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Left With No Ride: When Your Unfortunate Behavior Leads To Your Girlfriend Leaving You At a Party With No Way Home

Alcohol, when enjoyed responsibly, is usually part of the equation, especially during celebratory times. One Redditor’s boyfriend recently had a bit too much drink and may have learned a valuable lesson about being responsible with alcohol.

Going out with friends and significant others should always be a great time. It’s a shared time to enjoy the company of others and unwind from the stressors of life and work. Being social is also an important part of life. It helps you feel connected to others and gives you a sense of community. 

Angry man yelling at his phone
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There’s absolutely nothing wrong with going out to blow off some steam and having a few drinks with friends, provided it’s done responsibly!

The Super Bowl

The original poster has been dating her boyfriend for four years, and he is a big football fan. He has a tradition of meeting up with his high school buddies yearly at a bar for the Super Bowl. OP’s said It’s often the only time he gets to see some of those old friends because they’re busy with their families and life.  OP is not a football fan but is happy to drop her boyfriend off at the bar, have an evening to herself, and then pick him up when he’s ready to come home. OP also says he drinks heavily when he’s out with this group. 

After this most recent Super Bowl, OP’s boyfriend texted her that he was almost ready to be picked up, so she headed to the bar. Upon arriving, her boyfriend wasn’t as ready as he made it seem. So she ended up going in and hanging with them while everyone finished their round of drinks. 

OP says her boyfriend was pretty drunk, and he started getting “handsy” with her in a way that she wasn’t comfortable with out in public. OP politely asked him to stop as she didn’t want to make a scene, so she leaned in and whispered in his ear. 

OP’s boyfriend got angry about this and whispered back that she should consider herself lucky that he was going home with her and that he could go home with any woman there if he wanted to. 

OP said she was taken aback by this because he’s never spoken to her like that before. She says she understands he was drunk, but it still upset her. After the exchange, OP said that her anger had set in, and she excused herself as if she was going to the bathroom. OP ended up leaving and texted her boyfriend to let him know she had left. 

Unbeknownst to her, OP’s boyfriend had also arranged for her to drive two of his friends home. OP said this wouldn’t have been an issue normally, but he hadn’t communicated that with her. After OP left, she had assumed that her boyfriend and his friends would have taken an Uber or a taxi home, but one of his friends called his wife to come get them. The wife had to wake their toddler up to go and pick them up. 

The Next Day

OP’s boyfriend was furious when he got home and slept on the couch. The following morning OP and her boyfriend got into a fight before he left for work, saying that OP embarrassed him by just up and leaving and making his friend’s wife come get them. OP also says that he denies saying what he did, doesn’t recall getting “handsy,” and insists he wasn’t “that drunk.” 

On top of all this, OP received an angry text from her boyfriend’s friend’s wife calling her an a**hole for leaving the boys drunk at the bar and making her wake their toddler up to pick them up. OP says she feels awful about the situation and believes she should have just brushed off the comments and stayed at the bar as she had originally planned.

The Masses Weigh In 

Redditors filled the comment sections with many responses to this Super Bowl issue.

A Redditor said, “NTA. Apparently, any woman there would have happily driven him home. I’m sure she would have made a few extra stops, just out of pure gratitude and delight.”

Another Redditor had this to add, “NTA. And why couldn’t they take a Lyft? If they can afford all those drinks (and likely food) in the bar then they can afford a Lyft. It is NOT on you that the woman had to wake her toddler.”

Another user said, “NTA, unless you stay with your boyfriend. Then you’d be an AH to yourself.”

One Redditor had this to say, “He caused the first issue by asking you to get him and then disrespecting you by not being ready when you got there. You were very accommodating to stay as long as you did. Strike one. Then he made you uncomfortable and told you that you should be grateful for it. Because he could just leave you? That’s 100% him being an AH. Strike two.

Then he has the audacity to be angry with you, denying how big an a hole he was, and failing to defend you to his friends and friend’s wife? (She’s justifiably upset, and no doubt was lied to about why you left – she’s upset with the wrong person, but that’s your “boyfriend’s” fault).  Strike three. I’m sure you could list some sort of nice qualities he has that wouldn’t be mentioned here. I don’t see how they would redeem his disrespect.”

Another user said, “NTA. Growing up with an alcoholic teaches you that what they say when they are drunk is what they really think all the time. Just now the filters are gone and they say it. Sick of people excusing drunk people saying awful crap..”

A user had this to say, “Even without that fact, he never asked her to take other friends home. She thought he’d catch an Uber which is reasonable. The friend didn’t have to wake his wife and kid. They’re all adults who could have figured it out safely with a ride-share. NTA”

Another Redditor added, “NTA. And the guy’s wife didn’t have to come either. Although given how obnoxious this group is, some Uber driver likely dodged a bullet. Also- get rid of the boyfriend. This is likely tip of the iceberg.”

Source: Reddit

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