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Scorpio Compatibility: The Best Zodiac Sign Matches for Scorpio

Who Can Love a Scorpio? 

Interested in a Scorpio? Who wouldn’t be, as they are sexy, seductive, and magnetic? These smoldering hot lovers are up for the commitment, too, as they are not very fond of change.

But do you know what you’re getting yourself into?

What about the zodiac sign of Scorpio that makes people tremble with trepidation? Is it those sharp pincers that can ensnare you? Or is it their intense stare, which makes them appear brooding and foreboding as if they can gaze into your very soul?  

Stick around as we dive deep into the murky water of Scorpio to find out which signs might be lucky enough to win their love. 

King and Queen of the Underworld

Scorpios are passionate, bold, and assertive, as they are ruled by the planet Mars. Mars is associated with courage, leadership, and masculinity. In modern astrology, they are also ruled by Pluto, associated with power, transformation, and the underworld. Scorpios are usually fascinated by all things dark, macabre and mystical, but there’s more to these enigmatic creatures than that. 

One thing is for sure, a romantic tryst with a Scorpio is not for the faint of heart, nor to be taken lightly. The encounter will be unforgettable, however long or short, and life will never be the same.

Prepare to go Deep

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac, associated with birth, sex, and death. Scorpios are fearless because they understand that everything in life is an endless cycle. 

An intuitive water sign, Scorpios are deeply spiritual. Hugely private, they are relatively rigid in their thinking. If they decide they want to keep you around, they hold on tight. 

How to Spot Scorpio Man and Woman

Scorpio woman is exotic, magical, and mystical. She usually favors classic, well-tailored elegance and sophisticated, sexy allure, with hypnotic eyes that allude to her depth and complexity. 

Timeless beauties Winona Ryder, Grace Kelly, and Katy Perry all encapsulate Scorpio woman’s style, sultriness, and sensuality. 

Scorpio men are usually devastatingly handsome, with chiseled, manly features, strong jawlines, hunky physiques, and piercing, intense eyes that draw you in and devour you. 

Think of enigmatic Scorpio actors Matthew McConaughy, Ryan Gosling, or Leonardo DeCaprio to get an idea of this lothario’s seriously seductive charm. 

Still here? Thought so. Before you proceed any further, check out your sign below to see if you’re a match. 


These signs form a tense angle five signs apart, which brings tension. Aries is the 6th house of Scorpio, so these two might need to find ways to integrate their lifestyles. They are both ruled by Mars, so sparks will certainly fly. 

Aries Man and Scorpio Woman

Aries man will find Scorpio woman a challenge, and we all know what Aries man thinks about that! Can he go the distance once these two catch each other’s interest? The passion is there, but they might not settle into comfortable long-term love. If they can agree to share power, it could work.

Aries Woman and Scorpio Man  

Aries woman might be a good match for a Scorpio man because she is equally strong, competitive, and adventurous, so she will not shy away from his love of life and passion. Aries women will need to cultivate strong feminine energy and presence, or these two might butt heads, with both trying to be in charge. 


Taurus is, in many ways, an ideal match for Scorpio, as it is the sign of their descendant and 7th house of marriage. However, they are both stubborn fixed signs and opposites, so they can both attract and repel. They love hard but might find it hard to back down in a fight. 

Taurus Man and Scorpio Woman

Taurus man will find Scorpio woman very alluring to his senses. He will want to touch, smell, taste, and indulge himself until he is completely submerged. She is captivating, and he will want her, so this could work; however, she needs raw passion and excitement, and he needs a practical routine, sensuality, and harmony. 

Taurus Woman and Scorpio Man 

Scorpio man will be super attracted to Taurus woman’s loyal, kind and stable nature and love of home, cooking, and taking care of others. Sparks might fly if a Taurus woman can’t be spontaneous and occasionally comes out of her comfort zone, as a Scorpio man wants to live in the fast lane. 


