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4 Signs There Is Sexual Tension Between You and Someone Else

Sexual tension can often be cut with a knife. Sometimes even other people start to notice. Sexual tension is definitely not a bad thing and can often lead to beautiful relationships.

But, if either of you are committed or married, sexual tension can quickly become a problem. Some people believe there are some telltale signs of sexual tension, and others believe it’s not that simple.

Recently on Reddit, a user came to the threads to ask, “What are signs that there’s sexual tension between you and someone?” We found some really interesting responses that we compiled to share.  

Eye Contact

One Redditor commented, “Lot of eye contact.”

Another added, “serious eye contact for me. like when they would rather admire you than look anywhere else, it just makes it so obvious.”

Finally, another user said, “When it’s more uncomfortable to look away from each other than to look at each other.”

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A user suggested, “When she tells me she is upset because I am not picking up the signals.”

A second Redditor added, “She laughs at all your jokes. Touches your arm. Finds reasons to hang around you. (but yeah…in the end, she’s gonna hafta hit you in the face with it before you can be totally sure)”

A third Redditor said, “They glance at your mouth while talking to you”


A user commented, “stealing little touches.”

Another person said. “Unsolicited touching,” and then added, “I meant unsolicited, but welcomed touching lol.”

To which another Redditor added, “You both try to touch each other at any opportunity.”

Finally, someone commented, “For me, a lot of close physical contact. Not just hugs but letting my hands linger on their waist or gently catching their hand in mine wherever the opportunity arises. I guess those are more my signals than mutual signs.”

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Feel It

A Redditor added, “You feel the tension. You’ll know when it happens.”

To which another user replied, “It is kinda hard to put into words, but as a woman, I can definitely feel it.”

A third user said, “You kinda just feel it? Idk, usually, when you stare longingly into each other’s eyes. Not just friendly eye contact, like they are trying to stare into your soul.”

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Others Notice

A Redditor commented, “When other people pick up on it.”

These are 5 ways to tell if there is sexual tension between you and another person from the mouths of Redditors. What are some signs of sexual tension you feel to be true? Have you ever experiences sexual tension with someone?

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