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20 Relationship Warning Signs You Might Want to Ignore, but They’ll Likely Become Bigger Problems

Welcome to relationship dynamics, where red and green flags are crucial in determining our compatibility with a partner! This intriguing discussion explores the delicate balance of qualities that make someone an ideal match. While green flags signify positive attributes that draw us closer to a person, there may be instances when a single red flag raises alarm bells, overpowering all the positive aspects we appreciate. So, what is that one red flag in a partner that can overshadow all the green flags for you? 

Being Cruel

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A top-liked comment said, “Cruelty. People can hide it pretty well sometimes, but when you see it, it’s best to dip.”

Always A Victim

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One shared, “Victim complex and being rude to people. It’s mentally exhausting to deal with someone who is always the victim and can’t take responsibility for anything.”


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A second said, “Dishonesty, of course, because then the green flags may all be false.”

Being Lucky

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This person commented, “If they ever start bragging about how “fortunate” you are to be with them and how they have a roster of people they can be with at any moment.”

Behind Others Backs

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A user added, “What they say about people behind their backs. You’re not tough because you can talk sh****t about someone that doesn’t have the opportunity to defend themselves.”


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A Redditor stated, “Littering. Like, blatantly. Throwing trash out of a car window, for example. It’s my pet peeve. Of course, I’d point it out to them first and see if they stopped doing it, but it would still be a huge red flag to me.”


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This user mentioned, “Malicious manipulation of any form. People don’t need to be manipulated into doing things you want them to do. It’s a mental mind f****ck.”

Anger Issues

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A top-liked comment said, “Extreme outburst of anger. Too many people let this go because they saw their parents do it.”


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A user recalled, “Overbearing jealousy. My ex. She would go through my phone while I slept and remove and block people on my social media she didn’t want me talking to. Complimenting someone’s hair? Flirting. Smiling while talking? Flirting. Liking a photo? Flirting.”

Being Mean

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Someone shared, “Just straight up being mean and negative all the time, my ex never had anything nice to say about anyone or anything. I tried and tried to remain positive, but her negativity just ate away at me.”

Animal Cruelty

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One said, “There’s a lot, but the one I have that isn’t here yet is animal cruelty, except if it’s towards cockroaches.”

Line Steppers

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A top-liked comment said, “How they treat boundaries. If you set one, someone is either going to test it or they’ll actively try to help you maintain it. And if they’re the former, things will only get worse from there in how they treat you.”


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A user mentioned, “People that don’t see or help take care of their children. It wasn’t until I was a father that I really realized how much of a f****ing loser you have to be to disregard your kids.”


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This person said, “Narcissistic behavior/manipulation. Doesn’t matter how perfect they are otherwise because chances are it’s not actually the real them.”


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A poster commented, “When they simply can’t speak to you in a respectful way. And I’m not talking about RESPECT I’m talking about they just say hateful, impatient, rude stuff to you seemingly because they think that’s what you deserve.”

Treatment Of Others

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One user added, “Treating anyone like trash. Especially people that you have some kind of power or authority over. Waitstaff, retail workers, hotel employees, children, homeless, subordinate employees, etc. It shows a lack of empathy and that they think they’re “better” than others.”

Trauma Dumping

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This user recalled, “When my ex-girlfriend would talk about her ex as if she wished things would have worked out.”


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A user commented, “Addiction. As a recovering alcoholic, that’s no way to live. I can’t imagine the tremendous stress placed on someone dealing with an addict.”

Predatory Behavior

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One shared, “People who overly s****ualize every interaction with anyone. It’s not cute or funny. Grow up.”

Giving Ultimatums

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Finally, “People who use ultimatums to get their way. For example, “If you don’t like me doing ____, then maybe this relationship isn’t working.” Source: Reddit

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