These two can get along great as friends, but as they are forming an awkward angle of five signs apart, they may struggle with consistency and getting on the same page in time. Gemini loves variety, and their flexible, dual nature may confuse Scorpio, who prefers a more steadfast partner. 

Gemini Man and Scorpio Woman

Gemini man will be fascinating to Scorpio woman, who loves to dive into the conversation and find out new information. She will love his social skills but might end up feeling out in the cold as he is so hard to pin down, leaving her worried and insecure. 

Gemini Woman and Scorpio Man

A flirty Gemini woman might capture a Scorpio man’s attention for a while, but can she keep it? He will certainly love her intellectual prowess and fun personality. The problem might be Gemini’s love of flitting about, which might make Scorpio man feel left behind and as if there is no common ground. Her constant chatter might be a turn off too. 


Cancer is an ideal love match, with four signs between them, forming a supportive trine. It works because, as fellow water signs, both are emotionally connected and up for intensity, even full-on clinginess. These two will probably happily retreat to their love nest, blissfully making each other the center of their world and pledging their undying love and devotion.

Cancer Man and Scorpio Woman

Cancer man can bring the love of home, family, and stability that Scorpio woman dreams of. They want the same things, so they have lots in common and a solid foundation to build on. Cancer man will be keen to lock her down and declare that she belongs to him, which Scorpio woman craves. 

Cancer Woman and Scorpio Man

Cancer women are feminine and nurturing, attracting Scorpio males and making them want to protect her and settle down with her. Cancer women might need to compromise with some wild abandon on occasion and bring out their inner vamp. He will be enthralled by her and willing to tolerate her fluctuating moods because she is so loyal and supportive in all aspects of his life. 


The sign of Leo is squaring Scorpio, so this pairing comes with some tension. There are lots of positives, too, with both signs embodying fun, passion, and ambition. They can truly support each other’s dreams and take each other to the heights of ecstasy. Both are stubborn fixed signs, so there needs to be a true willingness to learn from each other. Leo can help Scorpio lighten up and find the joy in life, and Scorpio can help Leo tune into their feelings. 

Leo Man and Scorpio Woman

Leo men will be very attractive to Scorpio females. He is slick, manly, and confident, which will turn her on immensely. He is also very focused on his goals, so he will pursue her ardently and enthusiastically, making her melt. He is generous, loving, and giving, so she will want to please him. For him, she is an enigma, and he will be thrilled by the challenge of winning her heart. 

Leo Woman and Scorpio Man

Scorpio males will probably be attracted to Leo woman’s glamour and confidence and how she handles herself, but the problem is we have so much masculine energy and two strong characters who each want to be in charge. This could result in power plays and ego clashes unless one of them is willing to compromise, probably the Leo woman, as the Scorpio man will be very strong and alpha. 


Being two signs apart, these two are in natural harmony, and Virgo being ruled by Mercury gives them an analytical nature that Scorpio loves to delve into. Forming a sextile, they have similar outlooks on life and are both smart, organized, deep thinkers who love conversation. They blend well together. 

Virgo Man and Scorpio Woman

Virgo man may be completely changed forever by a Scorpio woman, in a good way. She can help him move away from his analytical, cold existence and warm the embers of his heart to feel some deep emotion. She is the blow torch that melts away his icy protection, and he sees her as a kindred spirit who has come to save him. 

Virgo Woman and Scorpio Man

This is one of the best love matches for a Scorpio man, as a kind and practical Virgo woman can give him the right blend of devotion and care he needs to feel truly cherished. Virgo is mutable, easygoing, and happy to allow her Scorpio man to lead while she concentrates on organizing the details of their beautiful life together. 


Libra is in with a chance, although being one sign apart gives them a disadvantage, as there can be misunderstandings to overcome. Luckily, Libra is always willing to bend and compromise for the sake of harmony, so it could work long term. 

Libra Man and Scorpio Woman

Libra man can be flirty, so this pair could find jealousy a problem, depending on other placements they share. Once they have developed trust, the relationship might work out beautifully, with Libra man happily giving his woman the devotion, attention, and loyalty she needs. 

