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Men, It’s Time to Shape Up: Top 20 Recommendations From Women On To Be Better Boyfriends

For many women, specific qualities and traits are deemed important in their interactions and relationships with men. High on the list for many are respect, empathy, and effective communication. Women often desire partners who can genuinely grasp their perspective and establish a strong connection. It’s crucial to recognize that women’s preferences and wishes are as diverse as the myriad individuals that make up our world.


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“Affirm your affection for us by saying nice things or qualities you like about us!”

A Hug

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“Just hug her for no reason sometimes.”

Be Tidy and Clean

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A user stated, “⁠Be tidy, clean, and hygienic. Brush your teeth and shower no one wants to have s*** with someone with bad breath and body odor.”

Get Excited

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“Honestly, get excitable. Nothing kills a conversation like when a man tries to look cool and not geek out when they want to. Seeing a dude get excited over their interests is adorable.”

No Pressure Cuddles

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A top-liked comment said, “⁠Hug and cuddle without pressuring for s****. We like s*** too, but also like to be physically loved on with an ulterior motive.”


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A user said, “⁠Say nice things you notice about her. I love when my boyfriend notices little things like different earrings or hairstyles. It lets me know he’s paying attention.”


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A user commented, “⁠Listen and remember what we say. These are two different things, you hear us and not listen, making it that much more difficult when you have to remember something.”

Absolutely No Cheating

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“⁠Don’t have s**** with other girls. I’m not talking about girls before or even (possibly) after us. I’m saying, don’t cheat. It’s not a difficult concept to understand. I’d rather someone break up with me than cheat on me.”


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“⁠Share feelings (Probably the hardest one) Explain how you feel. We want to know what you’re feeling. Vulnerability is s****y, not acting like nothing is wrong.”


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One user said, “Just take a moment to reflect on what conversations you’re having and what you’re bringing to them.”

Be Mindful

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“Try to be mindful that your partner also has difficult times; are you as available to listen to them as they are for you?” 

Set The Scene

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“Make the bedroom a no-complaining/arguing zone. When my boyfriend and I are in bed, whether angry at one another or not, we’ve made it a no-complaining/arguing zone and it has saved us from many sleepless nights!” 


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A user said, “Surprise her sometimes by remembering something you shared and calling back to it.”


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One user stated, “Communicate instead of yelling. I have made a pact with myself to never be with a person ever again who doesn’t make an effort to communicate with me.”


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“A “How are you?” text and a “Thinking about you!” text etc.. goes a long way!”


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“I often hear, “Men need respect and women need love.” Why not do both for both? You’re in a partnership, both parties deserve love and respect.”


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A user said, “Show appreciation for what she does for you. Whether big or small, everyone deserves to feel appreciated.”

Show Support

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“Encourage her and support her aspirations. Do not under any circumstances belittle her, even if it is something not important to you.”

Help Out

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A top-liked comment said, “Put in equal work around the house. Hell, it doesn’t even have to be 50/50 just help out, clean up after yourself, we want a boyfriend/husband not a son.”


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“If she’s complaining or venting, it’s not always because she wants advice or a solution. Sometimes all that’s needed is to vent. So, in those situations, just let her vent.” Source: Reddit

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