Is She Flirting With You? Top 5 Signs Men Think are Flirting but Actually are Not.

Flirting, it’s one of those things that so many people do, and so many people do not understand! Whether you’re looking for a partner or just chatting with a coworker, someone often thinks you are flirting when you really aren’t.

Women are complicated, and sometimes men think they are flirting even when that’s not true. You may have had this happen to you!

Here are 5 signs that men think are flirting but actually ARE NOT (always) signs! 


One Redditor commented, “If you smile at them and being polite, you’re flirting. If you don’t smile and keep a straight face, you’re ‘in a mood’ or ‘on your period.’”

Another added, “Smiling at them while wearing pretty things.”

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Being Polite

A user responded, “My husband thinks a woman greeting him or telling him good morning is flirting. So now it’s a running joke between us any time it happens.”

To which someone replied, “It’s being human. Social constructs dictate we behave as such as humans, so we do. Doesn’t mean I want to give you my number.”

Eye Contact 

A Redditor suggested, “eye contact. Sometimes I am just focused on the conversation.”

Another said, “Yeah, I was taught to look someone straight in the eyes because it shows that you’re confident.”

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One user added, “I always notice a fresh haircut on a guy and I will usually comment on it, “nice haircut”. Men are commonly surprised that I noticed and seem to be flattered. I don’t do it to flirt; I just think guys deserve to feel sometimes noticed, too.”

To which a male user responded, “As a guy who rarely gets a comment on a fresh haircut. I appreciate it when someone says something.”

Being Friendly

A user commented, “Talking to them or being nice to them. People don’t understand that if a woman likes a person as a friend/is just nice to someone it doesn’t mean that she’s interested in him romantically.”

Another Redditor said, “If it’s literally my job to be nice and talk to you. It isn’t flirting I have to do it with everyone.”

Redditors seem to know what they are talking about regarding flirting. Do you agree? Have you ever gotten your signals crossed?

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