Libra Woman and Scorpio Man

Libra ladies are able to charm the birds out of the trees and can cooperate with anyone, so a Scorpio man might find her utterly enthralling to be around, and she will be happy to commit to him too. Libra love to be needed and wanted, so this pairing could suit them both very well.  


This lover will understand Scorpio, as they are equally deep, dark, and intense, and their love styles sync together. They will create a strong and passionate bond, either for better or worse, although they may have to watch out for power struggles and manipulation from either side. Think of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, in extreme cases, with both of them sleeping with one eye kept open. 

Scorpio Man and Scorpio Woman

These two will have a strong and intimate bond. They will feel drawn to each other and will feel a powerful attraction and desire to know more. Their chemistry will help them navigate choppy waters, but they need complete openness and honesty as a couple. 


These signs are one sign apart, forming an awkward angle that could manifest as too many differences in their worldview and aspirations. They are both passionate, something in common, but Sagittarius is mutable and flexible, while Scorpio prefers to maintain the status quo. 

Sagittarius Man and Scorpio Woman

Sagittarius man will be exciting to a Scorpio woman, he is broad-minded and fun-loving, and she will appreciate his humor and genuine self-expression. In a relationship, though, he might be too freedom orientated for her, leading her to doubt if she is his priority. 

Sagittarius Woman and Scorpio Man

Sagittarius women long for exploration, challenge and adventure, so they are well matched here, but she doesn’t appreciate feeling tied down, which may cause Scorpio men to worry. He might find it hard to probe her feelings, as she is deep and self-contained, while he is open and expressive. 


This combo works better as they are two signs apart, giving a natural affinity that is friendly and easygoing. There are differences, but they complement each other, and Capricorn is down to earth, hardworking and responsible, so Scorpio knows where they stand. 

Capricorn Man and Scorpio Woman

These two share great chemistry and the potential for a solid foundation. They get along, with the Capricorn man possessing the status, wisdom, and respect she admires. He will support her steadfastly, providing her with rock-solid practical strength that acts like an anchor in her life. 

Capricorn Woman and Scorpio Man

Scorpio man will find Capricorn woman’s independence and authority a real turn-on. They both love strategizing, so together, they will achieve enormous success. She is calm, capable, and controlled, and he will want to scoop her up and protect her with his strength and resilience. They are the ultimate power couple. 


Aquarius may be fascinating to Scorpio natives, but as they are three signs apart and square, there will be problems somewhere down the road. They will undoubtedly enjoy flirtation, banter, and perhaps even deep conversations, but long-term love will pose challenges to overcome. They are both fixed signs, so that they might make it. 

Aquarius Man and Scorpio Woman

Aquarius man can be an elusive character, which Scorpio females will find irritating. She needs intensity, and he takes a while to warm up, so she might have to be patient with this one. They might start as friends first while things are heating up. 

Aquarius Woman and Scorpio Man

Aquarius woman will appeal to Scorpio man because she is so different, free, and independent, so he will want to know more about her. They will hit it off; however, in time, the Scorpio man will find the Aquarius female too detached and in her head, which might trigger his need for deep reassurance. 


This is a beautiful match made in heaven. Not only are they four signs apart, forming a harmonious trine, but Pisces is the fifth house of Scorpio, so they bring forth feelings of romance and joy. A fellow water sign, they have an almost telepathic, other-worldly, soulmate connection. 

Pisces Man and Scorpio Woman

Pisces man’s dreamy and romantic charm will rock Scorpio woman’s world. She will be his muse, inspiration, and goddess, and together they will make sweet love and sweet music and float away forever on an endless sea of love. 

Pisces Woman and Scorpio Man 

Pisces woman is deeply caring and will love smothering her Scorpio man with affection, which he will lap up like a Cheshire cat. These two will be the ultimate woke-ass spiritual couple who meditate, pray, do yoga together, and talk endlessly about their shared dreams. 

Still up for the challenge? Go for it! 

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