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She Refused to Pay for Her Husband’s Family Meals. She Paid for Hers and Walked Out. Now He and His Family are Furious!

The Dinner 

The Dinner 

A Redditor recently shared a story about a New Years Eve dinner with her husband’s family. The original poster (OP) inherited a large sum of money from her mother after she passed.

OP said her husband would constantly talk about the money and how they should spend it. She also said that over the last few weeks, she has been expected to pay for everything. 

On New Year’s Eve, she and her husband met with his family for dinner to celebrate the new year. Everything was going well until she found out she was expected to pay the bill for his entire family.

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Her mother-in-law even “joked” that she would be “paying out of her inheritance pocket,” which angered her to no end. She remained calm, paid for her portion of the dinner and drinks, then quietly got up, left the restaurant, and drove home. OP also went on to say as she was leaving, his family was shouting at her as she left. 

The Result

The husband returned home at 3 a.m. and began yelling at her, saying she was pathetic for getting up and walking out on his family because they relied on her to pay and thought she would graciously do it. He also said that she humiliated him in front of his family and that it has now caused a huge rift between her and his family.  

The Masses Weigh In

However, Redditors were quick to weigh in with their opinions of the situation. 

One user wrote, “So let me get this straight. Your mother died after an illness, and the thing your in-laws take from this is “great, now she can pay for everything.” Yeah, NTA”

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A second user suggested, “I joined Reddit pretty recently. When I first came to this sub, I was OUTRAGED by the number of people who would suggest divorce immediately under every post. But like. In this case? Divorce Babe. Divorce.”

Several Redditors agreed that “A divorce attorney may be a wise investment since hubby showed his true colors. Instead of suggesting they spend the money on buying a house or rental property or put away for retirement, he wants her to blow the money away ever since she got it.”

Another Redditor quickly pointed out, “If he’d asked and she’d agreed, then fair enough, but to just assume that her money was his to spend is ridiculous. Also, OP’s husband showed his true colors by 1. Staking a claim to his wife’s inheritance and seemingly prioritizing her money over her grief, and 2. Not being at all concerned about his wife walking out of a restaurant. We don’t have the time, but I’m guessing OP got home several hours before husband, so what, he was staying out, likely badmouthing his wife to all his family. Way to be a good partner.”      

Also, many liked this Redditor’s idea, “My wife has inherited some money from her grandma’s estate. I have no idea how much or what she plans to do with it, nor do I plan to ask. It’s her money to do with as she sees fit.”

So what do we think; was the wife wrong to walk out on her husband and his family after being told she was expected to pay the bill or was the husband in the wrong to assume he could dictate how and when her money should be spent?

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