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Top 15 Secrets All Men Think Women Don’t Know About But Do

Men hold many secrets inside them, whether from societal pressures or how they are raised. Men tend not to divulge certain thoughts and emotions they may have. From fears, vulnerabilities, dreams, or silent struggles, these secrets help shape the life and trajectory men travel.


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“Sometimes we pee on the poo stains in the toilet because we are too lazy to use the scrub.”

We Don’t Want to Intimidate Anyone

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A second added, “Sometimes we don’t talk to people because we don’t want to intimidate them. I might see a girl with a cool shirt on, but I don’t want to make her think I’m coming on to her or something. Rather than freak her out that a 6’6 guy thinks she looks good today, I just leave her alone, especially if we’re on an elevator or something where she can’t leave if she actually is uncomfortable.”

Mental & Emotional Connection

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A third said, “S** isn’t all we want in a relationship. I’d rather be with someone who understands me rather than someone who I have s**** with every day but don’t connect with emotionally and mentally.”

Not Only For Women

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A user stated, “Some of us are into things like cooking, cleaning, makeup, fashion, etc. It doesn’t mean we’re gay.”


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A top-liked comment said, “Please don’t tell us to “man up.” A lot of us were constantly told that growing up, whenever we tried to express ourselves, so, you saying it will oftentimes bring up bad memories.”

Happens To Men

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This user added, “Men can be abused. Men also tend to be more secretly upset and in danger, because society tells us we’re weak if we try to discuss these things. No, we don’t “enjoy” being taken advantage of by a hot girl, and we often don’t talk about it because people will often straight-up tell us we’re lying about it if we do.”

One Trip From The Car to The House After Groceries

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“If we haven’t carried in all the shopping in one go, we haven’t done it right.”


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A poster commented, “I’m always afraid of accidentally making women feel uncomfortable in my presence, for example, when I happen to walk in the same direction as a woman in front of me for a while. and I’m not even interested in women in the first place.”

Not Babysitting

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“Maybe this is more of a dad’s secret, but I don’t “babysit” my own kids. That’s called being a father!”

We Love Compliments

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This user mentioned, “If you compliment my appearance, I will probably remember it forever. I still remember when a girl in college told me I looked nice with my beard when I first grew it. I’ve had a beard ever since….”

We Can Actually Turn It Off

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A user added, “We have the magical power of thinking about nothing. As weird as it sounds, it’s the truth. We can just turn it off.”

Dying Off Routine

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One user shared, “After a shower, we have no problem drying our b*lls and face with the same towel. Most of the time, we try to dry the face first, then the sack. But sometimes, we have to go back to the face. We just hope it’s an unused part of the towel!”

Emotional Wreckage

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A user stated, “Many of us are secretly emotional wrecks. We just hide it. We became good at hiding emotions by the time we were ten.”

Age With Grace

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This poster said, “As an older man, we don’t expect you to look like a supermodel as we age. Yes, we sometimes see you as we did 30 years ago, and every wrinkle and flaw disappear. Yes, there are times we see every wrinkle and flaw and know how you got every one of them. They are beautiful too.”

Sans Makeup

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“It’s not uncommon for us to genuinely think you’re beautiful without makeup.”

Be Direct

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A top-liked comment said, “Your chances of getting what you want out of us are infinitely higher if you tell us directly.”

Popularity Doesn’t Matter

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This user commented, “We don’t care how popular (or unpopular) you are with other women. So it shouldn’t factor into how you value yourself when dating.”

Problem Fixer

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One divulged, “When people come crying to us, our first inclination is to fix the problem. Since this is (often) not possible, lead with something like, “Can I vent for a minute?” Or anything that signals to us this is just a time for active listening rather than a problem-solving session.”

We Also Want to Be Desired

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A user stated, “Men want to be wanted and desired too. I can count the number of times a woman has come out and either asked me out or told me she was attracted to me on one hand. And from my understanding, that is a high number.”

Missing Hints

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This user added, “We don’t miss “hints” because we are dense or stupid. We miss them because we have learned the hard way that sometimes it’s just a friendly compliment. That embarrassment sticks with you.”

Confident Women

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Finally, a Redditor shared, “If you’ve ever looked at a dude and thought, “Wow, he’s attractive/I’d like to go out with him,” talk to him. Men love confident women, and even if he doesn’t reciprocate, you will make his day, or maybe even his year.” Source: Reddit

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