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She Breaks Up With Boyfriend At The Airport with His Family Because of How She’s Being Treated. First Class Ticket for all But Her

Spring break is normally the week when everyone breaks out their bathing suits, hops on a plane, grabs a cocktail, and enjoys some sun.

But what happens if you can’t even make it passed the airport? A woman recently broke up with her boyfriend right before boarding the plane. What lead to this breakup is truly unique! 

First Class Vs. Coach

The original poster (OP) was about to get on a flight with her boyfriend and his family to leave for a vacation when she decided she’d had enough. OP said that her boyfriend’s parents paid for flights and a vacation for OP, her boyfriend, his siblings, and their significant others to all go as a group.

However, the boyfriend’s mother, who was in charge of booking the flights, got her a coach ticket and the rest of the family 1st class tickets. OP’s boyfriend’s mother has never really liked OP. She said often his mother would make remarks about OP’s family being blue-collar and was not a fan of OP’s job as a nurse. 

OP’s ticket was free in coach because of all the first-class tickets they had purchased, and OP’s boyfriend’s mother said to OP, your’s probably used to coach, and she should be grateful she got a ticket.

When everyone arrived at the airport, The entire group, besides OP, had express check-in and left OP with all her luggage in the long line for non-express members. This gave OP a lot of time to think about what had been going on and how poorly she felt she was being treated. 

OP said while in line, she had to keep herself from crying because she felt so abandoned by her boyfriend. When she got to the check-in counter, she was told there was a fee for her checked bag that was not covered by her ticket, and she would have to pay the fee to have her luggage on the plane.

OP’s boyfriend never helped her through the line or spoke up to his mother about the treatment his girlfriend was receiving. On top of this, OP’s boyfriend’s mother repeatedly shot her smug looks as they waited for her on the other side of check-in.

While at check-in, OP let out all of her frustration and anger on the attendant, and she started crying. The check-in attendant asked what was wrong, and OP told her what had happened. The attendant said she should not go with that family because they and her boyfriend do not appreciate her. 

The Break Up

The attendant took OP from the line to try and console her. After OP had calmed down, she made the decision to break up with her boyfriend at the airport. OP proceeds to tell her boyfriend, with his mother standing right there, how poorly he treated her and how his mother is a awful! 

The Masses Weigh In

Redditors were ready to give their opinions on this awful travel situation. 

One Redditor replied, “NTA, the check-in lady was correct. If you would have gotten on the plane, you would have been treated like this for the entire vacation. It was absolutely the right decision to stand up for yourself. As far as wasting money, she said the ticket was free and I’m sure she didn’t spend much on your hotel accommodations. As far as wasting time, you wasted enough of your own time on a relationship with your boyfriend if he isn’t going to stand up for you. They are going to say that you should be happy for any kind of vacation and not look down on a coach ticket, but his mother was being pointedly rude to you.”

A second Redditor said, “This is the reason why it sucks to be in a relationship with people raised by narcissists. If they haven’t realized how much their parents suck they will just act like flying monkeys and gaslight you. They have no idea what reality is. They only know the worldview of their narcissistic parent.”

A third Redditor said, “I was married to a narcissist with a narcissist mother. One of my children and I went through this kind of treatment for years. OP made the right choice. I lived through the hell of this kind of relationship far too long. I didn’t see the signs; these people are giving OP very clear signs that she should walk away. Don’t look back, OP, don’t look back. You’ve got a lot going for you and don’t need these people trampling on you.”

Another user shared, “Mom wants attention and craves people being under her boot. She got exactly what she didn’t want, someone that she was bringing along to belittle the whole vacation after she “went the extra mile and bought the rabble a ticket in the back” decided that no, she wasn’t going to be a boot’s heel, and left mom without what she really wanted for vacation. Very nice cherry on top, honestly.

OP is NTA and did exactly what she should have. Now to cut the cancer altogether and go NC with ex-BF and family to regrow that positive mental health.”

A user also said, “I’d like to add that any other person on the trip could have and should have stood up for OP, and they all chose not to. I’d say it’s pretty obvious they know what type of person the ex’s mother is, and none of them care/no one wants to get on her bad side, so they’ll always prioritize her childishness.”

Finally, another user said, “Mom set this up from the get-go. She spent absolutely nothing to insult OP: a free ticket and an extra, probably even undeclared, person in the hotel room. I’m quite sure OP would have been on the hook for all costs: meals, transportation that there just doesn’t happen to be extra room for her on, etc. Mom wanted two things out of this: to get rid of OP and to be a “victim”. And with OP’s boyfriend firmly in his mother’s pocket, she was going to get both, one way or the other. In the immortal words of wisdom: “A strange game. The only winning move is not to play.”

OP did the best and only thing she could do for her own sanity. ABSOLUTELY not an AH.”

Redditors felt like the girlfriend did the right thing and that the mom really had this planned all along. What do you think of this spring break drama? Would you have made it this far? 

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