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Take Back That Crap Gift: Top Gifts Women Received and Loved From Their Partners

Receiving a gift from your partner is a lovely way to show affection. It could be a tangible item, a kind action, or a fun experience, but the most meaningful gifts have a special way of warming your heart.

These gifts go beyond their physical worth. They symbolize your partner’s understanding, gratitude, and the effort they put into the relationship. Often, they carry sentimental significance, serving as a constant reminder of the love and bond you both share.

Shoe Laces

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A second Redditor shared, “A pair of shoe laces. I was 16, and I always wore a pair of runners with bright yellow laces. The laces weren’t so bright anymore as they’d become pretty dirty and frayed. One day my boyfriend casually passed me some brand new, very red laces, and I didn’t immediately realize how observant and thoughtful of a gift it was. After 8 years and slews of expensive gifts from my current boyfriend, I still remember that as the best gift ever, even though it was cheap and easy.”

Hip On Trend Sunglasses

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“I always wore bad out of style sunglasses throughout college. One Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend surprised me with these gorgeous sunglasses. They were made out of recycled skateboards and my favorite color. I lost them within a year and searched around the house for months and cried. Recently, he told me he had a surprise for me. It’s the sunglasses. That’s the best present I’ve ever gotten!”

A New Water Bottle

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“I had a guy give me a bright green Nalgene water bottle that he got from the lost and found where he worked, filled with jelly beans because he knew that was one of my favorite candies. That’s always been my favorite gift because it was something really cute and thoughtful, but I still use that water bottle all the time, so it was useful, too.”

A Favorite Book

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“Observant gifts are the best! I told my boyfriend one day that I had lost my book somewhere, and I was disappointed because I quite liked it. Christmas came around, and he bought me the hardback version. It really means something when you mention something like that offhand, and your boyfriend remembers it.”

A Practical Gift

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“I received an external hard drive as a Valentine’s Day gift once, and I still use it to this day; boyfriend is no longer around, but that 750 GB drive really was a fantastic gift. Very useful and practical.”

My Favorite Candy

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“My ex-girlfriend was obsessed with the blue Jolly Ranchers, so I ordered two pounds online for Valentine’s Day. I spent more than I’m proud to admit (international shipping charges), but the look on her face was worth it.”

Slippers & A Parfait

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“A pair of dollar store slippers and a parfait. He noticed I always wore socks around the house because I hated getting my feet dirty, so he bought me some comfy slippers. This guy had bought me lavish dresses and jewelry and flowers, but the dollar store slippers were the sweetest. The parfait was actually my husband last week. I was having a bad day, and he remembered that my dad and I used to go to DQ and eat a specific parfait (my dad passed away before I got married). So he went for a walk and came back with ice cream. Both of those gifts were under 10 bucks, but they were so thoughtful that they outrank any fancy stuff.”


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“I had a ton of really bad birthdays. At 16, my dad got wasted and started telling all of my friends about how someone had stolen mushrooms out of the freezer. (Hallucinogenic mushrooms) Then, he and my mother got into a drunken argument in front of my friends. At 18, my older brother got disowned at my birthday party.  21, no one showed up. So I decided to quit trying to have good birthdays. My husband decided he wasn’t allowing that. So for my birthday, after we got together, he went out and bought me an ice cream cake. And made me dinner. It was cute. I felt really special. Nothing over the top, but it made me smile. It was the best present ever.”

Things With Meaning

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“It’s usually the little things that mean the most. For example, I love Dalmatians. I always have. So a week or two ago, my boyfriend gave me a 99-cent record of the One Hundred and One Dalmatians story, with four songs. It was made in 1963! One of my favorite gifts from him. I actually made him a comic book for his birthday once. Personally, I think that was an awesome gift.”

Things Based off Memories

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This user said, “My boyfriend and I were driving somewhere, and we saw a shooting star one night. After we both made a wish, I remember mentioning that the first wish I ever made on a shooting star was for a purple fork (I was kind of a weird four-year-old). Anyway, this was also my first Christmas in my new apartment, and I had the typical hodge-podge of spare silverware you get from relatives, so he bought me a brand-new purple silverware set! He said that he wanted to make my very first wish come true. Every gift I’ve gotten from him has been wonderful, but this one sticks out because it was both functional and incredibly sweet. God, I love that man.”

One Of Everything

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“The best gift a guy ever gave me came from a stalker I had when I was “young and awesome-looking.” He knew I liked Italian food, so he ordered me one of everything and had them all delivered to me at work one night!”

The Shirt Off His Back

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“I’m always taking my boyfriend’s shirts and wearing them around the house when I stay at his place. So for my birthday, he took his favorite shirt, sprayed a little cologne on it, wrapped it up, and gave it to me. Now on nights that we can’t be together, I can still wear one of his shirts!”


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“A 2-inch thick 40-day dry-aged bone-in ribeye. We had been going out for 2 months, and I had just moved. It was my housewarming gift! I knew he was a keeper. Seven years last March . . .”


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A user said, “A framed butterfly. When I returned home after spending the most perfect 6 months in Australia, where I met my then-boyfriend when everything was still new, I was nervous, we would be lying around, and I’d be too shy to say anything but obviously wanted to. When he would ask why I was looking at him like that, I would say, “Butterflies.” He sent it with a note “I hope I still give you butterflies.” It still sits on my windowsill… And the note is in my purse.”


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A top-liked comment said, “A double-double from In-N-Out, a milkshake, and a movie day of cuddles in bed. Hands down the best gift.”

Restored Furniture

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“My then-boyfriend rescued an old chair from the trash, sanded it down, and restained it beautifully in red and black (my favorite colors). We lived together, so it wasn’t a secret, and it cost next to nothing (just the cost of the stains), but seeing the time and care he put into it made it all the more meaningful. It was a really thoughtful gift. We’re married now, and I still have the chair and plan to keep it forever!”

Transcript Of Love

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“I was once given a transcript of all the text messages we had ever sent one another for a Valentine’s Day gift.”


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“It was free macaron day in my city, and I wasn’t able to participate since I had to attend class. During this day, free macarons are given out at certain pastry shops throughout the city. He actually went to multiple shops and collected about 20 macarons. Then he came to my campus to give them to me. It didn’t cost him anything, but it was the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me!”

Standing Up For Me When I Need It

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“He stood up for me. I was the youngest in a family of 8 kids. No one, not my parents, not my siblings, ever stood up for me before this. I was beaten up by two older girls once on a school bus while my older brother and sister sat 4 seats away watching. My boyfriend simply took my ex-boyfriend outside of my workplace, where the ex had come in to yell at and threaten me. He spoke to him quietly for about 2 minutes. My ex came back in, apologized, and left.”

Memoires Documented

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“My boyfriend and I spent 6 months backpacking around the world. A year later, on my birthday, I received a flash drive with a video of all our international friends/ acquaintances wishing me happy birthday. He even got our Muay Thai gym in Thailand on video. It was absolutely the most thoughtful thing anyone has ever done for me.”

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