to chill. Nope. He was bipolar, and it was BAD. Never again will I dismiss the term short fuse.”

Men and women shared stories and hypothetical situations of abuse, lack of respect, and habitual boundary crossing from former partners that would lead them to end a relationship immediately. Ultimately, these reasons and situations highlight the importance of trust, respect, shared values, and emotional well-being in maintaining a healthy and fulfilling partnership.

Source: Reddit

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