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10 Thoughtful and Unique Ideas for Romantic Dates When You’re Totally Broke

Times are difficult and expensive right now. Most people are fighting and working extra just to be able to pay rent, feed their children, and make enough money to afford anything extra! Unfortunately, this hasn’t stopped the dating world from being crazy.

People are still going through first dates and relationships, trying to find ways to enjoy their partner’s company without breaking the bank. Many people ask each other, “What is your go-to date night when you’re strapped for cash?”

Get Outside

Standing Positions woman standing in tree pose at the park
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One Redditor said, “Hiking. Except on a first date.”

Another Redditor replied, “Star Gazing, anyone?”


Museums woman looking at art in the museum
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A user commented, “I live in DC and am lucky to have so many museums so close. The vast majority of them are free. (Some of the newer private ones are pretty expensive.)”

Another user added, “Boston ICA – FREE for all every Thursday from 5 to 9 pm during ICA Free Thursday Nights.”

Farm Dates

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A funny comment was, “I like to take them out to my uncle’s farm and show them all the cows and sh**.”

Dollar Pizza

Dollar Pizza man and woman eating a slice of pizza
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One New Yorker wrote, “Dollar pizza in NYC with a big gulp spiked with rum. Two straws”

Another added, “A dollar slice of pizza in NYC and just walking the streets, people watching and window shopping.” 

Food At Home 

Homemade Food woman cooking at the stove in a red apron
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A confident Redditor suggested, “In my opinion, everyone should know how to make three 4-star meals for two (one for breakfast, lunch, and dinner) for less than $10/each. You’d be shocked how easy this is to do and how often this skill can come in handy.”

A second Redditor added, “Stay home, watch a movie, and make them dinner.”


Flowers woman handing over a bouquet of flowers
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One user replied, “Go to a local nursery (or Walmart, it’s cheaper), get a couple of flowers small bag of soil, and two pots. Plant a couple of flowers in each pot and let her keep one or both. “

Carve Jack-O-Lanterns 

Carve Jack-O-Lanterns person carving a pumpkin
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A user responded, “Pack a thermos of hot chocolate (bring some peppermint schnapps to add if you are both of age and drink, it’s fabulous,) and pumpkin picking. Drink hot beverages in the car and talk about if you will make a scary or happy jack-o-lantern. Carve pumpkins. “

Fruit Picking

Fruit Picking man and woman picking apples
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One helpful Redditor replied, “Pack a couple of sandwiches and lemonade. Go strawberry, blueberry, apple, whatever is in season picking, and have a picnic.”

Another said, “Find a local farm that does fruit picking. They are often cheaper the smaller they are.”

Plane Observation

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A popular comment was, “Watching planes take off near the airport. Followed by people-watching at the airport. It’s pretty cool to observe people coming home to loved ones, leaving for a vacation; you really get to see a whole range of emotions.”

Another said, “We have an observation area for plane watching near my house. I bring a blanket and a charcuterie board, and we watch the planes.”

Hammock Swinging

Hammock Swinging woman laying on hammock reading
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A Redditor replied, “Whenever you have a few extra bucks, buy a hammock. Girls love hammocks. Curl up in it and put on a good Pandora station with your phone.”

Bike Ride

Women on Bicycles two women riding bikes at the beach
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One popular comment read, “Many great conversations are had on bicycles.”


Man Playing a Video Game
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A person suggested, “My place, Mario Party 6. nuff said.”

A second person added, “Mario Party is a test only for the strongest of relationships.”


Gentle Hug couple hugging on the beach
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One Redditor simply replied, “Geocaching.”

A second Redditor added, “Letterboxing! (like geocaching but with riddles!).”

Smuggle In Food

Smuggle In Food group watching movie with food
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A person suggested, “My wife and I used to smuggle food from Wendy’s dollar menu into a movie theater for our cheap dates.”

Another person said, “Same here, except we would make popcorn and pack a few cokes. Much cheaper than paying 10-12 bucks for the same thing. Gotta love a woman’s purse sometimes.”

Kids Stuff

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One Redditor replied, Glo-Golf ~$10 total – A putt-putt course painted in fluorescent colors with black lights. Sets a unique tone to the date as well as a little fun.”

Another said, “Planetarium $4 total – My local university sells tickets for $2 a person. Runs through a video of the universe with James Earl Jones narrating. Afterward, they explore some star constellations and other various effects. Very relaxing and out of the norm.”

A third suggested, “Zoo ~$10 total – Though it may smell bad, women do tend to love adorable things. Bring her around the penguin area and let her heart melt.”

Source: Reddit

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