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21 Annoying Reasons Partners Others Became Angry With Each Other

Relationships encompass a whirlwind of emotions comprising love, joy, and laughter. Yet, frequently, they also entail bewildering instances of sheer frustration. We’ve all experienced those moments when our partner becomes upset with us for seemingly random and, admittedly, trivial reasons. Whether it’s forgetting an anniversary, reminiscing about the first time strolling the boardwalk together or misplacing a set of house keys, these insignificant occurrences can leave us utterly perplexed and irked.

Pizza For One

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One reader shared, “I’m a big guy, and I like to make pizza. One day while my ex was away, I made a cheese pizza and a bacon pizza. I then ate half of each. Ex got home and was absolutely sure I was f****ing someone else and eating pizza with them because no one would eat half of two pizzas.”

Straight Into A Ditch

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A user recalled, “A girl I was dating a few years back got upset at me because I was talking on my cell phone while she was driving. I had called a friend to ask for directions for where we were going. She got upset because I wasn’t paying attention to her. She took the car and ran it off the road so I would pay attention to her. The first time I didn’t realize what she was doing. I told her to pay attention to the road. She did it again, and we got stuck in a ditch. Then she yelled at me and started crying, blaming it all on me.”

A Short Conversation

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This user commented, “I was having a conversation with my ex, I was in California at the time, and she told me back in New York it was freezing and asked how the weather is where I was. I said great. I was at an outside bar watching football. A moment later, Kevin James walked by, and I said, “Oh hey, Kevin James just walked by. He is shorter than I thought he’d be.” My ex got pissed and yelled at me, “WELL, MY DAD IS SHORT, YOU HATE HIM TOO?!?” then she hung up on me.”

Female Fronted Bands

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A person said, “Some band was playing that had a female lead singer. I mentioned I liked the band. She said I was a pig who only liked the band because of the girl, even though I didn’t know what the girl looked like.”

Found Hair

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One user recalled, “One time, I drove my sister to the doctor. Later that day, my ex found blonde hair in my car, which was my sister’s. She got pissed, asking whose hair it was. I told her it was my sister. She didn’t believe me.”

Ex Gone Wild

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A user mentioned, “I had a church-going girlfriend who would take her anger out from Girls Gone Wild commercials on me as if I’M the reason girls are going wild. I’ve never even purchased one of those videos! All my porn came for free online….”


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This reader shared, “My gf got angry at me when she accused me of finding her sister attractive, and the only answer I had at the time was, “Yes, I do.” The reason my answer was yes? They were identical twins.”

Immature Squirrel

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A person said, “We were walking in the park, and I was feeding bread to squirrels. When a squirrel would approach me for bread, I would say to the squirrel, “What’s up, guy?” or “Hey, little dude!” and she would get upset and tell me that I needed to grow up and stop talking to squirrels.”


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A top-liked comment said, “I told her Alaska was the biggest state and explained it was connected to Canada and close to Russia. Apparently, I was lying, and so was Google.”

A Cruel Joke

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This user shared, “Back before cell phones were a thing, I was dating a girl who lived an hour away from me. I needed emergency surgery and ended up staying in the hospital for 4 days. I asked a friend to give her a call since I was unable to talk after the surgery. She got mad at me because ⁠I gave someone else her number, she thought I was playing a cruel joke, and I didn’t answer the door to my apartment while I was still in the hospital.”

Curled Hair

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A user stated, “My husband was mad as hell that I curled my hair while I was at work. I work as a hairstylist in a salon! It was a slow day at work. One of the girls learned a new technique, and I’m the only one there that has long hair. He said it p****ed him off because I have “scum bag male clients who I don’t need to look good for”! This was a month ago, and we are still fighting about it. He has issues.”


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One user recalled, “A high school ex was talking to some of our friends. I looked at my watch and tapped him on the shoulder, telling him we needed to go, or we’d be late for practice. He noticed, too, waving to our friends, and we went. Once we rounded the corner, he grabbed my arm and gave me a lecture on the way about how I should never interrupt him again.”


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This user said, “I had minor surgery, so I told my girlfriend I wouldn’t be able to drive over to see her for a couple of days while I was recovering from the anesthetic and drowsy from the painkillers. She got grumpy about it and stopped responding to my messages, so I stopped calling. Not heard from her since.”

No More Gifts

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One user recalled, “Bought a now ex a new DVD player since his broke. I gave it to him on Valentine’s Day. He got mad because I gave it to him at a restaurant, and now we had to carry it around (it weighed 5 pounds, by the way). A few weeks later, the remote for it broke. He yelled at me about it. I had bought a warranty at Best Buy, so we went to Best Buy, and they replaced it. He got mad at how long the trip to Best Buy took.”

We’re Not Poor

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A top-like comment mentioned, “They had a special deal at this restaurant we were at, and she got mad at me for ordering it because it “made us look poor.”  Instead, she wanted to order the EXACT same things without the special. My response was, “We’re in college. We don’t necessarily have it well off.” She said, “Yeah, but she (our waitress) doesn’t need to know that! This is embarrassing. I bet she thinks we’re bums or like high school dropouts.”

A Beach Treat

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A user said, “We were going to the beach, so I bought ice pops. She wanted both and didn’t talk to me for a while after I finished mine.”


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This person commented, “I gave a female coworker (that I had no interest in) a ride home from work (about 2 minutes out of my way). Texted my (now ex) girlfriend to tell her I was doing so, and she got mad at me for letting my coworker sit in the front seat. There was no one else in the car.”


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One user said, “My ex once got mad at me because I was looking at books in a bookstore instead of talking to her in a bookstore. Why did she think We went in there?”

College Major

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A reader stated, “My first college girlfriend got p****ed off at me because I, as a Computer Science major, “had an easier degree” than her Biomedical Engineering major. I guess the fact that I wasn’t up all night writing thirty-page lab reports meant I had it easier than she did. That made her angry because I wasn’t working as hard as she was.”

Trivial Pursuit 

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This user recalled, “My husband and I were out at dinner playing trivia with some friends, and I joked to a male friend, “Well, you do drink and party every night!” And my husband said, “How do you know?”. I was kind of shocked that he would get so upset over my joke, and my husband got upset with me for not answering quickly enough and disrespecting him. He wouldn’t talk to me for a whole day. 

Gift Comparison 

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Finally, a person shared, “For Christmas one year, I got my ex a CD of a band she loved, a lovely pair of lingerie (which she admitted to loving), and a new MP3 player. She got mad at me because it made her gift look crappy in comparison.”

Source: Reddit

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