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22 Secrets Men Keep From Their Loved Ones

Secrets are not fun. They can rin families, friendships, and oftentimes relationships. Many people find that secrets hurt the person they are keeping the secret from and those close to them.

Keeping a secret from your significant other is a whole new level and secret keeping. On Reddit, someone asked the question, “Men of Reddit, what is one thing that you keep from your SO that could end the relationship?”

I Don’t Like Her Parents

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“I don’t like her mother. To me, she’s a bad person, who tries to see the bad in the others, and who sees people who work as “service” (retail, etc.) as below her. I’ve yet to hear her say something nice about someone who isn’t herself.”

Our Children Are Hurting Our Relationship

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“Our extremely high-maintenance child has crippled our relationship. I really think we are both thinking this, but don’t say it.”

I Watch “Our Shows” Without Her

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“Sometimes I watch shows we’re watching together without her because she is super extroverted and wants to talk to me during. It usually starts with us discussing plot details and always ends up evolving into her trying to give an entire ted talk. I enjoy having short exchanges of thoughts about the plot, but I prefer to watch and enjoy the story and then discuss it after. We’ve talked about it, and she understands how I feel but inevitably ends up doing it again. She would be upset if she found out, but it allows both of us to enjoy the show the way we both want to.”

I Don’t Share My Snacks

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“Sometimes when she is not around I buy chocolate, eat it, and don’t save some for her.”

I Lost My Virginity To Her

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“She was the first person I ever slept with. Potentially wouldn’t end the relationship on its own, but it would bring up a lot of other awkward questions about other things I lied about when we first got together.”

A second Redditor added, “Same dude, my gf of 2 years doesn’t know she’s my first ever gf…”

I’m Secretly Always Jealous

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“Honestly, I’m such a jealous guy. I am working on it with my therapist, but I’m jealous to the point where when she’s at work, my brain tells me that she’s actually out doing something with someone. Luckily my therapist has taught me how to deal with those thoughts, though.’

I Spent A Lot Of Money On Cars

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“How much money I spent restoring my 69 Camaro. She knows it was a lot, but has no idea how much. To be fair, the majority of it was paid for with cash I had before we were married, but it’s a lot.”

I’m A Better Cook

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“I am a FAR better cook than her, but I just tell her that her cooking is better, so she feels good about herself.”

Another Redditor said, “For me, it’s about cooking my own food and eating what I want to cook. I love cooking, but I’m no longer allowed in the kitchen.

I Take Time Off From Work When She’s Not Home

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“She visits her family across the country twice a year for a full week. I book that same time off work and don’t tell her. I just spend the time getting drunk and high and play video games. It’s literally the only time I can relax.”

A second user added, “I would do the exact same thing. Good for you!”

I Know She’s Not Over Her Ex

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“that i know she’s not over her ex.”

Another added, “Same bro. I can just tell she still has something for him.” 

I Won The Lottery

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“I won the lottery 5 years ago and took the monthly sum, which auto drafts into a separate account. Whenever we need to make big purchases, I tell her I’m just taking out a loan. I’m afraid if I tell her how much I won, it will destroy our marriage, and I fear for the safety of our children if her family finds out I’m wealthy.”

I Have No Hobbies Because Of Her

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“That she is partly to blame why I have lost interest in my hobbies. I used to have hobbies that I enjoyed doing. Then came why are you spending money on that stuff. While at the same time telling me to go do them. Can’t have the both worlds.”

She Makes Me Feel Hopeless

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“That she makes me feel completely hopeless and is draining all of the good out of me.”


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“PTSD, the demons and nightmares from being in the army.”

Another said, “Stay strong fella. You’re not alone!”

I May Have A Child With Another Woman

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“I’m like 90% sure I have a child with another women.”

I’m Saving Money For Our Demise 

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“I’ve been secretly staking money away just in case things don’t work out.”

Our Relationship Is Going To End

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“That the relationship is gonna end because I eventually get bored and move on.”

I’d Rather Live Alone

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“That I was actually 10 times happier living alone. Except for our son, who I love dearly, I could do without her and not miss her at all.”

I’m Only Here For The Kids

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“I’m only here until our kids are grown and on their own. Then I’m leaving her.”

Our Sex Life Sucks

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“I’ve been absolutely miserable with our sex life for a decade. I feel like I’m married to a nun.”

I Think She’s A Bad Mom

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“I think she is a bad mother, but I stay in the relationship for the kids. Because I know (believe), they will have a better life if we are together. I have to suffer, but that’s ok.”

I’m Bi-Sexual

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“I’ve had a couple of same-sex relationships in the past. I’ve never been unfaithful, but, it’s rare to meet a woman who won’t terminate a relationship because of it.”

These Redditors really let out some deep dark secrets that their SOs do not know. Do you have any secrets you’re keeping? Why do people feel they must keep secrets from the people who often care for them the most?

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