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People Reveal The Top 20 Signs of a Potentially “Insane” Partner

We all have that “insane” ex. Who knows, we might be that “insane ex” to our ex! Tales and woes of “crazy” ex-boy/girlfriends are a constant source of fascination that often elicit intrigue.

The unpredictability and strong emotions can make for intriguing stories. So let’s talk about romantic gestures taken to the extreme, the possessiveness that is borderline obsessive, or a variety of emotions that keeps everyone on their toes; crazy ex-partner stories will always be tales to tell!


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A Redditor recalled, “Dated a girl who would be chatted up by other guys while I was occupied, that’s fine it’s inevitable they have no idea she’s seeing someone… What was not okay was that after I would step in to introduce myself and the guy had left, she would thank me for “rescuing” her from said guy because she “almost” gave him her number.”


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One Redditor said, “Them trying to isolate you from friends or family, gas-lighting, you lack privacy (social media, contacts, what you’re doing/where you are), take note of how they talk about past friends/ relationships- do they blame and talk negatively about the people they’ve parted from? Healthy exchange during a discussion or argument is discouraged by being shut down or told you’re wrong or they can’t accept that they may be wrong.”


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A user offered, “If they hate that, you have friends. Red Flag. A big ol’ red flag.”


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This commenter said, “My ex was super combative. He’d put me in situations where no matter what I did, I’d lose. For example, suppose I was using my phone, and he couldn’t see the screen. He’d say something like, “Oh, are you texting your real boyfriend?” and if I protested, he’d say, “Babe, it was a joke!” but if I instead laughed ‘with’ him or jokingly said yes, he’d get sullen and act like he thought I was actually cheating on him.”

Just Kidding

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A user said, “Can’t really describe this accurately, so bear with me. When she says something crazy or senile and then says, “Just kidding,” but you know in the back of your head, she isn’t.”


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A user added, “She puts 1 sock on and then the shoe before putting the other sock on and both shoes. Psycho.”

Cry On Command

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One Redditor said, “I had a girlfriend who called me for anything and everything and almost immediately started crying when I picked up, no matter what the hour was.”

Emotional Terrorist

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A user stated, “Tries to make you jealous. Does not communicate and insists that you be a mind-reader and takes the relationship hostage.”


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A Redditor said, “Never being able to clarify what they mean in a disagreement. Leaving you always misunderstood or catering to their delusions.”


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This Redditor mentioned, “Someone that gives ultimatums. They never end well. If you have to choose between your S.O. and family, friends, or work, ⁠it’s a huge red flag.”

Where Are You

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A user commented, “She always had to know where I was, who I was with, and what I was doing 24/7. The wet blanket got old fast!”


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A top-liked comment said, “⁠If your partner threatens to hurt you/your family/your pets/your property if you leave or “step out of line.”

Tense Situations

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This Redditor added, “If ⁠they make you afraid or like you’re constantly tiptoeing around their moods or temper. “Walking on eggshells.”

Blame Game

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A user said, “⁠If they use alcohol/drugs/a dysfunctional family/their horrible ex(es)/a mental illness/a bad day at work/stress/whatever their deal is as an excuse for their sh****ty behavior, or you find yourself making such excuses for them.”


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This user commented, “A friend of mine has an ex that tried to sabotage their birth control (poking holes in the condom) to try and use pregnancy as a means to stay together.”

The Last Word

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A top-liked comment said, “⁠My ex always had to be right or have the last word. It was his way or the highway. That’s not how relationships work.”

Faulty History

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One Redditor shared, “⁠When you have a disagreement, they bring up unrelated s****t from days/weeks/months/years ago.”


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This Redditor said, ⁠“After my ex found out about my past relationships and s****al partners from before we were together, he viewed it as “cheating on him.” 


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One user mentioned, “⁠They’re nice to you when it’s convenient for them, or others are watching. But they’re completely different when it’s just the two of you. This is called manipulation, and it’s used as a way to gain control of the people around you.”

Stay Single

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Finally, a Redditor said, “My ex, after breaking up and getting back together more times than I can count, gave me an ultimatum of getting married immediately or breaking up. I’m still single. No thanks.”

Redditors really delved into the warning signs and red flags that may indicate a potentially problematic or unstable partner. Within the thread, Reddiotrs shared their experiences, insights and highlighted behaviors/characteristics that could indicate a “crazy” partner.

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