20 Confessions From Men: 15 Secrets They Assume Women Won’t Discover

The world of men is often shrouded in mystery, with many aspects of the male experience remaining unnoticed or misunderstood by women. From societal pressures and hidden vulnerabilities to their unique communication styles, men harbor a multitude of secrets they suspect women don’t know. Dive into the inner landscapes of the male psyche as we explore and demystify these hidden truths. With candid confessions from men, we aim to break the silence and bridge the understanding gap. Let’s unveil the other side of the coin, one secret at a time.


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One user shared, “Being the little spoon is also nice. Believe it or not, we like to be comforted as well. It makes us feel good and secure.”

Hey Dude

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A second user added, “The word “dude” has something like 150 different meanings, depending on how you say it. It is a genderless term and is applicable in almost any situation.”

Shaving Rituals

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A third user said, “We go in this order when we cut our beard off: ⁠Full beard, ⁠friendly mutton chops, ⁠Fu Manchu, porn stache, and finally, ⁠sadness.”


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A poster commented, “Not sure if it’s a secret, but I feel guys appreciate body compliments infinitely times more than facial features, and they will possibly remember the body one forever.”

Emotional Support

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This person added, “I tried to talk to one of my closest friends about my struggles with eating disorders, and she pulled the “women have it worse” card. That was the day I realized I needed emotional support in my life. The moral of the story, we need emotional support even if we act like we don’t.”

Conversations With No Substance

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Someone stated, “If a guy goes out with other guys, chances are when he says they “talked about nothing” they actually did talk about nothing interesting. No gossip, no “how’s the family”, it just tends to be talking about some sort of shared interest or hobby and a lot of banter, and when you ask him I can almost guarantee that he remembers almost none of the content of the 5-hour conversation they had.”

Spell It Out

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A top-liked comment said, “Sometimes, you need to spell it out for us. It’s not that we’re dense. We just get consumed with a lot of “what if’s” and tend to go overboard. It’s easier just to tell us things and be direct.”


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This user shared, “The closer we are with another dude, the trashier and worst we talk to each other. For example, a friend of mine got into a car accident (small bruises on his arms), and the nicest text he got was, “You even suck at crashing a car!”

Physical Contact

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A poster added, “Guys like being touched. I like it when a lady keeps her hand on my thigh when we drive or rubs my head when lying on the couch. Pretty much just any contact.”

Personal Intimacy

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This person said, “We don’t need a special mood, candles, or music to be intimate with ourselves….”


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A top-liked comment said, “I think it’s not often addressed that guys, just like girls, also deal with their fair share of insecurities, body dysmorphia, and pressures from society to act and look a certain way. It’s just that openly discussing it and dealing with those emotions is more shameful and less accepted.”

At Attention

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One user shared, “We get erections all the time, and no, most of them are not for s****ual reasons. We just get them. Randomly.”

Breaking Down

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This person added, “We’re scared to break down. Sometimes when it feels like the whole world is on your shoulders, it’s scarier to think what would happen if you asked for help and no one knew what to do rather than asking for help at all. I miss being a kid.”

The Little Things

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A commenter posted, “We love someone thinking about us, too, and doing random acts of kindness. It’s nice to get that random “thinking about you” text or come home to a small surprise.”

Extra Help

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This poster said, “We appreciate help with things even though sometimes we may not ask for it. It’s really difficult for us to ask for help because of how society views what a masculine male should look like and their traits.”

Subtle Hints

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One user divulged, “We don’t pick up on subtle hints that you are interested in us. If you want to get a guy’s attention, you pretty much have to either hit him over the head or strip in front of him.”


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A poster shared, “We can be just as self-conscious as you. I know I will change clothing 3-4 times before going out if I notice anything out of my outfit that I don’t like or if I feel like no one will think I’m attractive in what I’m wearing.”


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One person commented, “We still get lonely and fear we will never find someone like I don’t get freaked out bout talking bout marriage and having kids like I don’t wanna waste my time.”

Arousing Suspicion

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This user stated, “If we randomly surprise you with flowers or some gift for no reason, it doesn’t mean there is an ulterior motive, or we are trying to get forgiveness for something. So when you make a big deal and try to roast us with questioning or say things like “Wow, why can’t you be more like this more often?”, all you are doing is sending the signal to the man’s brain “Do not do the thing again that brings her suspicion on you.”

A Clean Bathroom

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Finally, a user shared, “If you come to our house and the bathroom is spotless, including the sides and area around the back of the toilet: you can rest assured that you are well-liked and high in the pantheon rankings. If the bathroom is half-a****ed, you are low-ranked and just passing through.”

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